ACC Tournament Second Round Evening Game Predictions

Notre Dame vs. Louisville

When: 7:00 p.m. ET ESPN 2

Spread: Louisville -7.5

Over/Under: 135

This will be the second meeting of the year for these two teams and the last time they met at Louisville, the Cards won handedly 75-61. In that game Louisville shot 68% and completely out rebounded the Irish. The difference in this game will be if Notre Dame can limit Louisville at the free throw line and the amount of shots made. They will have to stop Jordan Nwora from taking over as well. I don’t think that they will be able to do that since they don’t have much of a defense. Louisville’s defense will really limit the amount of made shots by Notre Dame which will make things an uphill battle for them. The only real shot Notre Dame has is if they can force Louisville to turn the ball over, and when they have the ball they need make their shots. That’s not super realistic though, seeing as Notre Dame is not as strong as they had been in the past.

That being said, this game won’t even be close. Louisville is just the better team, and although they have lost a lot of games in the past month and a half, I think they are a better team because of it. They have been playing good basketball but just can’t find ways to close out games, and against a weak Notre Dame team, I don’t think that will be an issue.

Prediction: Louisville 76 – 64 Notre Dame



Louisville-Notre-dame (1).jpg

Pittsburgh vs. Syracuse

When: 9:00 p.m. ET ESPN 2

Spread: Syracuse -7.5

Over/Under: 131.5

Pittsburgh had an really rough stretch in the end of the year. They lost 13 in a row. In that stretch they lost both of their games to Syracuse with scores of 74-63, and 65-56. On the other side, Syracuse had their fair share of quality wins this season. They beat both Duke and Louisville, but they didn’t have anything else that special this season. What Syracuse is going to do is probably block Pitt a lot. Syracuse is one of the best shot blocking teams in the country, and probably can do some damage against Pitt who gets their shot blocked almost more than any other team in the country. Syracuse also does a great job of stealing the ball. This is a suffocating team, but their offense isn’t really anything to write home about. They are a terrible three point shooting team and are not that good down low either.

Pitt’s best shot is causing Syracuse to take bad shots, and they probably will. They are a competent team. However, they are also one of the youngest teams in college basketball. I don’t think Pitt can get this one done; however, they will be able to keep it close. It will be a tough ACC battle in tournament time that will ultimately result in a Syracuse victory.

Prediction: Syracuse 68 – 63 Pittsburgh



-Parmesan Don


Brandon Wimbush Grad Transfers to UCF: Finally Has a Chance at National Title

With uncertainty in McKenzie Milton’s future, UCF has secured a major grad transfer next season in Brandon Wimbush. Wimbush started every game for Notre Dame in 2017 (UCF’s National Title season) and three games this past season before being replaced by Ian Book.

I am so happy for Wimbush for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, he is a great player and I am glad he finally gets to have a real shot at the National Championship. We all know he wasn’t getting one at the last place he played.

Next, Wimbush actually gets to play for a team that has some good history. In the last 30 years, UCF has won 1 National Title* and Notre Dame has 0. He will finally get some respect on his name. When Wimbush goes 12-0 next year, actually beating more than one ranked team on the way, he will get to play for a conference championship.

If I were UCF, I would still be holding out hope for the return of McKenzie Milton or a breakout season for Darriel Mack Jr. After all, Wimbush did get outplayed by Ian Book… BUT he does have Milton’s support. In a recent baller as always statement from Milton to Wimbush, he said, “Let’s ride, bra!”

Notre Dame: Worst Big Stage Team in Recent History

In a wildly shocking turn of events, America was right. Notre Dame is not as good as that one good win versus Michigan led some to believe. The Fighting Irish (problematic?) have once again failed miserably on the biggest stage of their season, losing to Clemson 30-3. Defense wins championships, I guess.

Don’t come at me with all the national championships they have. They haven’t won a title since 1988, ya know, back when people could understand what Lou Holtz was saying. This was nothing out of the ordinary either. Notre Dame has lost their last SIX New Year’s 6 or BCS bowl games dating back to 2001. Just can’t win on a big stage. Don’t believe me?

