Tennessee Lets Down the Entire SEC Yet Again

Tennessee is the single most disappointing team in the Southeastern Conference. This past year in basketball, Tennessee won the SEC regular season and entered the NCAA Tournament as a 2 seed. Literally never had the possibility of playing a higher ranked team until at least the Elite 8 and still lost in the Sweet 16. The best team in the SEC and the best team Tennessee ever had could handle any kind of pressure. Leaving the SEC’s chances of a title in the hands of Auburn.

Just a month later they let us all down again. This time, at the NFL Draft.

For the 13th straight year, the SEC had the most selections in the draft. All but one school had a player selected. So who dropped the ball? Kentucky? Usually yes, but not this time. Vanderbilt? Nope. Tennessee once again disappointed the entire conference by not having a single player drafted.

But what did we expect? Tennessee finished last in the SEC East and have been having a serious fall from grace ever since they let a wide receiver from Kentucky out quarterback Tyler Bray.

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Saturday Morning Sports Trivia: NFL Draft

After being reminded that this is the greatest day of these kids young lives for 6 hours over the past two days, it is only fair to make it this week’s trivia. The NFL Draft is a great thing. Letting the terrible teams keep making terrible choices and let them wonder why they are a bottom tier franchise. Meltdowns from fans and entire cities begging owners to sell the team are only half the fun. Let’s get into it with 10 questions. Be sure the share to challenge your friends and like and follow us on Twitter @soft7sports.


  1. Out of the 70 NFL Drafts, how many number 1 overall picks have been inducted in the Hall of Fame?
  2. Who is the only team that has made 4 first round draft picks?
  3. Who is the only Kentucky player to be taken first overall?
  4. Who was the last SEC player to be taken first overall?
  5. What player drafted in 2018, famously had a video of himself smoking through a gas mask leak before the draft?
  6. What player drafted in 2018, has conversations between him and his former college coach discussing payments to his mother leak before the draft?
  7. What two teams are tied for having the most first overall selections? *hint, the Browns are not one of them.
  8. Who did the New York Giants select in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft that caused a meltdown among fans?
  9. What city has hosted the NFL Draft the most?
  10. What venue in said city has hosted the NFL Draft the most?
Crazy to think this guy ended up being the GOAT.


  1. 15
  2. New York Jets
  3. Tim Couch (1999)
  4. Myles Garrett- TAMU
  5. Leremy Tunsil
  6. Also Leremy Tunsil
  7. Colts and Rams with 7
  8. Daniel Jones- Duke
  9. New York City (57)
  10. Madison Square Garden (10)

Watch Giants Fans Have Meltdowns About Drafting Daniel Jones

With the sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New York Football Giants selected Dwayne Haskins, Quarterback, Ohio State. Just kidding. That would have been the logical thing to do. But we don’t live in a world where Dave Gettleman uses logic or reason to make picks. Instead, the Giants would rather take a quarterback that looks like an actor that was cast to play Eli Manning in a movie about Peyton Manning.

The Giants ended up taking Daniel Jones out of Duke with their first round pick. Giants fans were not happy about it to say the least. But surely, New York fans are handling their disappointment extremely well and doing rational things to deal with not getting their way, right??

Nope. Here are the best reactions and utter meltdowns to the Giants taking Daniel Jones over Dwayne Haskins.

Sliding down the wall after being hit with the disappointment of the offseason is the ultimate sign of a broken man.

Don’t feel so bad. The Knicks booed for Porzingas too.

When daddy doesn’t let you borrow the yacht.

What are these obvious Patriots fans so mad about? Peep the flags in the background.

Bachelorette Parties Ruined by NFL Draft in Nashville

This is a personal favorite headline from NFL Draft weekend. Every weekend dozens of brides-to-be head to Nashville, Tennessee, for one last hoorah before marrying their betrothed. Little did they know, their night of eating gummy penises and drinking from dick straws would be cut short by the people of Buffalo jumping through tables and country bumpkins in cheese hats. The reactions are perfect.

She’s BIG MAD. Turns out being super unoriginal can be detrimental to positive results. Who knew? Every boring bachelorette party ends up in Nashville somehow. Go somewhere where everyone doesn’t already hate you.

Imagine taking one weekend away from your fiance to wear matching annoying shirts, pretend to be important on a thirsty peddler and be a public nuisance only to be out-nuisanced by the biggest public nuisance of all, Philadelphia Eagles fans. Being surrounded by people who take football too seriously is not a break from your future husband at all. It’s just more of the same.

Speaking of the future husband, how did he not warn his bride-to-be about this? When she told him she was going to Nashville the last weekend of April, how did a switch not flip? Maybe they didn’t say anything, because it would be really funny for these women to experience the Fyre Fest. Judging from their attitudes in the video, they probably knew and just ignored it. Either way, their future husbands (or wives, it’s 2019) are walking into a shitstorm come Sunday.

Kyler Murray May Not Be Going #1 Overall to the Cardinals, According to ESPN’s Draft Website

With today marking only 9 days until the NFL Draft, it also marks the 1,000th day of speculation of whether or not Kyler Murray will go number 1 overall. What seemed like a sure thing after Josh Rosen took all Cardinals-related photos off of his Instagram, may not be so certain after all. Kliff Kingsbury has been very high on Murray since taking over as head coach, but the Cardinals’ front office may be having a change of heart.

According to ESPN’s draft site, Arizona has already selected Quinnen Williams.

ESPN has since taken this off of the their site, but it makes you wonder. Does ESPN know something they aren’t telling us? OR was this just an honest mistake?

NFL.com’s Daniel Jeremiah has reported that Arizona’s front office has changing their mind recently. What started as a 90% certainty that they would take Murray has since been reduced to just 60. Normally, teams don’t give up on a quarterback taken in the first round after their rookie season, but when have we ever known the Cardinals to do anything normal?

If I were a Cardinals fan, I would not at all be upset at all about taking Quinnen Williams with the first pick. I would be upset, however, about then having Brett Hundley as the next best option at QB if their relationship with Josh Rosen cannot be patched up.