Tyler Herro Doesn’t Care about Your $110K Sports Bets

The most heavily bet matchup on the first Saturday of the NCAA Tournament ended in heartbreak for one very unlucky fan.

As Kentucky closed as a 5.5 point over Wofford just before tipoff, an overly confident bettor placed a $110,000 bet on Wofford to cover the spread. The final score was 62-56 Cats. Because of two late free throws, Wofford failed to cover and this angry sports bettor has only one person to blame.

Well, two. One is wrongly to a Kentucky player and the other is himself. I am all for the “go big or go home” mentality, but this may have been so big that he no longer has a home to go back to. Imagine explaining to your significant other that you lost $110k because you really thought the WOFFORD TERRIERS had it. Regardless, I am sure this person is deflecting all his blame to a specific Kentucky player.

That player is Tyler Herro. Add another to his long list of haters. As it turns out, Herro could not possibly care less about your sports bets. He played a near perfect game defensively and stepped up when Kentucky needed him to close out the game with free throws.

Image result for tyler herro
From Tyler Herro’s Twitter @raf_tyler. Creds: Lexington Herald Leader

Herro held Wofford’s best shooter, Fletcher McGee, to 0/11 from 3-point range. He was in that dude’s shorts from the second he crossed half court to the time he shot an off-balance 30-footer. Then, to close the game out, Herro knocked down two free throws to make it a 6-point game. The guy with $110k on the line probably felt his heart sink when he saw the second best free throw shooter in the nation get fouled. He needed a miracle.

Moral of the story: don’t bet against my Cats.

Future Teller Tony Romo Reveals Final Score of Super Bowl LIII

The oracle has spoken. The future telling NFL analyst, Tony Romo, has revealed the final score of Super Bowl LIII to us mere mortals.

Romo said that the final score will be 28-24, but he didn’t stop there. He went full Oracle at Delphi and told us that the team that has the ball last will be the team that loses. They will be in the middle of the last chance effort and fail to get the points they need.

I hang on to every last word of Tony Romo, almost to a fault. I am still waiting for him to give us the winning team even though I know I will never get it. Reason being, he is calling the game and cannot show any bias. Why not? Jay Bilas does it all the time. I am not a betting man, that’s more Parmesan Don and Juice’s thing, but I would become one if Tony Romo was telling me what to do.

Lastly, I would like to say congratulations to Tony Romo on making it to his first Super Bowl. It would have been his second if Dez made a football move.