Ingram’s On The Block, and It’s Not Near the Paint

Multiple rumors are coming out that SF/PF Brandon Ingram may see himself shipped out before the start of next season. Yes, rejoice all Duke haters because this means yet another Duke player sucks in the NBA, like…um…Austin Rivers? Seth Curry?…oh yeah! Jahlil Okafor and Harry Giles! BOOM!

JK, just let us OSU fans have this one. We literally just have Mike Conley, Evan Turner, D’Angelo Russell, and the ghost of Greg Oden.

But anyway, I digress. Multiple reports are coming out saying Ingram, KCP (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope), Kyle Kuzma, Rajon Rondo, and Lonzo Ball all are on the block. This is not including other players Svi Mykhailiuk (try saying that ten times fast) or other low-end roster players with good contracts. The players included in most rumors are all their “good”, higher-in-the-rotation assets. Of course, the Lakers should be looking to trade Ingram first and foremost.

Why you may ask? After all, he was the #2 overall pick. Since LeBron has been out, all his stats have climbed up. He’s taken a more ball-dominate role (one could argue he is essentially their point guard now), and has helped propel their offense to a couple wins in LeBron’s absence. So, why would you trade that?

Simple: he sucks when LeBron is there. Ingram is a horrible on-ball/off-ball defender, and he cannot be an off-ball player in their offense. He NEEDS the ball in his hands in order to function. Besides this, he still cannot shot from three, posting an abysmal 29% on the year (don’t forget, his career is only at 32%). Even though Luke Walton says this doesn’t bother him at all, and that Lonzo believes Ingram and him are “playing like leaders”, those are not ringing endorsements from supporting actors in the Lakers organization. After all, Magic and LeBron run this show, and if Ingram wants to stay then he better start playing like it.

Trade Rumors – NFL Addition

As some of you may be shocked to see, yes, I do like trades of all shapes, sizes, and sports. Especially when it just so happens that they involve not only starting quarterbacks, but also a recent first round draft pick…

With the start of the playoffs, this means that the beginning part of the upcoming NFL draft has been set. Best part about this? Witnessing the idiocy that occurs before the draft commences.

Rumors are already starting to come out that the Arizona Cardinals are trying to trade away former rookie quarterback and 10th overall pick Josh Rosen (aka “The Rosen One”). Why would they wish to do that? After all, he is a quarterback that did win the Cardinals most of their wins. They wish to do said trade because they wish to draft QB Kyler Murray with the first overall pick. Besides not being the best NFL-ready QB in the draft (shout out Dwayne ‘Simba’ Haskins), this is not a draft where the QBs are consider as the best talent available.

The best thing the Cardinals could do is keep Rosen, trade back, acquire more picks, and begin moving from there. However, they obviously do not believe Rosen is their QB of the future, and I get cutting the proverbial umbilical cord earlier rather than later. This just prompts too many questions for me, seeing as many believed the last draft (outside of Baker Mayfield) to be a strong QB class, and this upcoming to be the weak one.

Boy, how the tables have turned, Mel Kiper and Todd McShay.

While I do support this trade proposal for the Cardinals, and believe a team like the Jaguars or Dolphins (or multiple other teams) are stupid enough to go through with said trade, I cannot see what is to gain. Multiple teams may approach a team like the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Giants, or Baltimore Ravens for a QB, or may target a FA in the market. Hell, they may just trade up in order to secure one of the few elite QBs in this draft.

So you may be asking me what the issue is, and I think it is a pretty simple one: I think they should keep Rosen and take Nick Bosa.

But will they listen to me? Nah, they will probably trade Rosen to another team for a couple picks (look for a first and a fifth or maybe even just a second and third), take Murray, and enjoy the hell that comes with a mobile QB in the NFL. Ask the Ravens how that playoff game went.