Khris Davis’ 4 Home Runs in 24 Hours Is Making Chris Davis Look Like a Scrub

Two games, two home runs each. Khris Davis, Oakland’s true KD (S/o Redd Talk Podcast), has hit four home runs in just under 24 hours. Watch his last solo shot to left:

And against the Orioles no less. Hitting a home run against the Orioles is in no way the important part. The important part is that Khris Davis’ name-sharing counterpart was on the bench watching all 4 home runs while he extended his hitless streak to 50.

While Khris Davis is showing everyone that he should be considered a top 10 player in the MLB, Chris Davis is showing the Orioles Accounting staff that they should consider writing off his $161 million contract as a sunk cost.

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Keep in mind, Chris Davis was once one of the best players in the MLB. He was even a finalist for AL MVP in 2013 when he led the league in both home runs and RBI’s. He looked he was on his way to being a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Now, with a 50+ at bat hitless streak dating back to last season, he is starting to look more like the guys who TLC wrote the song “No Scrubs” about.

I usually don’t take falls from grace very lightly, but if some guy named Kevon Durant came into the NBA and started winning titles without the help of 4 all-stars while Kevin Durant shot 0/400 from 3 point range, I would find that absolutely hilarious. I try to be consistent.

I hope whatever is going on with Chris Davis ends soon. Since it dates all the way back to last season, it feels a lot less like a slump and more like there is something deeper going on. The last thing sports needs is another Markelle Fultz situation where something as serious as T.O.S. goes undiagnosed. On the other hand, I also hope the Khris Davis keeps doing what he is doing. Baseball is more fun when the American League is stacked, unpredictable and borderline watchable.

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Kyler Murray Deciding Between Football and Baseball

Oklahoma Quarterback and Heisman hopeful, Kyler Murray, will be faced with the decision of a lifetime at the end of this season. Will he continue playing football and possibly enter the 2019 NFL Draft OR will he go a completely different route and play professional baseball? 

For those of you who don’t know, Kyler Murray is in a similar situation to what Russell Wilson experienced at the end of his college career. Not only is Murray an incredible football player, he is also a top prospect in baseball. In fact, he was selected 9th overall by the Oakland Athletics earlier this year. 

Murray’s football career has been great, especially this season. At Oklahoma, he has thrown for 4,053 yards and 40 TD’s this season (5,098 and 48 total). These stats put him firmly in the Heisman race and some analysts are even saying that he is the favorite to win. With those kind of stats, coming from the same system as Baker Mayfield and leading his Sooners to the College Football Playoff should make his a pretty high draft pick, right? Actually, no. Despite being one of the best dual-threat Quarterbacks in college right now, Murray is only 5’10”. Short Quarterbacks, with the obvious exception of GOAT of all time Drew Brees, typically don’t last too long in the NFL. 

While Murray thinks that he can overcome this, he knows that baseball is the far more viable option. When asked about his future in baseball, Murray said, “as of now, that’s the plan.” Being the ninth overall pick came with its perks. He agreed to a deal with the A’s that included a $4.66 million signing bonus. To me, this is the best plan. Playing baseball over football for just about anyone means a lot more money, a longer career, and significantly lower risk of injury. Can’t beat that. But, at the end of the day, it comes down to what you love. Obviously, Kyler Murray still loves football. That’s why he played this season and why he is finishing the season after his mind has been made.

Unlike his teammates and opponents in the College Football Playoff, he already has his plan and money locked down. But don’t think for a second that that is going to stop him from trying to score 100 on Alabama on December 29th.