WWE Continuing to Get Things Right

We have entered a weird time in the WWE. We have a PPV on Sunday, but it is just the one before Wrestlemania so nothing cool will happen, right? Wrong. The Authority has finally listened to us and they seem to have made a relevant Fastlane PPV.

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First off, Roman Reigns being back is just so cool. He went in detail of his Leukemia, saying how much he appreciated the WWE medical staff because they found the cancer so early on that he was able to just take a pill. Roman dropped the title when he found out, ironically when Seth finally won the title he had to do the same due to injury. So naturally, Rollins addressed Reigns saying how Roman also deserves a shot at the beast. Hell yeah, triple threat, right? Not exactly. Roman took the mic and then began to say how Rollins has been holding down his spot, so Rollins deserves it without any animosity from Reigns. But that’s not even the best part.

We all know Dean is leaving, WWE announced it months ago. Roman pleaded to Rollins about getting the band back together for one last fight. The Shield goes for one more… but he had to get Dean and Seth to agree… you know, the two that have been feuding the last months. Rollins agreed, but they spent all of Raw convincing Dean. Eventually, he did. How awesome is this going to be? Roman, Seth, and Dean on one last ride before Dean leaves (if he does at all). The Authority killed the booking here and this will be a dream match at Fastlane. But the awesomeness did not stop there.

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Ronda came back like a bat out of hell and got her title back from Stephanie saying “I wanted you to include Becky, not exclude me.” Sure enough, Stephanie announced that this Sunday at Fastlane, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair will fight. If Becky Lynch wins, she gets added to the Raw Women’s Championship match at Wrestlemania with Ronda and Flair. This comes as no surprise, but they built up Becky being an underdog when Ronda almost tore off her arm at the end of the segment.

Look, I’ve never been excited for a Fastlane PPV, mainly because nothing cool ever happens. But I love their attempt here. We’ll still have KO vs The New Daniel Bryan which will be awesome, but they added two top tier matches. This Sunday will be a blast. I’ll have my preview out at midnight tonight.