Tyler Herro Already at the Forefront of NBA Trade Rumors

Tyler Herro has been absolutely scorching the NBA Summer League after being taken 13th overall by the Miami Heat. He is averaging 19.3 PPG, 5.0 RPG, 3.3 APG and 27.8 minutes leading the Heat to a 5-0 Summer League start.

Herro’s tireless scoring and defensive motor has made him a hot commodity. And now being one of the last lottery picks having yet to sign a contract has made him the target of potential trades. According to 247Sports’ The Cats Pause, Oklahoma City is expected to make a play for him. After Paul George left for the Clippers to team up with Kawhi, Russell Westbrook has once again been left alone in OKC. Russ may even be on his way out with the Heat as one of the leaders to land him via sign and trade deal.


“A team like Miami who doesn’t have salary cap space, if they’re going to improve themselves, they’re going to have to do what they did at the beginning of free agency, a sign and trade. Miami’s a team that continues to try and add talent. They really wanted DeMarcus Cousins but I think the Heat are a team to watch,” Wojnarowski said. “Russell Westbrook at 30-years-old is still a high-level player but it is a lot of money and he’s going to take up a great part of your salary cap so it’ll be interesting to see how that market develops and where the pockets of interest are for him.”

Having wanted Tyler Herro since before the Draft, he will be included in any deal that sends Westbrook to Miami. Also, since he hasn’t signed a contract yet, he will not be subject to the 30 day waiting period.

If Herro does end up in Oklahoma City, this would give them 5 former Wildcats. They really are becoming the new Phoenix in terms of collecting Calipari’s finest.

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Blake to OKC?

Some rumors have begun circling that the Pistons have painted themselves as a salary dump place, putting all of their players (besides Luke Kennard) on the block. The biggest target has been Blake Griffin, with multiple teams reaching out with offers. Chief among them? Oklahoma City.

The team is a defense first team where Russell Westbrook is the second option on offense. Lack of shooting on the perimeter and a decent third scoring option in Jerami Grant has shown that the team can’t go far in the playoffs, even with Paul George putting up MVP and DPotY stats. OKC needs a third star that can operate without the ball. I had heard they’d make a run at Brad Beal, but apparently the market was turning too rich for them to seriously consider mortgaging out their future for him. Blake on the other hand? Definitely in their wheelhouse.

The Pistons lack any depth on the wing, and the Thunder have an abundance of depth on the wing. It’s a trade of convenience, but one that could help the Thunder out tremendously. If the trade were to happen, I think it may be composed like this…

Thunder Receive: PF/C Blake Griffin, PF Jon Leuer, PG/SG Langston Galloway

Pistons Receive: C Steven Adams, PG Dennis Schroeder, SG/SF Andre Roberson + 21st pick in 2019 draft + 2 lightly protected, future first round draft picks

Even with me composing this on a phone while tanning on the beach, this trade makes complete sense. The money works out, as does the player count. I do not think the Pistons would turn down the chance to snag a good defensive wing and three picks, just like I don’t think the Thunder will turn down the opportunity to snag another All-Star. Sure, the trade could not require Steven Adams. It would be a bit more complicated, but the picks would still remain the same. Without Adams included, it would look like this…

Thunder Receive: PF/C Blake Griffin, SG Svi Mykhailiuk, SF Glenn Robinson

Pistons Receive: PG Dennis Schroeder, SG/SF Andre Roberson, PF Patrick Patterson, SG Hamidou Diallo + 21st pick in 2019 draft + two lightly protected, future first round draft picks

This trade I don’t see the Thunder being able to make, even though the Thunder would be amazing if they do. Tacking on the $5.5 mil exception of Alex Abrines would make the money work, and the Westbrook-Grant-George-Griffin-Adams lineup would wreck many teams. It gives the Pistons a lot of young pieces and picks to build with, and frees a lot of their cap up for the future.

Both packages would be nice for the Thunder and Pistons, and I would be hard pressed to try and beat this if I was a different team.

Seth Curry with the Wild Disrespect to the OKC Bench

Damian Lillard had a truly magically close out performance against the Thunder. 50 points, 7 boards, 6 assists. The only thing a coach can say to his team at that point is to give him the ball and get out of his way. And that is exactly what they did for the last play of the game. One shot. Damian Lillard be guarded Paul George. 40 feet away from the basket, back where it all started.

Watch the play again and keep an eye on the back corner by OKC’s bench. That is where Seth Curry was telling the OKC bench that Dame was sending them home. He just did what Larry Bird and Michael Jordan used to do before big shots, but for somebody else. Which, in a way, is almost more impressive. The stare down after is just wildly disrespectful. Now, the Thunder have plenty of time to be butthurt about it as they fail to make the second round for the third straight year.

It was “a bad shot” from Lillard according to Paul George, but when he has proven that he can make that shot multiple times and already has 47 points, maybe Playoff P should have gotten a hand in his face sooner. Lucky for Seth, Dame is money from 40 feet and closer.

Westbrook and Lillard Scuffle As Paul George Proves His Shoulder Is Fine

Paul George, AKA Playoff P, has been struggling with a shoulder injury for the better part of the month. Judging from his 4/15 3PT shooting performance in game 1 of this year’s Western Conference First Round, it was not getting any better. Even Dr. Tracy McGrady M.D. (made-up doctorate) thought he had a torn labrum. Game 2 has seen a completely different Playoff P though. Watch:

Maybe a little discomfort, but George is showing no signs of stopping.

So disrespectful on so many levels. Throws Harkless to the ground as he drains the step back, then the OKC bench encourages him to get up. Ruthless. But it’s a Western Conference Playoff game, of course, it is going to get chippy. It finally came to a head right before halftime.

Russell Westbrook and Damian Lillard, the two best players in this matchup, have been tasked with guarding each other. Two big egos going after each other every play was surely going to spark some type of temper flair.

This honestly makes me wonder if these guys know there are cameras on them at all times. You can’t just continually push somebody after the whistle and expect nothing back. And on top of that, you can’t be so obvious with your flops with the officials right in front of you. Russ threw himself to the ground like a 3 year old having a tantrum. Luckily for them, no fouls were call due to the scuffle.

Steven Adams’ Butt Screen Is the Best Thing Since the Butt Fumble

We all remember where we were for the butt fumble. Thanksgiving 2012 was just an ordinary holiday. I was hiding from my family watching football when Mark Sanchez tried to hand off to no one, then ran into his own lineman’s butt resulting in an scoop-n-score for the Patriots. Uncles and cousins popped out of the woodwork asking if I had just seen what happened. Really brought us together.

No matter how old we get, butts will always be funny. Especially, when they are used in sports. Yesterday, Steven Adams gave us another play that yet again reinstated the athletic dignity of the butt with this screen.

Of course, that brick wall of a man does not even register that someone ran into him.

In terms of butt related sports plays, nothing will ever beat the butt fumble, but I would rank the Steven Adams butt screen just above when Khalil Mack butt sacked Aaron Rodgers.