Sleeveless Baseball Jerseys Are Best Baseball Jerseys


The Cincinnati Reds have been on fire as of late. Not only have they swept the Astros and taken a series from the Cubs and Brewers all in the last month, they have been pulling out all the stops when it comes to uniforms. How can they top the green St. Patty’s day or the all navy throwbacks? Funny you should ask, because they pulled out the magnificent sleeveless uni’s to pay tribute to the 1950’s-60’s Cincinnati Reds of yesteryear.

They may have lost by double digits to the I-words, but they looked damn good doing it. Especially Yasiel Puig:

And guess what no one is talking about..? the 11-1 loss. Everyone is laser focused on how awesome these jerseys are. And just the thought of the Reds rocking these bad boyz into the frigid November nights makes me so excited for Playoff Baseball. And better yet, that possibility is becoming more and more likely now that the Reds are just 4.5 games back in the NL Central with one of the best defenses in baseball.

Just exercising their right to bare arms.

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Joey Votto Was a Major Disappointment in the Reds 14-0 Win over Marlins

Let me first begin by saying that I am not at all disappointed in Votto’s or anyone else’s performance in Tuesday’s game. The Reds won 14-0 after all. We saw a great pitching performance by Castillo, back-to-back-to-back homeruns and the boys finally showed some confidence.

Can’t be mad about that.

I was disappointed in another aspect, however. The Reds have been in the news more than any other team this season. Their fight with the Pirates on April 7th shut down sports news for a solid 12 hours. Yasiel Puig has brought some fire to Cincinnati and it could not have come soon enough. The Reds finally have a reputation that doesn’t have to do with sucking. They have established themselves as the new bad boyz of baseball by pimping homeruns and fighting entire cities.

With no Puig in the lineup for the Marlins game, there was virtually no chance of a fight. This year’s bad boyz of baseball were going to take the night off… or so I thought. In the 6th inning, Joey Votto was hit by a pitch. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. When Votto took one step forward and not down the baseline, I jump out of my La-Z Boy recliner with only one thing on my mind: Here. We. Go.

You could imagine my disappointment when Votto simply picked up the ball, tossed it back to the pitcher and took his base. While it was a major let down, I have to respect Votto for this. He has much more patience than I. A real “turn the other cheek” move; Jesus level stuff there. Even if I was disappointed that Votto didn’t hand out a nap to Chen, I am glad that the face of the franchise had enough restraint in that situation.