Enes Kanter Cannot Physically Stop Himself from Taking Shots at NBA Teams

The NBA is the pettiest professional sports league in the United States. No one is going to argue about that. Enes Kanter is one of the main reasons for that case being so strong. Every time something goes his way, such as a Playoff series he really didn’t do anything in, his Twitter fingers turn to trigger fingers and he takes his shot. This time, the victim is the Denver Nuggets.

Kick them while they are down. This man just loves trolling entire states. Just three months ago, he was making sure that he would never be welcomed back in the state of New York.

He simply cannot physically restain himself from making enemies on Twitter. Kanter is just classic twitter troll. The reactions keep him going and fuel his fire. No response can ever make him change; he just sits back and watches the world burn. Maybe he should keep his battles to just NBA teams though. He has been known to chirp the president of Turkey from time to time, in the name of democracy which is admirable, but the backlash kept him from playing the NBA London game earlier this year.