BREAKING: Darron Lee Traded From Jets to Chiefs

Adam Schefter just dropped a bomb. First move by New York Jets head coach/GM Adam Gase is trade their starting middle linebacker to the Kansas City Chiefs. What for you may ask? After all, this is your starting middle linebacker, must have gotten a good haul.

Nah, they just got a 6th round pick. So, let’s put this into perspective…

Darron Lee last year was one of the stalwarts on a bad defense, being responsible for trying to keep the defense above water. Even though the defense finished as the 26th best in the NFL (aka 7th worst), the above image shows his performance grade. However, the below image will put the grade argument into perspective…

Vic Beasley is one of the better edge rushers in the NFL, and Khalil Mack was up for MVP. Darron Lee, in 2016, was horrible. However, he is now barely below Vic Beasley’s Super Bowl season. He is now on a team that will be making a run for the Super Bowl next year.

Talk about an upgrade.

But I hope you get a starter from that 6th round pick Adam, this is a great start to your dictatorship of the Jets.

Jets New Uniforms… Wack

Jets new uniforms… wack

Their helmets… wack

Their jerseys… wack

Their pants… wack

Sam Darnold… wack

Robby Anderson… wack he’s alright.

Earlier this week, the New York Jets new uniforms were leaked a couple days before their scheduled Thursday release date. What seemed like another terrible April Fools’ Day joke, ended up being the final designs.

I love teams trying new things especially when it comes to uniforms, but these were a huge swing and a miss. To use a football analogy, this was one big butt fumble.

The first thing that came to mind was that the Jets straight up jacked their design from a college team. And it took a little bit of Googling, but I can say conclusively that the New York Jets stole North Texas Football’s jerseys. They didn’t even try to hide to.

Image result for north texas football uniforms
Dave Campbell Texas Football
Image result for north texas football uniforms
Football Scoop

Tell me I am wrong. Normally when a coach can’t succeed in the NFL, they go back to college to run the show. @ Nick Saban. I guess the Jets are doing the same thing to replace their god awful uniforms.