Winners and Losers from April Fools’ Day

Ah, April Fool’s Day. The one day a year you can blatantly lie to someone that trusts you and get off scot free. Wanna tell your boyfriend you’re pregnant? Go right ahead. Wanna tell your brother he is adopted? I wish mine would stop, but you are free to do so. Wanna run a completely bogus story confirmed by your “sources”? Go off, ESPN.

Every year, different people and organizations try to fool us all and as I have gotten older and smarter I have not gotten any better at detecting it. Here’s the winners from today.

Tom Brady
His first tweet ever shakes Boston to its core. Good one, Goat.

Wisconsin Athletics
They released a letter via Twitter where they announced that they were taking away their beloved “Jump Around” tradition due to distorted Richter scale readings. Brilliant.

McDonald’s Australia decided it was a good idea to release a fake burger called the McPickle Burger. No meat, just an unnecessary amount of pickles. Thing is, I am not entirely sure if Australia even recognizes April Fool’s Day, because they received incredible amounts of criticism.

This dog owner
The look of disappointment on this dog’s face.

Now, time for the losers, and… April Fools!

Actually, the list of the losers of April Fools’ Day is the same as the winners. Grow up. Just tell people you got arrested for being the real zodiac killer or smuggling cocaine like an adult.

Morning Juice, Part 3

Welcome back to the Morning Juice, Part 3. Just as a recap, I went 5-1 week 1, 3-3 last week, for an overall of 8-4. I’m telling you, bet these games. They’re easy money. Let’s get to it.

Image result for wisconsin vs michigan basketball 2019
#19 Wisconsin @ #7 Michigan

Let’s start in Ann Arbor. This game will be a huge bore. Both teams average around 71 points a game while giving up 57. The only interesting part about this game will be Ethan Happ who has come to be one of the most electric college basketball players in the country. Not only is he the cousin of Yankees pitcher JA Happ but also this past week he blew a kiss to the student section of Minnesota and said “thanks for coming out.” Electric. He leads the Badgers in points, rebounds, and assist. So essentially, they’ll live and die with him. Ignas Brazdeikis is who needs to stop Happ. If Brazdeikis can handle Happ, I don’t see an issue for Michigan. First and foremost….BET THE UNDER. These teams will produce a horrific product on the court, so make sure you at least win there. Wisconsin beat them 64-54 (the under hit) the last time they played, so I expect a little different outcome. I’ll take Michigan 61-53. So, take the under 124 and Michigan -6.

Image result for kentucky vs mississippi state basketball
#5 Kentucky @ Mississippi State

Kentucky brings their 9 game win streak into Starkville where they’ll be playing a team that has hit a major drop as of late. Having lost to LSU and Alabama, Mississippi St looks to rebound against a top 5 team. This game will be fun to watch, mainly because Kentucky won 76-55 in Rupp just 2 weeks ago. In that game, PJ and Herro went off for a combined 39 and everyone contributed. Since then, Kentucky has been flying high and hasn’t really shown any sign of stopping that trend. PJ is an absolute beast, EJ is coming off his first double double, Reid just played his best all around game of the year and fought for every single minute that he was in, Herro is consistent (right now), Richards is giving key breathers to PJ and Reid, and lastly, Keldon is finally turning his slump around. Mississippi St needs Weatherspoon and Holman to pick it up this time. If they let Kentucky win the rebounding battle again, they have no shot. I think Kentucky rolls 78-70. Right now, I’d say take Kentucky !!!! and go ahead and sprinkle the over in this game. Every game Kentucky plays, someone is bound to go off on the other team, especially at home. This could be a fast paced, high scoring game. Kentucky -3.5 and the over 144

Image result for louisville vs florida st basketball
#16 Louisville @ #22 Florida St

Louisville is coming off a huge win at Virginia Tech on Monday. After a let down against UNC last Saturday, they bounced back and played probably their best game of the season at Virginia Tech. I’ve said it every week and I’ll say it again: Louisville is one of the most underrated teams in the country. Week in and week out, they improve. Chris Snaccc has this team playing their hearts out, but at some point it has to end. Louisville is full of scrubs that just seem to be clicking right now. Unfortunately, I think it ends either this weekend or next. Florida State was just 2 seconds from beating Duke a few weeks back, but since then, they have been finding their groove. Nwora has to carry Louisville otherwise they do not stand a chance against FSU. I think FSU wins this game 77-68 and it shines a spotlight on Louisville. If they do not win this game, Tuesday will be much harder against Duke. I’ll take FSU -2.5

Image result for duke vs virginia
#3 Virginia @ #2 Duke

Well, we had this game 3 weeks ago and it’s back. Duke won this game by 2 points the last time, but they were without Jones for it. I think people have finally found out that Duke has a weakness which is foul trouble. Duke’s frontcourt is atrocious without Zion in the game and I think if Virginia can attack him and get him out early, they stand a chance of winning this game. Another focal point for Virginia, is get Hunter, Jerome, and Guy involved early and often. If they knock down their shots, they’ll be fine. RJ leads Duke in scoring and Virginia could slow him down, but they need to keep him within the 3 point line. They do not need to get into a 3-point battle, because they’ll lose. I think this will be a back and forth like the first one. If Duke continues their streak of slow starts, it’ll be over quick. But, I think it’ll be a battle. Virginia wins 65-63 and I’ll take Virginia -1.5.