2001: Fiesta Bowl vs. Oregon State- 41-9 Beavers
2006: Fiesta Bowl vs. Ohio State- 34-20 Buckeyes (Brady Quinn’s sister split jersey game)
2007: Sugar Bowl vs. LSU- 41-14 Tigers
2013: BCS Championship vs. Alabama- 42-14 Crimson Tide (Manti T’eo fake dead girlfriend game)
2016: Fiesta Bowl vs. Ohio State- 44-28 Buckeyes
2018: Cotton Bowl vs. Clemson- 30-3 Tigers

Hard to believe people still consider them an elite program. Notre Dame likes to pride themselves on their defense, but it completely disappears when called upon. It may be the best in the nation all season when they are beating up on the bottom half of the ACC, but one of the worst when they have to play real competition.

ESPN, in true ESPN fashion, loves to tell us how good Notre Dame is. More than anything, they want to tell us how good Ian Book is. If they were going to win the championship, they would have needed the help of another book, the Bible, to get past Clemson and God to beat Bama.

Also, is Fighting Irish as a nickname offensive? As an American of mostly Irish descent, I don’t think so, but to the one person from Ireland that reads our articles (big S/O to you), let us know in the comments.

CFP Rankings 11/26/18

Week 13 of College Football brought a major shake up to the top 10. Don’t worry, I am sure the College Football Playoff Selection Committee will waste no time letting their biases get the best of them and getting the whole thing wrong. Rest assured, ya boy is here to set the record straight.

  1. Alabama (12-0)- Duh.
  2. Notre Dame (12-0)- The Irish gave us a scare this past weekend versus USC. Going into halftime down 3 placed Notre Dame’s ass firmly in the jackpot. Just like the Bible, another Book helped lead them to victory. Great comeback to finish the season undefeated. 
  3. Clemson (12-0)- Wow! The Tigers put up 56 points against an unranked, barely bowl-eligible team! Unreal. How do they do it? Clemson’s schedule is such a joke this year. Keep in mind they gave up 510 yards and 5 touchdowns to Jake Bentley. A guy who is such a cheap knockoff of what a quarterback is supposed to be, I call him Jake Kia.
  4. UCF (11-0)- Gotta let them in. Now is your chance, CFP Selection Committee. Make an example out of them! They won’t do it though. Knowing the committee, they will use McKenzie Milton’s knee explosion injury as a reason not to put them in the top 4. Ya know, the same reason they kept out Ohio State when they were on their third stringer in 2015.
  5. Georgia (11-1)- Not too impressive of a win against Georgia Tech, but they got the job done. Good win.
  6. Ohio State (11-1)- Made a hell of a case for themselves this past weekend. The Buckeyes put an end to Michigan’s “Revenge Tour” by hanging a 60 burger on them. They won 62-39. What a performance by Dwayne Haskins too. 396 yards and 6 touchdowns against Michigan should put him on anyone’s Heisman Watch. I’d love to see him throw for 800 and 8 on Clemson.
  7. Oklahoma (11-1)- Another week, another game the Sooners refuse to play defense. They gave up 56 points to West Virginia and still won. Luckily for them, they are one of the worst teams to get into a shootout with.
  8. Michigan (10-2)- Brutal loss to Ohio State. This was an absolute killer to their season and they will need all of the help to get into the playoff now. There is still hope, Wolverine fans. Just kidding, your dreams are dead.
  9. Washington State (10-2)- Their loss last Friday to Washington does not seem so bad in comparison to others. Either way, my dreams of a Mike Leach championship are over. As are Mike Leach’s. 
  10. Texas (9-3)- Say what you will, but they are the best 3-loss team. A good season with good wins will get you some good rewards. You can catch the Longhorns next at the Big 12 Championship. And guess what? They are playing a team they already beat in the Oklahoma Sooners. 

Wic Picks: Week 13

Every week, without you all asking, I send each and every one of you Wic Picks. Kinda like what Brett Favre likes to send to women, but this won’t get me sued for harassment.
Some ranked match ups that we saw last night were West Virginia vs. Oklahoma and Washington vs. Washington State. In the first matchup we saw absolutely no defense, as per usual in the Big 12, and the Sooners take a 59-56 win. Their hopes for the Playoff are still alive, but not really. In the second game, Washington upset Washington State, 28-15. This not only destroyed my dreams of a Mike Leach championship, but also Mike Leach’s dreams of a Mike Leach championship.

