Saturday Morning Sports Trivia: Kentucky Wildcats

There are few things I love in this world more than my Kentucky Wildcats. I’m a born and raised Kentuckian, a UK alum and a life long Cats fan for going on 23 years. Similarly, I love trivia. Kentucky sports are one of the few things that can beat a solid bar trivia night. I’ve been writing trivia articles every Saturday for the last couple months and now I have decided to combine the two things I love. So, here is one of the most my best ones yet: Kentucky Sports Trivia. 15 questions, matching and a final that only true Cats fans would know. Follow us on Twitter @soft7sports and let us know how you did.

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  1. How many John Calipari-coached former Kentucky players have won an NBA Title?
  2. How many NCAA National Championships has Kentucky won across all sports? *hint: cheerleading is not an NCAA sanctioned sport.
  3. Who is the all time leading point scorer in Kentucky Men’s Basketball history?
  4. Who is the only Wildcat to be taken number one overall in the NFL Draft?
  5. Who is the winningest coach in Kentucky football history?
  6. Who was the head basketball coach for the 1978 National Championship team?
  7. What former Kentucky basketball player made five straight three pointers to start a game versus North Carolina?
  8. Rick Pitino coached Kentucky from 1989-1997. Where did he go immediately after?
  9. What Kentucky alum currently plays on the PGA Tour?
  10. What prestigious basketball high school did Rajon Rondo attend before Kentucky?
  11. “Touchdown” Terry Wilson originally played for what other D-1 school before coming to Kentucky?
  12. How many Kentucky alums are currently on MLB rosters?
  13. Who is the Athletic Director of Kentucky?
  14. In 2010, Kentucky had a record number of players taken in the first round of the NBA Draft with how many players drafted?
  15. Who is the last NBA Rookie of the Year from Kentucky?

Match the Kentucky Basketball player to the NBA team that drafted them.

Brandon Knight________________________Milwaukee Bucks
Antoine Walker________________________Minnesota Timberwolves
Jodie Meeks____________________________Detroit Pistons
Demarcus Cousins_____________________Boston Celtics
Rex Chapman__________________________Charlotte Hornets
Karl-Anthony Towns___________________Sacramento Kings

Name the last three Kentucky Football players to return a punt for a touchdown.


  1. 0
  2. 11 (8 men’s basketball, 2 rifle, 1 track and field)
  3. Dan Issel (2,138)
  4. Tim Couch
  5. Bear Bryant
  6. Joe B. Hall
  7. Tayshaun Prince
  8. Boston Celtics
  9. J.B. Holmes
  10. Oak Hill Academy
  11. Oregon
  12. 7 (Collin Cowgill, Scott Downs, James Paxton, Chris Rusin, Trevor Gott, Alex Meyer, AJ Reed)
  13. Mitch Barnhart
  14. 5
  15. Karl-Anthony Towns

Matching Answers

Brandon Knight________________________Detroit Pistons
Antoine Walker________________________Boston Celtics
Jodie Meeks____________________________Milwaukee Bucks
Demarcus Cousins_____________________Sacramento Kings
Rex Chapman__________________________Charlotte Hornets
Karl-Anthony Towns Jr.________________Minnesota Timberwolves

Final Answer

Randall Cobb, Charles Walker, Lynn Bowden

Saturday Morning Sports Trivia: May Is an Underrated Sports Month

After a one week hiatus (I had to graduate real quick, my bad), we are back for another edition of Saturday morning sports trivia. May is an underrated month. The Kentucky Derby, the NBA Playoffs, Stanley Cup, MLB, Champions League semi-finals and all the NFL offseason drama a true sports fan could ask for. The Soft 7’s love our readers for their minds, so let’s end the week with another 15 questions. Follow us on twitter @soft7sports and retweet/share to challenge your friends.


  1. After the Kentucky Derby, what other two races comprise the Triple Crown?
  2. Country House was crowned the winner of the 145th running of the Kentucky after what horse was disqualified for impeding other horses?
  3. The Celtics have the most NBA titles with 17, the Lakers are second with 16; what two teams are next highest with 6 titles?
  4. In what decade was the 24 second shot clock introduced to the NBA? (19?0)
  5. What city hosted the first NBA All-Star game in 1951?
  6. Who was the youngest player in NHL history to have a 100 point season?
  7. What goalie has the most saves all time in NHL history?
  8. How many consecutive 40 goal seasons did Wayne Gretzky have to set an NHL record?
  9. On Thursday, Albert Pujols became just the fifth person ever to do what?
  10. What is the distance between the pitcher’s mound and home plate?
  11. Who hit the most grand slams in the history of the Yankees?
  12. What country are both teams in the UEFA Champions League final from?
  13. What club has the most UEFA Champions League titles?
  14. Kyler Murray was the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Who was taken second?
  15. Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell are no longer with the Pittsburgh Steelers. What teams did they end up with, respectively?


