Are the Celtics Too Talented? Or Too Selfish?

I never like using the “Oh we are too talented and we couldn’t mesh as a team since we are too talented” argument. I mean, it is slightly a pointless one. Are you saying that you are resting on your laurels, and not trusting your teammates? Or are you saying that you believe you are more talented than everyone else on said talented team? Or wait, I know, it is a lot simpler. Well, sort of…

In the news recently, the Celtics have had a lot of players come out and say that their team is “too talented”. Chief among these players are the younger ones, like Jaylen Brown in recent memory, who have come out and said, “Some of us have never played on a team this good, and it’s really hard getting used to playing as a team.”


I can understand part of said line since, for two of the young players (Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier) played on awful college teams. However, many former players have not only dismissed the claim, but have called out saying that it is these young player’s faults. In fact, a few players (Charles Barkley, Shaq, and Kenny Smith in particular) have all said that a trade may need to happen.

Why you may ask? I mean, at first glance, there is no reason to trade anyone from said team. Why trade away talent when you are the most talented team in the NBA? Well, simple really…

Most of the players on the Celtics believe THEIR selfish “hero ball” is the best thing for the team, and that THEY need to take the last shot. However, much to my delight, Kyrie is now faced with the issue that LeBron had to deal with when they both were in Cleveland. Kyrie is now the super-skilled vet that has to deal with the talented young players that believe this is their team. Hell, he even called LeBron to apologize since he now sees the role that LeBron was in when both were in Cleveland. After all, Terry Rozier even said, in a quote, “Young guys who can play, guys who did things in their career, the group that was together last year, then you bring Kyrie and Hayward back, it’s a lot with it.”

While some may not have diagnosed said quote down to the bare bones like I have, but something should be taken notice here and now. Terry Rozier is speaking from his belief, yes, but the very first thing he says is “young guys who can play…”

Again, this is the most important thing about Terry speaking. He is the only player on the team with a negative NET rating, and yet he is saying that the young guys on the team (so pretty much meaning him, Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum, even though I am sure he would agree Semi Ojeleye, Guerschon Yabusele, and Robert Williams are all good) should take precedent over the other 2 groups. Other two you say? But there are 4 groups Terry lists?

And this is why I am of the same belief that Charles and the others at TNT are, that a trade/change needs to be made. Terry Rozier, in the 4 groups he lists on the team, has two of those be the same. If you look at what he said, he listed “young guys who can play” and “the group that was together last year”, WHICH ARE ESSENTIALLY THE SAME THING. He is implying that the young players on the team are better than the approach they are taking currently, where those that buy into Brad Stevens system play more. Shockingly, I say sarcastically, those players happen to be the ones that not only start/get the most minutes, but also have gotten the best contracts from the Celtics. It is not weird to consider that three players (Marcus Smart, Marcus Morris, and Aron Baynes) make almost $23 mil and consider to be integral pieces in their team. It’s also not weird to think that the three players who have made an All-Star team (Gordon Hayward, Kyrie Irving, and Al Horford) play the most AND make the most. The ONLY people that are complaining are the three young players that have finally faced a reduction of time due to infinitely better players returning, and they are pouting about it. Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown are essentially complaining that Kyrie ‘Ice in His Veins’ Irving and Gordon ‘Larry Bird Reincarnated’ Hayward are back.

I am all for getting rid of players, but this will go down as one the most disappointing seasons for the Celtics. The “Super Team” experiment has failed, and the team is starting to slide into a weird state. I mean, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Morris got into a verbal altercation DURING A FREAKING GAME. Jesus, something needs to happen, or this season (and possibly Anthony Davis’ interest in the team) is scrapped.