Bet on If Drake Will Have a Physical Altercation at the NBA Finals and Much More

Let’s face it. Whether we like it or not, Drake has become an integral part of the NBA Finals. Sitting courtside at every home game and being a paid ambassador for the Raptors has put him at the forefront of the international sports media. Not to mention that he curses all the teams he cheers for. We will see a lot of him in the NBA Finals between the Warriors and Raptors so thankfully, the good folks over at Bovada has let us bet on his antics. Here are the 7 Drake related prop bets for the NBA Finals:

Will Drake be removed from any NBA Finals game by security? 

Yes + 1000
No -5000

I cannot see this happening, but I can definitely see him getting confined to just his chair like his time on DeGrassi. They only way I can see him getting thrown out is if there are repeated warnings and/or a physical altercation… which may happen.

Will Drake have an on-court physical altercation with a Warriors player?

Yes +2000
No -10000

After telling Draymond Green he was trash to his face, I am 99% certain that this is going to happen. Maybe it won’t be Draymond, but a guy who has made millions off diss tracks definitely has some clever lines up his sleeve. Just takes one diss.

Will Drake have his Durant or Curry tattoos removed ahead of the series?

Yes +1400
No -10000

When did he get those?

Will Drake respond to Smash Mouth on Twitter? 

Yes +200
No -300

Hard to believe that the Shrek band with 2 good songs manages to stay relevant by chirping athletes and people more famous than them, but I once also believe that love was only true in fairytales.

Will Drake wear Golden State Warriors clothes during the NBA Finals?

Yes +225
No -350

Take no on this one. The Drake curse is done in basketball. While it is very much still alive in every other sport, Paul Pierce has proven to be the one antidote.

Will Drake massage Nick Nurse during any game of the NBA Finals?

Yes +200
No -300

If he wants to keep his job as ambassador, then no.

Will the NBA publicly warn or ban Drake regarding his on-court behavior in the NBA Finals?

Yes +650
No -1400

Adam Silver has been a phenomenal commissioner for the NBA, I would hate to see his career ended by Drake. If he does warn him, it’ll be in private.

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Toronto Dropped the Ball Naming the Team the “Raptors” Instead of the “Saurus Rex”

In honor of the Toronto Raptors making their first NBA Finals appearance, urban planner Gil Meslin decided to give us a history lesson on how the name “Raptors” came to be the mascot of the franchise. The end result was probably the best outcome, but how they got there is one hell of a ride. There are plenty of opportunities where this could have gone hilariously wrong. Here is the story:

There’s more, but take a second to look through some of those names. My personal favorites include: Blue Basketballs, Bucketeers, Canadian Eh’s, Skyhooks and Slam Jammers. But, the one name they absolutely dropped the ball on not selecting was the Suarus Rex. They had the opportunity to be the Toronto Suarus Rex and they let it pass them by. Hate to see it.

First of all, incredible headline. Next, while the name Raptors may not look disappointing compared to some of the other finalists, we should all be glad that the name “Raptors” led to one of the best NBA jerseys of all time.

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The Highest Drafted Player in the Bucks-Raptors Series Has to Be a Joke

For the first time in a while, the best two teams in the Eastern Conference have made the Conference Championship. Usually, it’s whoever the Raptors and Sixers choke against versus the ragtag bunch of G-leaguers LeBron threw together. But now, LeBron is gone. And the Eastern Conference Playoffs are finally unpredictable and watchable.

The Raptors and the Bucks series starts Wednesday. 1 vs. 2, all-stars and future Hall of Famers vs. all-stars and future Hall of Famers. Kawhi and Giannis are top 5 players in the NBA and are joined by starting lineups full of studs. But, were these amazing basketball players always considered amazing? Who out of the 10 players that comprise these two starting lineups was considered the best when being drafted into the NBA?

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Might want to be sitting down for this one.

Is it Giannis? Some teams take chances on foreign players and draft them super high. But no, he is tied with Kawhi for second highest at 15th overall.

What about Eric Bledsoe? A lot of Kentucky guys get drafted pretty high. Especially in that first Calipari class that included John Wall and Demarcus Cousins. But also no. He wasn’t taken until 18.

In fact, there was not a single player in either starting 5 that was taken in the single digits. Only one lottery pick between the two. And that one player is Brook Lopez who was take 10th overall in the 2008 NBA Draft. 10th overall and also the 10th best player out of the two starting lineups.

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Here is how the rest of the players stacked up in their respective drafts:
Bledsoe- 18th
Mirotic- 23rd
Middleton- 39th
Giannis- 15th
Lopez- 10th

Lowry- 24th
Green- 46th
Kawhi- 15th
Siakam- 27th
Gasol- 48th

This has got to be some kind of sick joke. Lopez plays like he Patrick Ewing in Space Jam right after he got his powers stolen by the aliens from Moron Mountain. Brook’s (girl’s name) lack of an ability to rebound will be what kills the Bucks if they lose this series.

Karate Master Kawhi Leonard Doing Everything to Fight the Drake Curse

Yes, you read that right. Kawhi Leonard of the Toronto Raptors is a karate master. In the video below, that I too am upset I didn’t see earlier, Leonard is shown chopping boards as part of his Footlocker endorsement. Take a look:

#ChopYallUp. Still not sure why some of the boards were breaking longways instead of horizontally, but I digress. As the first martial arts master since ShaqFu, Kawhi has a great responsibility. He must use his karate skills to fight the greatest threat to the Raptors’ organization and Toronto sports as a whole, the Drake Curse.

As we all know, Drake somehow influences the outcomes of athletic events. Kentucky, Alabama, Toronto, Zion, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, and even AS Roma has instructed their players to not take picture with Drake in fear of imminent doom. With the Raptors recent failures in the Playoffs behind them now, Kawhi is the one new variable that could be critical to a deep playoff run.

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Since dropping Game 1 to the Magic, Kawhi has put together back to back stellar performances. Dropping 37 points in Game 2 then a double-double last night. He even prevented the Raptors from going full Playoff Raptors mode at the end of Game 3. Toronto was up 6 with a minute left, Orlando hits a three. Next Raptors possession, a missed jumper that should have led to an easy rebound by the Magic went untouched only to be picked up by Kyle Lowry. Kawhi knocked down the final free throws preventing another Raptors postseason self-implosion.

Karate master Kawhi may be the only one who can lift the curse of Drake from Toronto.