Ryan McMahon’s Amount of 2PT Field Goals Is Criminal

Ryan McMahon was easily my favorite player on Louisville’s basketball team this season. The plucky yet scrappy, quintessential white shooter is everything a sports humor writer could ever ask for. That is, until he betrayed us all.

McMahon is at Louisville thanks to the charity work of Rick Pitino and Dick Vitale. He has made himself useful by having the best free throw percentage in the NCAA and having some decent ball handling skills, but above all, he is there specifically to shoot threes and only threes.

Inside the arc is basically off limits to him. This season, he decided he was going to be all big and bad and take the ball inside. In the 34 games he played in, Ryan McMahon shot a total of 31 two point field goals. Almost one per game. What the hell, Ryan?

The most two point field goals he was supposed to have was maybe 5 all season due to accidentally having a foot on the three point line. This is the last time I believe in a Louisville basketball player.

McMahon is what I like to call an anti-center. Let me explain. Ya know how when a 7-footer, who isn’t known for shooting, takes a three and the stadium noise is replaced by fans yelling “what are you doing” and “oh no”? That is exactly how everyone should feel when Ryan McMahon shoots from anywhere besides the parking lot.

He was 15/31 on the year from inside the arc and 53/150 from beyond. I hope those 31 were worth it.

Insider Louisville