Evaluating the New Orleans Saints’ Offseason So Far

bridgewater-brees-08312018-us-news-getty-ftr_11yz7a3o2b60d14c6cwtlaygv8The New Orleans Saints have signed running back Latavius Murray from the Minnesota Vikings. Today the team and Murray agreed to terms of 4 years $14.4 Million per Adam Schefter. Murray had spend the past 2 years at the Vikings my way of the Oakland Raiders. The 5 year player from UCF has certainly made an impact in the league with 899 touches, 3,698 yards, and 34 touchdowns. However, most of his time in the league he has been splitting time with more formidable running backs. His role is expected to be very similar to what Mark Ingram has been for the past 2 years for the Saints as more of a complementary back to Alvin Kamara. Not a bad signing since he has been a very consistent running back in this league; however, I think I speak for most Saints fans when I say that I would much rather have Mark Ingram to be Alvin’s partner in the backfield.

In addition to adding Murray, Teddy Bridgewater is now expected to be re-signed by the Saints rather than taking a much larger deal from the Miami Dolphins. NFL sources have said that he would much rather stay with the Saints because he said he values the locker room culture and the prospect of one day becoming the Saints’ starting quarterback. If you ask Drew Brees about the possibility of that being the case, he would say that he agreed. Drew has said a few times that the guy he wants to replace him is Teddy Bridgewater.

NFL: Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints

So then what does this mean for Mark Ingram? It means that the Saints won’t be able to re-sign the fan favorite because he probably is too much for them. Even before the Saints re-signed Teddy Bridgewater and signed Latavius Murray, Mark Ingram was looking for upwards of $7 million a year, and the Saints weren’t going to be able to afford that. Its really unfortunate because that backfield was so fun. We hate to see Mark go, but we wish him all the best, and I’m sure he knows he has a home in New Orleans.


-Parmesan Don


Brandon Wimbush Grad Transfers to UCF: Finally Has a Chance at National Title

With uncertainty in McKenzie Milton’s future, UCF has secured a major grad transfer next season in Brandon Wimbush. Wimbush started every game for Notre Dame in 2017 (UCF’s National Title season) and three games this past season before being replaced by Ian Book.

I am so happy for Wimbush for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, he is a great player and I am glad he finally gets to have a real shot at the National Championship. We all know he wasn’t getting one at the last place he played.

Next, Wimbush actually gets to play for a team that has some good history. In the last 30 years, UCF has won 1 National Title* and Notre Dame has 0. He will finally get some respect on his name. When Wimbush goes 12-0 next year, actually beating more than one ranked team on the way, he will get to play for a conference championship.

If I were UCF, I would still be holding out hope for the return of McKenzie Milton or a breakout season for Darriel Mack Jr. After all, Wimbush did get outplayed by Ian Book… BUT he does have Milton’s support. In a recent baller as always statement from Milton to Wimbush, he said, “Let’s ride, bra!”

RIPIP to My Takes That Died in 2018

I like to make bold statements about sports. They annoy people who take sports too seriously and they pretty much never have to be right. There isn’t even a guarantee that takes will ever get proven wrong. My favorite part is that getting 1/10 right makes me look like a genius.

Since I started Soft 7 Sports in September, I have made my fair share of bold statements. Aside from a couple coaches getting fired, my takes have missed almost every time. So as a blogger with integrity, I have this thing called bloggeristic integrity and it is time to own up to my mistakes from this past year. Here are all of my takes that did not make it to the new year:

Ohio State: Lock for CFP
Big time swing and a miss on this one. How was I supposed to know that Purdue was going to wax them by 30?

Bengals Will Win AFC North
To be fair, they were 4-1 and had no plans of hiring Hue Jackson at the time I wrote this. They were poised to win it, but fell apart worse than Steelers. I figured that even if they didn’t win the division, they would at least sneak into the playoff as the 6 seed or something, but no. They had to come in last in the AFC North.

Could Kentucky Go 10-2?
Okay I almost had this one. I wrote this after week 1 or 2 of the college football season and it would have come true and would have made me look so smart if Kentucky didn’t lose to Tennessee of all teams. This was the first article I wrote for Soft 7 so I am proud my Cats ended up at 10-3 after beating Penn State in the Citrus Bowl.

I’m Not Impressed with Clemson
Their schedule is still garbage and they will lose to Bama in the CFP Final, but I’ll admit it. I like Clemson again. A lot of takes in this article, and they ALL fell flat.