#15 Kentucky @ Louisville: UK -16.5
I could not tell you the last time I remember Kentucky being favored over Louisville in football. If we have, I don’t think it was this high. With this year’s Louisville team though, it makes sense. Benny Snell is 206 yards away from the all-time rushing record at UK and I think he gets it today. Louisville’s rush defense sucks. I am genuinely surprised that Defensive Coordinator Brian VanGorder survived that coach purge, because he is the root of all defensive problems. Kentucky rolls on the road at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.
UK: 38 UL: 24

#4 Michigan @ #10 Ohio State: MICH -4.5
Michigan may lead the all-time series, but since 2000, it has been all Buckeyes. Winning 15 of the last 18, Ohio State effectively owns the state of Michigan. But here is why this year is different: Jim Harbaugh is on a revenge tour. He lost to Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan State, and Ohio State last year. This year, he has beaten all of them except for OSU. In the best rivalry game in college football, expect the unexpected. A Michigan win in the Shoe is definitely unexpected.
MICH: 34 OSU: 31

Georgia Tech @ #5 Georgia: UGA -16.0
In order to beat Georgia, you have to be able to throw the ball. LSU did that very well and came out on top. Kentucky couldn’t and got smacked up and down the field for 3 hours. Georgia Tech in no way has the ability to throw the ball. This could be a long game.
UGA: 49 GT: 14

#11 Florida @ Florida State: FLA -8.0
Definitely did not expect the spread to be that small. If I wasn’t so afraid of losing money, I would bet on Florida. Florida State has a serious problem with pass defense. Even Louisville QB Jawon Pass had a good game against them. If there is one thing Florida QB Feleipe Franks can do well, it’s lose to Kentucky, but he is also decent at throwing. Expect a gentleman’s blowout.
UF: 38 FSU: 13

Auburn @ #1 Alabama: BAMA -24.5
Some years, this is the best rivalry in the nation. This year it is not, because Auburn sucks. I like to say that anything can happen in a rivalry game and this is especially true in the Iron Bowl, but the Tigers are some hot garbage. Tua throws for 5 more touchdowns and Hurts plays the entire fourth quarter.
BAMA: 45 AUB: 21

South Carolina @ #2 Clemson: CLEM -26.0
Let’s see if Clemson can beat a middle-low tier SEC school. I don’t think so because I hate them.
SCAR: 33 CLEM: 28

#7 LSU @ #22 Texas A&M: TAMU -3.5
Vegas is putting LSU on upset alert this weekend. Even ESPN is giving the Aggies a 60% chance to win. Did someone get hurt for LSU? Is Coach O just not going to be there? I am having a tough time wrapping my head around why people think LSU is going to lose. The team that beat Georgia can’t beat the team that lost to Auburn and Mississippi State? Okay. LSU rolls.
LSU: 35 TAMU: 17

#3 Notre Dame @ USC: ND -11.5
I like to choose against Notre Dame in almost every game that matters for one simple reason. The Irish choke every single year. Tell me I’m wrong. HOWEVVA *Stephen A. Smith voice* Notre Dame will win this one. I’ll admit that they are pretty good now. That win over Syracuse was impressive enough. But not only is ND good, USC is kinda bad. I know Clay Helton is a good coach, but he just isn’t good for USC. Ian Book is going to be able to do whatever he wants all day long.
ND: 40 USC: 24

CFP Rankings: 11/19/18

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee has not gotten any less corrupt since last week. Thankfully, nobody here at Soft 7 Sports actively works for a program that is currently in contention to make the playoff. I understand no one is completely unbiased. But, at least we don’t have a huge bonus and our jobs relying on the antics we pull. Consistency and maybe a laugh or two are my only goals.

