Russell Westbrook on Karl-Anthony Towns and Dario Saric: “Get to the F****** Playoffs Before You Speak to Me.”

Yes, that is a real quote. Russell Westbrook actually said to Karl-Anthony Towns and Dario Saric that they need to make the playoffs before they talk to him. I know this was trash talk during a game, but at least get your facts straight… and be able to back it up.


This is wildly bananas for so many reasons.

First, both of these guys made the playoffs LAST YEAR, but let’s start with KAT. Towns led his mediocre T-wolves team to the 8 seed in the Western Conference. Not an easy thing to do when he was the team’s only top-20 player. Of course, they got bounced first round by the Rockets. This was hardly KAT’s fault though. He had 10+ rebounds every game and 3 double-doubles in the series. They even took a game from the Rockets. I blame Jimmy Butler for the poor team performance.

Next, Dario Saric not only went to the post season, but actually won a playoff series last year. The 76ers beat the Heat 4-1 in the first round before getting bounced by the Celtics.

I really don’t know what Westbrook was talking about here. This is like people telling Tom Brady he isn’t the best when all he has ever done is win championships. Just utter buffoonery. KAT and Saric meet all the criteria that Westbrook has put out there.

Also, how can Westbrook even say this? He has not made it out of the first round since Durant left OKC. Why in the world would he think that he can talk smack to someone who made it further than he did?

Even “Playoff P” could not help him in the get out of the first round. I expect the same this year.

A Completely Correct Analysis of a Survey With A Lot of Participation

…phew, talk about a mouthful of a title.

But aside from poorly worded titles, I conducted a Twitter poll the other day about who is the worst Kansas wing drafted in the lottery. There were three options to choose from: Josh Jackson, Andrew Wiggins, and other (which you could provide). Of the 10 votes (yes, sad to say only 10 people voted in an election…for worst Kansas player), 6 voted for Wiggins and 4 voted for Jackson.

I personally voted for Wiggins, so I am not unhappy with the results. But taking out my 1 vote, Wiggins still won 5-4. Which made this interesting to me since I asked myself this, “How could you vote for Josh Jackson when Wiggins is literal trash?”

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying Josh Jackson is good. Trust me, I am not his biggest fan. Hell, I’m not even on his side of the ring here. He was a waste of the 4th overall pick (hilarious at how the Suns always mess their picks up), and has not improved. He is an infinitely better defender than Wiggins, and while that means absolutely nothing, that does mean something to me. Both wings love to shoot that 20-22 foot mid-range jumper, and both cannot score outside of that. They are both weak, timid, and can easily check themselves out mentally from a game. They are gamers or ballers at all, and can be easily bullied into doing nothing. However, where Jackson is an infinitely better defender, Wiggins is one of the most explosive and electric athletes. So again, it sounds like they are on equal footing right?

I would agree if it wasn’t for these two major facts: Wiggins makes a ton of money, and Wiggins is the only player in NBA history to play 30+ minutes and not shoot the ball once. The news about his contract is well-known, seeing as even Kevin Garnett called out the T-Wolves (then T-Bulls) owner for said contract on-air, and said that “he doesn’t know shit about basketball.” Ringing endorsement right? But no, the focal point is that Wiggins went a whole game without shooting, AND NO ONE NOTICED. No one during the broadcast mentioned it at all. The stat guys are the ones that mentioned it, and it occurred WAY after the game was over. How can you make $100 million and not shoot once? At least Josh Jackson shoots every game. Gimme the idiot that can play defense over the idiot that can’t do anything any day of the week.


No More Timber-Bulls

As is the case with any firing, I am sorry that someone lost their job. Sure, he was fired for ineptitude, but it should not be celebrated. He is a man with a family, and now he is unemployed.

But, on the flip side, all Timber-Bulls fans…oh wait, have to change that line of discussion now, much to my chagrin. So, let us have a quick moment of silence in ode to one of the best nicknames ever for a team. Of course, this name/team was created suspiciously after a national holiday that Taco Bell somewhat loosely supports (or openly supports in the state of Colorado)…

Here Lies:
Minnesota Timber-Bulls
Created by the Coach-GM Tom “Thibs” Thibodeau
April 21, 2016 – January 6, 2019
May It Never Occur EVER Again

…okay, on to the real news with this firing.

Shortly after Thibs and the Wolves blowout win against a Lebron-less Lakers, GM Scott Layden and CEO Ethan Casson walked into Thib’s office and fired him. Yes, you read that right. He was fired after a win in his own office by people who were (based on how title designations have worked in the past in the NBA) essentially below him in the power hierarchy.


Very rough way to start off the year, especially since their targeted replacement (Fred Hoiberg) replaced Thibs when he got fired from Chicago. It also doesn’t help said replacement was fired recently as well, AND that he is attracting a lot of attention from the college basketball crowd. Now a coach who is not only younger than a couple players on his roster, but who is also the son of one of the late owners Flip Saunders. While look into that as you may, I find it somewhat suspect that the son of an owner is becoming the coach. I have heard numerous good things, and seen a lot in his resume to back up his claim for the coaching spot. However, I do not believe that Glenn Taylor is anywhere close to being the 3rd worst owner (aka he is tied for worst owner with the Suns organization).

Overall I am still suspect of the Timberwolves, and believe that a couple monumental changes will occur to their roster at some point in the near future. Hopefully they realize that they need to build and not try and win now, but their cap space is essentially dead in the water. They have too much wrapped up in the bad contracts of Wiggins and Dieng, and I hold no faith in the direction that they are going.

Time will tell how this team shakes out, but I would not be holding my breath currently.