Jimmy Butler Perfect for Meme Team
Turns out he wanted nothing to do with the Lakers…

Is Nathan Peterman in the Mafia?
He’s on the practice squad for the Raiders. So, I’d say no.

Still No Respect for UCF
One of our most viewed articles, but after that loss to LSU in the Fiesta Bowl, they are no longer MY National Champions.

We Tried Our Best, UCF

This is my statement of apology to the University of Central Florida playoff effort.

I state my apology.

While I am not a UCF fan, their cause this year struck a chord with me. It made me want to fight along the fan base and try to get the Golden Knights in the College Football Playoff. I grabbed my Mac and went to war in the most dangerous battlefield on Earth, the internet comment sections. I fought valiantly in the War on the War on UCF to no avail.

UCF did nothing wrong. They won every game just like the selection committee asked them to. The committee wanted results and the Golden Knights got them. No, wait, that only applied to Oklahoma (*whisper* whose AD is on the committee). Even without McKenzie Milton, UCF still waxed a Memphis team that almost beat them in the regular season. They wanted a win versus a ranked team, UCF got two of them. One of which was against Pitt, the ACC runner-up, who I will pretend is from a good conference for this article. UCF did everything right.

I wish I could say that we lost the battle, not the war. But as it turns out, there was only one battle and we got slaughtered out there. Juice, Parmesan Don, Buck, and I are now forced to wait until next season for another round of the War on the war on UCF. UCF has been snubbed for two years in a row now, but the playoff effort is gaining supporters. Last year, it was just the UCF fans. This year it is the fans PLUS people that are so annoyed that they want UCF in just so they can lose to Bama. That’s got to count for something, right? 

I am sorry I could not do more for UCF. We did our best. At least now, all you have to do is beat LSU for another undefeated season and another claim to the National Championship*.

CFP Rankings 11/26/18

Week 13 of College Football brought a major shake up to the top 10. Don’t worry, I am sure the College Football Playoff Selection Committee will waste no time letting their biases get the best of them and getting the whole thing wrong. Rest assured, ya boy is here to set the record straight.

  1. Alabama (12-0)- Duh.
  2. Notre Dame (12-0)- The Irish gave us a scare this past weekend versus USC. Going into halftime down 3 placed Notre Dame’s ass firmly in the jackpot. Just like the Bible, another Book helped lead them to victory. Great comeback to finish the season undefeated. 
  3. Clemson (12-0)- Wow! The Tigers put up 56 points against an unranked, barely bowl-eligible team! Unreal. How do they do it? Clemson’s schedule is such a joke this year. Keep in mind they gave up 510 yards and 5 touchdowns to Jake Bentley. A guy who is such a cheap knockoff of what a quarterback is supposed to be, I call him Jake Kia.
  4. UCF (11-0)- Gotta let them in. Now is your chance, CFP Selection Committee. Make an example out of them! They won’t do it though. Knowing the committee, they will use McKenzie Milton’s knee explosion injury as a reason not to put them in the top 4. Ya know, the same reason they kept out Ohio State when they were on their third stringer in 2015.
  5. Georgia (11-1)- Not too impressive of a win against Georgia Tech, but they got the job done. Good win.
  6. Ohio State (11-1)- Made a hell of a case for themselves this past weekend. The Buckeyes put an end to Michigan’s “Revenge Tour” by hanging a 60 burger on them. They won 62-39. What a performance by Dwayne Haskins too. 396 yards and 6 touchdowns against Michigan should put him on anyone’s Heisman Watch. I’d love to see him throw for 800 and 8 on Clemson.
  7. Oklahoma (11-1)- Another week, another game the Sooners refuse to play defense. They gave up 56 points to West Virginia and still won. Luckily for them, they are one of the worst teams to get into a shootout with.
  8. Michigan (10-2)- Brutal loss to Ohio State. This was an absolute killer to their season and they will need all of the help to get into the playoff now. There is still hope, Wolverine fans. Just kidding, your dreams are dead.
  9. Washington State (10-2)- Their loss last Friday to Washington does not seem so bad in comparison to others. Either way, my dreams of a Mike Leach championship are over. As are Mike Leach’s. 
  10. Texas (9-3)- Say what you will, but they are the best 3-loss team. A good season with good wins will get you some good rewards. You can catch the Longhorns next at the Big 12 Championship. And guess what? They are playing a team they already beat in the Oklahoma Sooners.