CFP Rankings 11/19/18

  1. Alabama (11-0)- Duh.
  2. Notre Dame (11-0)- Still nowhere near Alabama. They are only ranked second because somebody technically has to be. The Fighting Irish actually impressed me on Saturday with a 36-3 win over #12 Syracuse.
  3. Clemson (11-0)- Unlike ND, Clemson still has yet to impress me. Great job beating powerhouse Duke last week! You all definitely deserved to be at the top of College Football Playoff discussions with all the juggernauts you play! But, the Tigers are undefeated so here is your top 4 ranking.
  4. UCF (10-0)- We’re all going to respect them now right? No, just me? Okay. We said they couldn’t beat a ranked team and then UCF not only beat, but destroyed a top 25 Cincinnati team, 38-13. Consistency, y’all.
  5. Michigan (10-1)- Struggled early this past weekend. If I know one thing, it is that Harbaugh has a tough time playing from behind against top tier opponents. Good job coming back against the Indiana Hoosiers. If only Michigan was undefeated.
  6. Washington State (10-1)- Put up 69 points on Kevin Sumlin and the Arizona Wildcats. Gardner Mustache threw for 473 yards and 7 TD’s. He can do literally whatever he wants against any Pac-12 opponent, except USC apparently.
  7. Georgia (10-1)- Throw some B.S. at us at the end of the season, you’re going to get some B.S. thrown right back you. They played UMass last week and wonder why they aren’t being taken that seriously. I hate how the SEC does this at the end of every season. I am surprised that it hasn’t come back to bite anyone yet. 
  8. LSU (9-2)- Would have dropped for the same reason as Georgia, but as it turns out, Oklahoma and Ohio State suck. I can’t justify it.
  9. Oklahoma (10-1)- The Sooners gave up 40 points to Kansas. KANSAS. They didn’t even have Les Miles yet. I feel like giving up 40 points to Kansas should get you blackballed from the CFP for at least 5 years. I don’t care if it was garbage time, you should be ashamed. 
  10. Ohio State (10-1)- I watched their last game at a Rooster’s (fine establishment) around a couple of OSU fans. I have never wanted to kill myself more over football. These people were jumping up and down, high fiving, and screaming in a family restaurant. Why? Because they just won in overtime after giving up 51 POINTS to an unranked, not bowl-eligible Maryland team. They may call it the best fan base; I call it the largest group of assholes who feel no shame outside Gillette Stadium.

I Hate Notre Dame Football

Folks, I hate Notre Dame.  Their stupid fans told my girlfriend this previous weekend that “Who’s worried about Bama? It’s gonna be us and Michigan.” Did Nick Saban die? Did Tua pull a Le’veon Bell?  There is only a few ways Bama does not win the National Championship: if Tua and Saban both don’t show up,  Jim Harbaugh actually learned how to coach, and Jesus Christ himself plays QB for Notre Dame. The best team Notre Dame has played all year is Michigan. The next closest? Northwestern or Syracuse? what? Your student sections throws marshmallows. Huh? You have not been relevant since Te’o had a dead girlfriend, who wasn’t even real, and got blown out by Bama 42-14.  Before that? Brady Quinn’s sister couldn’t even support her own brother, she had to wear half an Ohio State jersey.

Growing up, I had so much respect for Notre Dame.  Their football team was top 5 all time, might still be. They think they are too good or too old fashioned to be in a conference, but their last Championship was in 1988.  At that point, Saban was coaching the Houston Oilers (they aren’t even a team anymore).   They won’t join a football conference because money, plain and simple.  They get 15 million a year by NBC for them to televise their football games. You’d think as Catholics they’d be more concerned about following the rules than accepting a payment on the side.

Here are a few more reasons to hate Notre Dame.  You cannot watch porn on their campus, the school Wifi blocks it.  The damn leprechaun.  They think they are intellectually superior to every team they play, but they aren’t even ranked top 20 academically.  They have an excuse for everything (i.e. the Bush Push). Every time they play a top team it is referenced as “the game of the century” for them.  They think every team is their rival, even though they aren’t (USC). They’ll remind you that Catholics vs Convicts happened.  They are 5-10 in their last 15 bowl games, sounds like an elite competitor, right? To put that in perspective, Kentucky is 7-8 in their last 15 and they still look better than Notre Dame.  Oh, and Rudy was fake.  He was offsides, they were up 24-3, no one was chanting his name, no one threw their jerseys in, and he was carried off “as a joke.” (comes directly from Joe Montana himself).

The fact that students and fans of Notre Dame believe they will win the Championship is outrageous.  Michigan would beat them if they played again simply because Shea Patterson is a completely different factor now.  Every week Michigan plays, they are 100% playing a team better than Notre Dame is.  Notre Dame stands a zero percent chance of beating Bama, unless Tua, Jalen, Mac, and their whole defense is hurt, oh and Saban would have had to die.  Notre Dame is so confident that they’ll win it all, but I don’t even think they’ll come close against Clemson.