Forget the War on Football, Soccer Fight Leaves 3 Injured

Do me a favor and figure out how many professional football players got injured yesterday. Now, tell me how many soccer players got injured in just 16 seconds in this clip. WARNING: this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

Three players writhing in pain, because of how dangerous of a sport soccer is. Soccer is supposed to be a non contact sport; where is the outrage, America?

We put so much stock in how football causes concussions and career ending injuries that we are blinded by vicious attacks that happen in other sports. CTE is a very real thing, but it is not unique to football especially when soccer players are getting clocked roughly every 5 seconds according to that video. And we are letting out kids play this?

To the Europeans who call American football “barbaric”, where is your god now? While we are on the subject of sports that are more dangerous than football, professional basketball players are now being attacked by actual demons who are on the court with them.

It’s beginning to look like football is one of the safest sports that your child can play. It may officially be time for the #WarOnFutbol.