Westbrook and Lillard Scuffle As Paul George Proves His Shoulder Is Fine

Paul George, AKA Playoff P, has been struggling with a shoulder injury for the better part of the month. Judging from his 4/15 3PT shooting performance in game 1 of this year’s Western Conference First Round, it was not getting any better. Even Dr. Tracy McGrady M.D. (made-up doctorate) thought he had a torn labrum. Game 2 has seen a completely different Playoff P though. Watch:

Maybe a little discomfort, but George is showing no signs of stopping.

So disrespectful on so many levels. Throws Harkless to the ground as he drains the step back, then the OKC bench encourages him to get up. Ruthless. But it’s a Western Conference Playoff game, of course, it is going to get chippy. It finally came to a head right before halftime.

Russell Westbrook and Damian Lillard, the two best players in this matchup, have been tasked with guarding each other. Two big egos going after each other every play was surely going to spark some type of temper flair.

This honestly makes me wonder if these guys know there are cameras on them at all times. You can’t just continually push somebody after the whistle and expect nothing back. And on top of that, you can’t be so obvious with your flops with the officials right in front of you. Russ threw himself to the ground like a 3 year old having a tantrum. Luckily for them, no fouls were call due to the scuffle.

Steven Adams’ Butt Screen Is the Best Thing Since the Butt Fumble

We all remember where we were for the butt fumble. Thanksgiving 2012 was just an ordinary holiday. I was hiding from my family watching football when Mark Sanchez tried to hand off to no one, then ran into his own lineman’s butt resulting in an scoop-n-score for the Patriots. Uncles and cousins popped out of the woodwork asking if I had just seen what happened. Really brought us together.

No matter how old we get, butts will always be funny. Especially, when they are used in sports. Yesterday, Steven Adams gave us another play that yet again reinstated the athletic dignity of the butt with this screen.

Of course, that brick wall of a man does not even register that someone ran into him.

In terms of butt related sports plays, nothing will ever beat the butt fumble, but I would rank the Steven Adams butt screen just above when Khalil Mack butt sacked Aaron Rodgers.

Russ Westbrook Says He Needs Protection From a Fan

Late last night, when the Thunder went up against the Nuggets, Russell Westbrook was assaulted by a fan. He has been advocating since the incident for more strict restrictions on fans, saying that he is helpless since “what is he gonna do, jump in [the stands].”

This is all well and good if it wasn’t for the fact that the fan that “assaulted” Russ was…well, like 12 years old. Yes, Russ is mad that a 12 year old stood up and touched his shoulder during a game. Of course, I agree in the sense that there needs to be more protection from fans on the player side since this opens a big hole in the NBA’s stance.


Normally, a fan will receive a lifetime ban. But, this 12 year old fan will not receive a lifetime ban. However, it is becoming more and more apparent with fan’s actions this year that players are not safe at all. Multiple fans are taking actions (like the infamous fat, old white dude wearing Donovan Mitchell’s jersey at the Jazz game) that are proving as distracting and interfering with the game. I do not know if the refs are in charge of this, but this is becoming a tantamount issue. The NBA should address this issue quickly, just as quickly as the “unrelated timing” of the draft age change and Zion’s injury.