  1. Preakness, Belmont
  2. Maximum Security
  3. Bulls and Warriors
  4. 1950’s
  5. Boston, Massachusetts
  6. Sydney Crosby
  7. Martin Brodeur
  8. 12
  9. Hit 2,000 RBI’s
  10. 60 feet, 6 inches
  11. Lou Gehrig (23)
  12. England
  13. Real Madrid
  14. Nick Bose- SF
  15. Antonio Brown- Raiders, Le’Veon Bell- Jets

Saturday Morning Sports Trivia: NFL Draft

After being reminded that this is the greatest day of these kids young lives for 6 hours over the past two days, it is only fair to make it this week’s trivia. The NFL Draft is a great thing. Letting the terrible teams keep making terrible choices and let them wonder why they are a bottom tier franchise. Meltdowns from fans and entire cities begging owners to sell the team are only half the fun. Let’s get into it with 10 questions. Be sure the share to challenge your friends and like and follow us on Twitter @soft7sports.


  1. Out of the 70 NFL Drafts, how many number 1 overall picks have been inducted in the Hall of Fame?
  2. Who is the only team that has made 4 first round draft picks?
  3. Who is the only Kentucky player to be taken first overall?
  4. Who was the last SEC player to be taken first overall?
  5. What player drafted in 2018, famously had a video of himself smoking through a gas mask leak before the draft?
  6. What player drafted in 2018, has conversations between him and his former college coach discussing payments to his mother leak before the draft?
  7. What two teams are tied for having the most first overall selections? *hint, the Browns are not one of them.
  8. Who did the New York Giants select in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft that caused a meltdown among fans?
  9. What city has hosted the NFL Draft the most?
  10. What venue in said city has hosted the NFL Draft the most?
Crazy to think this guy ended up being the GOAT.


  1. 15
  2. New York Jets
  3. Tim Couch (1999)
  4. Myles Garrett- TAMU
  5. Leremy Tunsil
  6. Also Leremy Tunsil
  7. Colts and Rams with 7
  8. Daniel Jones- Duke
  9. New York City (57)
  10. Madison Square Garden (10)

Saturday Morning Sports Trivia: Elite 8 Edition

We are back once again this Saturday morning with another round of trivia. The theme of this week will be the Elite 8 in honor of the great basketball going on tonight. Hopefully, by now you have stopped complaining about not having a perfect bracket. If you are perfect in this week’s trivia, however, let us know on Twitter @soft7sports for a free S7S sticker. As always, I love you all for your minds.


  1. Name all 8 schools that made it to this year’s Elite 8.
  2. In honor of Auburn’s upset win over UNC, how many times has a 5-seed made it to the Elite 8?
  3. The Tennessee Volunteers failed to make the Elite 8 once again this year. How many Elite 8’s has the school been to total?
  4. In 2005, the Michigan State versus Kentucky Elite 8 matchup was forced into overtime on a controversial three pointer at the buzzer made by whom?
  5. How many times has Tom Izzo made it past the Elite 8 into the Final 4?
  6. What two teams combined for the highest scoring Elite 8 game of all time?
  7. What team still alive in the tournament has the top scoring offense?
  8. What team still alive has the worst 3 point field goal percentage?
  9. What team has the most Final Four appearances?
  10. The remaining school in the Elite 8 have combined for how many Final Four Appearances?


  1. Duke, Kentucky, Auburn, Virginia, Purdue, Michigan State, Texas Tech, Gonzaga
  2. 8
  3. 1
  4. Patrick Sparks
  5. 7
  6. UNLV vs. Loyola Marymount: 131-101 in 1990
  7. Gonzaga
  8. Duke
  9. North Carolina
  10. 47- Kentucky (17), Duke (16), Michigan State (9), Virginia (2), Purdue (2), Gonzaga (1), Texas Tech (0), Auburn (0)

Saturday Morning Sports Trivia, 3/16

Who would have thought that this trivia blog was going to be read by less than 1,000 people last week? Couldn’t be me. We don’t say it enough, but we love you all, especially for your minds. Be sure to like, share, retweet and repost to challenge your friends. And as always, let us know if you go 15/15.


  1. What is the only country to play in every soccer World Cup?
  2. What NFL team appeared in 4 straight Super Bowls (1991-1994) and lost them all?
  3. What boxer gave Muhammed Ali his first ever loss in professional boxing?
  4. Who is the NFL’s all-time leading rusher with 18,355 yards?
  5. Who was the first U.S. Volleyball player to win three Olympic gold medals?
  6. What type of ball was basketball played with until 1929?
  7. During the construction of the new White Hart Lane Stadium, where is Tottenham playing their home matches?
  8. In what Olympic event did Bruce Jenner win the gold medal in 1976?
  9. Who won the 2015 Masters?
  10. What was banned in basketball from 1967 to 1976?
  11. What is the only major U.S. professional sport that does not use a clock?
  12. What soccer team did David Beckham end his career with?
  13. What city hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics?
  14. What NBA great was nicknamed “the Admiral”?
  15. What NBA player broke Wilt Chamberlain’s record for most consecutive triple-doubles in January 2019?


  1. Brazil
  2. Buffalo Bills
  3. Joe Frazier
  4. Emmitt Smith
  5. Karch Kiraly
  6. Soccer ball
  7. Wembley Stadium
  8. Decathlon
  9. Jordan Spieth
  10. The Slam Dunk
  11. Baseball
  12. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)
  13. Beijing
  14. David Robinson
  15. Russell Westbrook