Smash Mouth vs. the Phillies Is the Battle We Never Knew We Needed

SOMEBODY once told me that Smash Mouth would be in the news again very soon. I just assumed that there was a new Shrek movie they were featured on. So, you could imagine my disappointment when it was anything other than that. We didn’t get what we wanted, but what we got was something we never knew we needed. Smash Mouth is now bashing Bryce Harper and Phillies fans on Twitter.

And the tweets started coming and they didn’t stop coming.

I really can’t tell what side the Shrek guys are on. Do they like Bryce Harper or are they just still butt hurt that he did not go to San Francisco? If that was the case, then why are they coming after Phillies fans for booing Harper? If there is one thing that never changes in sports, it’s that Phillies fans are going to be fair weather fans no matter what. But they do get defended by the players for some reason. This time by reliever Tommy Hunter.

And even Brett Myers, ’08 World Series champion and now musician felt the need to step in.

And old Phillies player turned musician is really going after Smash Mouth for not having fans in the one city that they do. Weird.