Oklahoma City Is the New Phoenix

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The 2019 NBA Offseason has been proven that no one is safe when a team wants a superstar. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but those Los Angeles teams sure were. In their quest to stay relevant against the almighty Lakers, the Clippers have just traded with OKC to obtain Paul George in order to secure Kawhi Leonard. But in the process, they had to give up a player that has given everything to their organization in Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Originally, he was tagged as an untradable player, but it is hard to pass on Paul George especially if it means Kawhi Leonard is involved. So, SGA is on his way to Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City is on its way to becoming the new Phoenix. Not in terms of actual city importance, but in terms of how their NBA teams are massing Kentucky players.

The Suns have had incredible amounts of former Wildcats including Tyler Ulis, Archie Goodwin, Devin Booker, Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe. Now, Billy Donovan has decided to take the same route trading for SGA. OKC now has Patrick Patterson, Nerlens Noel, Hamidou Diallo, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Effectively assuming the title of the Oklahoma City Wildcats and leading the BBNBA charge.

Let’s hope this strategy works out better for the Thunder than the Suns.

Suns Willing To Trade out of Sixth Pick

Yes, you read that correctly. The Suns are willing to do something stupid…again.

Sure, the Suns have said they want a veteran point guard for the pick. Smart move right? If there were no point guards expected to drop to them, then I would find it a smart move. Why draft another wing or big, even if they may be better than the guys you have on your roster?

Again though, it would be smart IF there were no guards expected to reach them. However, there are 6 players that people view as “the cream of the crop” in this draft. Three are point guards (Coby White, Darius Garland, and Ja Morant), one is a ball-dominant shooting guard (Jarrett Culver), one is an exceptional wing (DeAndre Hunter), and the last is a generational talent (Zion Williamson). It is highly unlikely 2 of the 6 will drop to them, but one for sure will. So why, for the love of all things holy in this world, are the Suns trying to trade this pick?

Well, they say that their goal is to trade the pick for a veteran point guard, and I find that admirable. For a team that hasn’t had a good point guard since Steve Nash laced up for the team, it makes sense that they are getting pretty desperate now to find one. Sure, every mock draft has Darius Garland falling to them, but that won’t mean the guy many refer to as having a handle like Kyrie Irving will be good right? Why get a young guard when you can get a good vet right?

Well, issue is, what good vets are there? Chris Paul and John Wall are the only two I can see be available via trade, and they both suck for this team. They both make way too much, and are way too old for the scope of this team. I don’t see a Wall/Paul-Booker-Jackson (pending legal issues)-Warren-Ayton team doing anything besides taking them from the #1 odds in the lottery to the #5 odds in the lottery.

This is a stupid move from an organization that has no direction in mind. The Suns are jeopardizing their future to make marginal gains for a season or two, and will still be on the hook for the vet’s ludicrous contract.

God I feel sorry for you Suns’ fans. It sucks having the worst owner in professional sports.

NBA News Update: The Drama is Coming…

…and boy oh boy does the NBA know how to start off well.  The literal first hour Trevor Ariza can be traded, he is dealt straight-up for Oubre and…well, it leaves a lot to be desired.  The Wiz got another wing…but he can actually play defense at multiple positions.  The Suns also got another young wing who’s future they can control.  The issue with this?

…it’s just weird?  Like these two teams shouldn’t be doing a trade for either of these players.  Suns need a point guard, and the Wiz have four.  Yet the Wiz trade away a good building block for a rebuild, for a guy that they are hoping will help get them away from that projected 7th place Eastern Conference finish.  While I find that doubtful, and a waste of young assets, I guess anybody can keep their job is they can convince a stupid owner/ownership group they know what they are doing.

Speaking of stupid owners, James Dolan (the Knicks owner), has just announced that he is willing to sign away his team for a ‘bona fide offer.’  Just like you, I have no idea what that terminology is supposed to mean.  What I do know is that we will finally (FINALLY) get rid of someone in the “Top 5 Worst Owner” List (dropping soon?????).  Rejoice Knicks fan, you’ll finally win a game that matters here.