Toronto Dropped the Ball Naming the Team the “Raptors” Instead of the “Saurus Rex”

In honor of the Toronto Raptors making their first NBA Finals appearance, urban planner Gil Meslin decided to give us a history lesson on how the name “Raptors” came to be the mascot of the franchise. The end result was probably the best outcome, but how they got there is one hell of a ride. There are plenty of opportunities where this could have gone hilariously wrong. Here is the story:

There’s more, but take a second to look through some of those names. My personal favorites include: Blue Basketballs, Bucketeers, Canadian Eh’s, Skyhooks and Slam Jammers. But, the one name they absolutely dropped the ball on not selecting was the Suarus Rex. They had the opportunity to be the Toronto Suarus Rex and they let it pass them by. Hate to see it.

First of all, incredible headline. Next, while the name Raptors may not look disappointing compared to some of the other finalists, we should all be glad that the name “Raptors” led to one of the best NBA jerseys of all time.

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