Remember When Tim Tebow Threw an 80 Yard Bomb to Beat the Steelers in the Playoffs

Easily one of the most improbable things to ever happen in the history of the NFL. Tim Tebow comes off the bench to take over a 1-5 team to the playoffs finishing the season 8-8.

In the 2011 Wildcard round as AFC West champions, the Broncos took on the 12-4 Steelers. Consistent scoring from Pittsburgh and a 20-point second quarter from Denver sent the game into overtime tied up at 23. The OT coin toss goes up and Denver takes the ball… 11 seconds later, they are heading to the divisional round. Take a look and relive the greatness:

Say what you will about Tebow, but this man was one of the best players under pressure that I have ever seen. Personally, I don’t think the Broncos should have ever cut him. Regardless, this is one memory that I will hold on to forever.

Weird how no one called for the overtime rules to be changed after this play. Maybe the Steelers actually can teach us all a lesson on how to lose with some dignity.

Get Tim Tebow to the MLB as ASAP as Possible

Let’s face it. The Tim Tebow experiment in professional baseball has not been working as well as expected. On his first pitch ever in the AA ranks, he went yard for a three run home run. Since then, he has been promoted to the AAA affiliate in the New York Mets organization in Syracuse. That’s where the good news ends.

Right now, Tebow is hitting .157. Not exactly where a AAA player should be, especially one who is in real talks of being promoted to the MLB. After 115 at bats for the Syracuse Mets, Tebow only has 18 hits and 46 strikeouts. I hope his teammates are as nice to him after all those strikeouts as Michael Jordan’s were to him in Space Jam.

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So, Tim Tebow may not be good enough to play in the majors. In fact, he kinda stinks. But ya know what else kinda stinks? The Mets’ fan attendance. The current team cannot seem to get people to come to games like they used to. Here are the attendance number over the last 5 years including 2019. From Baseball Reference.

Attendance per game is higher than last year, but nothing compared to 2016. The 2019 number has also been dropping steadily. Sure, there are a lot of games left, but being down 5.5 games in a division with the Phillies and the Braves and being in 7th place in the NL Wildcard race does not show a lot of promise for the future of the season. How does a team improve attendance if they can’t get fans excited for their performance? It has to be some kind of promotion, but those can get worn out really easy if they have to do them every game. But, what if they have a player in their system that is a walking promotion game in and game out?

The Mets need to call up Tim Tebow as ASAP as possible. He may not help the team win, but one thing is for sure. He *clap* Puts *clap* Asses *clap* In *clap* Seats. I was able to see one of the games he played in Louisville against the Bats and I have never seen more people show up for a AAA baseball game at 11:00AM on a Wednesday. And half of the people there were wearing either a Florida or Broncos #15 jersey. Imagine how many people would show up to a major league game at Citi Field. And they would keep coming, because no one is going to want to miss his first home run that will never come.

It’s Tebow Time.

8 QBs Perfect for the AAF

I have watched my fair share of AAF games and I can tell you one thing. They do no live up to the hype. We were expecting some quality football after the Super Bowl and all we were given was a minor league disappointment.

The League is in shambles, it is going under financially, and it needs a savior. When humanity needed a savior, God sent Jesus. When the AAF needs a savior, who will God send? Again, Jesus Christ himself… Mr. Tim Tebow.

Here are 8 quarterbacks that would be perfect for the AAF.

Tim Tebow
Touchdown Timmy says he is all in on baseball, but I don’t buy it. If an NFL team came knocking, he would drop the Mets organization like a girl trying to take his virginity. Hard to believe that a guy who spent his whole life trying to perfect one sport would just give up on it.

Johnny Manziel
I am sure that you could tell this one was coming. Look, Canada is cold and the only thing he should be backing up is a Range Rover into his parents’ garage door. Come home to Texas, Johnny. The defenses in the AAF are similar to the bad defenses in the SEC which is where you shined.

Jay Cutler
How great would it be if Jay Cutler and Steve Spurrier teamed up? The only play in their playbook would be Four Verticals. Fifty yard bombs every play. They wouldn’t even need to punt, because the ball would eventually get intercepted way down the field. I know he is probably told old, busy with the Cutlets (his kids) and his tv show; not to mention that there is no way he gives enough of a shit to have anyone tell him what to do anymore. Regardless, I am sure that there are plenty of Bear’s fans that want to see Mr. Fourth Quarter suit up again.

Mark Sanchez
Sanchez is just so good at embarrassing himself. I don’t think that I appreciated it enough the first time around. If given a second opportunity, I promise not take it for granted.

Nathan Peterman
I have heard that the AAF has been having a problem with scoring lately. Wanna guarantee at least two touchdowns by opposing defenses every game?

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Brock Osweiler
It is incredible that this man is still on an NFL roster and I am not (no invite to the combine yet again *sadface). 6’7″ is a great height for a quarterback in theory, but in game it has not proved to mean that much. In practice, it must be okay since that is the only squad he is ever going to make in the NFL.

Chad Kelly and Maty Mauk
Wanna get real honest for a sec? The only reason I want these guys to suit up again is because I have not heard anything about them in a while and want to know if they are okay. We all heard about $wag Kelly getting arrested for drunkenly walking into a stranger’s house and getting cut from the Broncos. Haven’t heard a thing since. But what about Maty? Could someone check up on him for me? Last I heard, he was at Eastern Kentucky.