Kawhi Leonard Leaves Jordan For New Balance

Rejoice all you dads out there. Your favorite shoe company has finally signed a star that isn’t Matt Bonner. Toronto Raptors forward and top 5 player in the NBA Kawhi Leonard reportedly walked away from Jordan brand earlier this year to explore more lucrative deals. It looks like Leonard has found that new deal with New Balance. Yahoo Sports reports that he has signed a multi-year endorsement with the sneaker company (more details yet to come). Maybe this was the break NB needed to sign other stars such as Gordon Hayward.

Along with his trade destination, there was a lot of speculation as to what shoe company Kawhi would sign with. Would he join Bagley, Knox and Ayton with Puma? Not after Collison exposed their faulty ankle support when he crossed up Ayton last night. Would he join Adidas and snag a signature shoe? Maybe even, dare I say, Big Baller Brand? No. He decided that he would go with New Balance. Smart move in my opinion. He is now the face of an entire company. He also probably just gained a million follows on twitter from 40+ year old dads. 

Kawhi has had a history of foot, ankle, and leg problems. Those foot ailments will be a thing of the past with New Balance’s signature arch support. Imagine how well he will play with clouds on his feet. Like all of us here at Soft 7 Sports, we will never be the best looking guys in the room, but we will always be the most comfortable. Now, so will Kawhi. Congrats on that bag.

Imagine Kawhi Leonard rocking these bad boiz: