Remember the Last Time Some Stupid Team Chanted “We Want Boston”?

One seeds should never adopt the underdog mentality. Especially when they are about to play a 4 seed.The fans of the Milwaukee Bucks have officially put a target on their back. While it is pathetic for a 1 seed to ever chant they want another team, it is understandable given that the city of Milwaukee is not used to being on the winning side of anything.

If Bucks fans were going to chant anything, it should have been “we want Detroit” last round. Chanting “we want Boston” has not worked out too well for the chanting team in past. For example, recall what happened just last year.

That’s right. The ever so rational fans of the New York Yankees chanted that they wanted Boston right before last year’s ALDS. Then, Boston promptly laid down the gentleman’s sweep out of respect for their rival.

The Red Sox won the series with ease 4 games to 1. This included a 16-1 curb stomp in Game 3. Should have been smarter Milwaukee, because we all know history repeats itself. Celtics in 7.

1 Seed Milwaukee Fans Accept That They Are Underdogs Against Boston

In no surprise, the Milwaukee Bucks have completed their series sweep of the 8 seeded Detroit Pistons. What was surprising, though, was how their fans reacted to having to play Boston next round. Taking a play from every college football team that thinks they can beat Bama, they start chanting “we want Boston”.


Look, I love the “who’s next” mentality, but this is not how a 1 seed acts. That’s an underdog attitude. It’s pathetic and embarrassing. How many times have you heard Bama chant “we want…” anyone? How many times have you heard Golden State “fans” chant this? Never, at least not seriously, because their next opponent does not matter. They have the confidence that they are going to win.

Milwaukee needs to take notes from their 1 seed counter part in the Western Conference. Golden State always has a confident indifference about their next opponent. They just know they are the better team.

I don’t want to sound like the Celtics are going to complete back to back sweeps, because they won’t. No one in the NBA, much less in Boston, can guard Giannis and he will completely take over at least two of the games in the series. But as has been pointed out several times, this is basically the same Bucks team that got beaten by the Celtics without Kyrie and Gordon last year. Yes, I know they switched coaches, but players-wise, there is no one new that could possibly scare me.

With fans that don’t believe enough in their own team, I still take my Celtics in 7.