The Browns Broke up with Kevin Zeitler… ON HIS BIRTHDAY

In the dating world, there are a couple of rules when it comes to breakups. One of the most important is that you never break up with someone on their birthday. I like to think that this one also applies to professional relationships as well. The Cleveland Browns, however, are not so fond of the connection I am trying to make.

Earlier today, the Browns agreed to trade OG Kevin Zeitler and a later fourth-round pick to the Giants in exchange for OL/DE Olivier Vernon and an earlier fourth-round pick. On Zeitler’s birthday no less. But not only did the Brown’s trade him on his birthday, they also wished him a happy birthday just a few hours earlier…

Jimmy Haslem gave him a one-way trip to New York. How thoughtful. They really could not have waited one more day? This just seems a little brutal to me. Unless, he wanted out of Cleveland (who doesn’t?) and this was the best present he could have ever asked for.

Now, from someone who is not going to trade you, Happy Birthday, Kevin. Hope ya have a great day searching for apartments.