Worst Throw of the MLB Season Goes to Cardinals’ Tyler O’Neill

Let’s set the stage. Cardinals vs Brewers, runner on second in the bottom of the second, Pitcher Freddy Peralta up to bat. The Brewers’ pitcher hits the ball right up middle to the outfield where Cardinals’ Center Fielder is faced with a choice. Does he throw to second and play it safe OR does he try to throw out the guy who is already crossing home plate? I’ll let you guess which one happened, but the guys who play it safe don’t normally make it on this website. Take a look:

Growing up, I was always taught to hit the cut off man, especially when there was no play at the plate. Tyler O’Neill must have either not been taught that or thought his cut off man was in the dugout.

Even if the throw was on target, a play at the plate was still unlikely. There were two outs and the runner was going on contact. But he tried to make a play and the ball just slipped. Honest blunder. Surely, twitter and meme guys gave him a break, right?