Top 5 Super Bowl Foods

If you took yesterday’s Saturday Morning Sports Trivia, you learned that the Super Bowl is the #2 day of food consumption in America. The only day that beats it is Thanksgiving. There is just something about football that makes people want to eat. That’s what the Super Bowl and especially Thanksgiving are all about, right? It’s the American way.

I have been to my fair share of Super Bowl parties in my 23 years of life, and I have compiled the most accurate list of the best Super Bowl foods. Argue with me.


Of course. The timeless classic. Wings are the best thing to eat with any sports game you are watching on tv. Buffalo Wild Wings built an empire on it even though their wings are disgusting. Have some respect for yourself and go to Roosters. 1.33 billion wings are expected to be eaten Super Bowl Sunday so here are some things to remember: ranch is better than bleu cheese and don’t look down on people eating boneless wings. I will defend them until the day I die.

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There is a reason that the Super Bowl is the #1 day for pizza delivery every year. It is impossible to keep it out of this list. There are 12.5 million pizzas on average made for one game alone. Pizza is just how you feed a crowd. Take notes, Jesus.

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3.Buffalo Chicken Dip

This has become the go-to staple of every get-together. Whenever I go to someone’s house for a game, I always ask “who all gon’ be there?” and “who is bringing the Buffalo chicken dip?” Not all buff chick dips are made equally. A great rule of thumb is to have your girlfriend or one of your buddies’ girlfriends make it. Hasn’t failed me yet. If you are a girl, get really good at making it and your boyfriend’s friends will want to keep you around forever.

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Be careful with chili. Too much of it will scramble your mind and you will begin to miss parts of the game. There are only a few things better than a hot and spicy bowl of chili on a cold February night. Pro tip: Kevin from The Office was spot-on with his chili secret. UNDERCOOK THE ONIONS. It makes all the difference… just don’t drop it. As always, I am here to argue, and noodles go in chili.

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5.Veggie Tray

You shut your mouth or I will do it for you. Vegetable trays are the unsung hero of every party, especially the Super Bowl party. No more pizza, no more wings, what is left? The veggie tray. It is always there for you. Also, after a whole day of eating wings, pizza, buff chick dip and chili; have a couple carrots smothered in ranch and tell yourself that you were healthy. You’re already lying to yourself about having work/class tomorrow, so why not lie to yourself about gaining 5 pounds in one sitting.

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