Philly Fans Back to Booing Their Own Team

Say what you will about the Philadelphia fan base, but at least they show up to games. Maybe what they do at those games is more detrimental than checking on your sick child, but they are there and that has to count for something.

If I know Philly fans for one thing, it is that they either easily lose faith in their team or they are all ghosts. All I ever hear is “boo”. In just the last week, they graced us with two different displays of their disapproval in two different sports.

First, they booed their own 76ers. Take a look:

Considering that the Sixers were getting worked by the Brooklyn Nets of all teams, I have to side with the Philly fans here. How much longer are they going to have one of the best starting 5’s in the NBA before they start getting some real results in the Playoffs. “Trusting the process” now is like trusting George RR Martin that the dragons would come. Yes, eventually they came, but like two seasons late.

Maybe the same true Philly sports fans went to the Phillies game, because they showed exactly why some people consider them the worst fanbase.

We’re booing pitchers for their hitting abilities now? That’s like booing Tom Brady for his catching ability… which I am sure Philly fans did too. So when all of the all-stars on the team failed to get anything going, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when the relief pitcher struck out. There could not have possibly been a thought process that went into that.

Will Trout get $500 Million?

After two record breaking free agency signings in the past few weeks, it has me wondering who will break it. My brother and I have always argued who the best player in the game is and I have always said Harper. I am a huge Harper fan and always will be. I respect his game and I don’t think anyone would deny he is up there. My brother has always said Mike Trout is the better player and it wasn’t until last season that my opinion started to shift.

In case you live under a bridge, Harper recently signed a 330 million dollar contract for 13 years with the Philadelphia Phillies. I will be 35 at the end of his contract while he will be closing in on 40. It is fully guaranteed with a full no trade clause and no opt out. Manny Machado signed a 300 million dollar contract a week earlier for 10 years and an opt out after 2023. These are two of the best players in the game and they deserved their pay, but neither one best player in the game. That title belongs to Mike Trout.

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Last season alone, Trout led Harper in almost every offensive category. He played 19 less games, but still had a .060 higher batting average and 5 more home runs. Trout also had a larger on base percentage and slugging percentage. He had a walk percentage of 20.1%, while Harper had a strikeout percentage of 24.3%. Lastly, the most shocking, Trout had a WAR of 9.8 compared to Harper’s 3.5. This alone proves that Trout is better, not to mention that Trout has more MVP awards.

WAR is a measurement used in baseball to determine one’s worth to their team in games that they play. Trout has a career WAR of 64.3, which ranks 4th among current players. The top three are Puljos, Cano, and Caberra. All three of those players are above 35 years old, Trout is 27. Harper is 54th on the list, with a 27.4 WAR. To find the next guy in his 20’s on the list, you have to go down to #20 and it is Giancarlo Stanton with a 39.2 WAR. With the numbers Trout has been producing, it’s hard to imagine people thinking there is another player that is better than him, so it brings the question: Could Mike Trout get $500 million?

My answer is simple: yes. He COULD, but he won’t. Trout is going to set the new stage of contracts. Yes, Harper and Machado signed record breaking contracts, but Trout will too. His contract is up at the end of 2020, which is in 2 years. Mookie Betts will be up after this season and he will set the new standard, probably $350 million. I expect Trout to get at least $400 million over the course of 10-13 years. He will set the new bar that other players will be trying to reach for years to come.

Odds to Land Manny Machado

We are less than two weeks away from Spring Training and the two biggest names in free agency have yet to sign. Manny Machado and Bryce Harper still have not signed with a team. Not due to a lack of effort either. The White Sox have offered 7 years and $175 million, but it looks like that isn’t good enough. The most recent update is that Machado has met with the Padres for the second time…

Juice wrote the other day about possible collusion going on between owners. They do not want to pay exorbitant amounts of money to players who have no guarantee of paying off. Just look at how bad the Yankees got burned on Jacoby Ellsbury. Only problem is that Machado is waiting for Harper to sign and Harper is waiting for Machado to sign. They want the other to set the precedent for the market value of superstars. Machado about nothing if you ask me.

But after all, Machado has to sign somewhere if he wants to play this season. Here are the most recent odds on where he lands.

Once more updated odds are released, I am sure that it will include the Padres as favorites. We thought that Machado was going to sign with the Yankees. Dan Clark, who is normally a trusted source, even tweeted that he did right before he deleted his Twitter for a little while. Now, it looks like the Yankees are only the third most likely team. I am going to say it now, Manny Machado will cave first and take the White Sox offer.

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New Favorite to Land Bryce Harper

According to popular online sportsbook,, there is a new favorite in the race to land Bryce Harper and it is not who you would expect.

So far, the teams that have showed the most interest in Harper have been the Washington Nationals, New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies. Everyday, it seems less and less likely that he will remain in Washington.

It seems like owners are growing skeptical about giving big contracts to players as of late. Players like Jacoby Ellsbury are getting huge contracts and immediately bro-ing down. No team, especially not the Yankees, want to get burned again.

See the source image

Now, as released new odds on what team will land Harper with the San Francisco Giants the number one location.

We are only two weeks out from the start of Spring Training and Bryce Harper and Manny Machado still have yet to sign. It seems like they are both waiting for the other to sign a contract so they can use it as precedent. In my personal opinion, Harper will sign with the Phillies while Machado signs with the Yankees and it will happen within hours of each other.