Gronk Put a Dent in the Lombardi Trophy by Using It as a Baseball Bat

It has never been a matter of if, but a matter of when Rob Gronkowski would do something ridiculous to dent the Lombardi Trophy.

If I had to put money on it, I would have thought he would dent it by Gronk Spiking it off the duck boat or biting it to see what it tastes like. Boy, was I wrong.

Gronk and his fellow Super Bowl champion teammates were set to throw out the first pitch at the Red Sox game. Since none of them had thrown a baseball in some time, and understandably so, they decided to get some warm up tosses in. With the Lombardi Trophy on hand, some players decided to pretend to use it for some practice swings. Jokingly, of course. No one would really try to use it as a bat right? WRONG.

Gronk gets his turn to hold the trophy and creates a batter’s box for himself. No one really thought he was going to swing it, but when he squares to bunt, a hush falls over the crowd. A loud “tink” breaks the silence. AND…

The Patriots even made a short documentary about it:

So who is to blame here? Personally, I think it is anyone, but Gronk. His teammates had to know that he would eventually do something stupid with the trophy. This is his third Lombardi trophy after all. The Pats were on borrowed time since his first. I think the person who gave him the trophy and the person who threw the pitch are equally culpable.

The Chiefs’ Rule Change Proposal Proves They Are Still Upset about the AFC Championship

After the Patriots beat the Chiefs in overtime to win the AFC Championship and punch their ticket to the Super Bowl, Kansas City fans and Patriot haters alike took to Twitter to voice their disgust about the NFL overtime rules. They were livid. “Both teams should get the ball!” “That’s not fair!” “My feelings are more important than how rational this rule actually is!”

If you don’t know, in an NFL overtime period, if the team that first possesses the ball scores a touchdown, the game is over. That is exactly what happened to Chiefs. As it turns out, Twitter was not as mad when the exact same thing happened to the Patriots the year before. Weird, Twitter is usually so consistent about that kind of stuff. The Chiefs even submitted a rule change proposal to be reviewed at the NFL Annual Meeting this past week:

Let’s break down the proposal point by point, shall we?

1. Allow both teams to possess the ball even if the first team scores a touchdown.
This may be the pettiest rule proposal ever. Instead of taking the loss to the chin, the Chiefs want to change the rules of overtime entirely. The worst part is that Chiefs fans will defend them on this.

2. No more overtime for preseason games.
Didn’t know this was an issue, but fine. The games don’t matter anyway.

3. Eliminate the overtime coin toss so that the team that won the first coin toss at the beginning of the game automatically wins it again at the beginning of overtime.
This one really made me laugh. Can you guess who won the coin toss at the beginning of the game? Can you guess who didn’t win the coin toss before overtime and lost?

This is just so ridiculous and I am glad the NFL shot it down. It also amazes me that the Chiefs are blaming the loss on the coin toss and not their god awful defense or Andy Reid’s inability to use timeouts intelligently.

Probably the most advanced “take your ball and go home” move I have ever seen.

Saturday Morning Sports Trivia 2

We’re back for the second Saturday in a row. As always we want to let our Soft 7 readers out there know that we love you all for your minds. Now, it is time to put those minds to the test. Time for the second installment of Saturday Morning Sports Trivia.

  1. On Sunday February 3rd, 2019, the LA Rams took on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl ___? (what number Super Bowl)
  2. Sean McVay and Julian Edelman once played each other in college. What were their respective colleges and what respective positions did they play?
  3. What NBA franchise has the most NBA titles with 17?
  4. Who was the first overall pick in the 2001 NBA draft?
  5. How many career home runs did Hank Aaron hit?
  6. Mariano Rivera was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame as part of the 2019 class with what percentage of the vote?
  7. Two Americans in the 2003 NBA draft were selected in the first round straight out of high school. LeBron James and who else?
  8. In what city is Tottenham Hotspur FC located?
  9. Heisman trophy winner Kyler Murray had the decision of professional football or baseball. What team did he initially sign with in the MLB?
  10. What soccer team has won the most UEFA Champions League titles?

Matching: Match the NFL Team to the amount of Super Bowls they have won.



  1. LIII (53)
  2. Sean McVay- Miami (OH), Wide Receiver, Julian Edelman- Kent State, Quarterback
  3. Boston Celtics
  4. Kwame Brown
  5. 755
  6. 100%
  7. Travis Outlaw
  8. London (North London)
  9. Oakland A’s
  10. Real Madrid

Packers: 4
Steelers: 6
Bengals: 0
Colts: 2
Broncos: 3

Let us know how you did and share to challenge your friends.