CJ Conrad’s Uncertain Road to the NFL

Despite being one of the highest rated prospects at tight end for the 2019 NFL Draft, CJ Conrad from Kentucky went undrafted. Due to an enlarged pulmonary artery in his heart discovered in his physical examination, Conrad was not even allowed to participate in the NFL Combine.

Several weeks later, a second opinion found the medical issue to not be as significant as once thought and he was declared eligible to play in the NFL. The Giants may not have made the smartest decisions during the draft, but they made one hell of a pick up afterwards, signing Conrad as an undrafted free agent.

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The weeks between the diagnosis and the second opinion had to have been some of the hardest of Conrad’s life. But anyone who knows him will say that his positive attitude carried him though. He was even positive about his future regardless of if included football or not, telling his parents, “No matter what happens, I’m a college graduate, things will work out the way they will and I’ll be successful no matter what happens.” (USA Today). That’s one of the most mature, glass-half-full outlooks you’ll hear from an NFL prospect.

And now that football will most certainly be his future, his attitude is what will keep him there and make coaching staffs fall in love with him. Even missing out on thousands of dollars from being undrafted, Conrad is still optimistic that he will make the Giants 53 man roster.

The road that led CJ Conrad to the NFL had to be one of the most emotional of anyone in his class. One second he was a top TE prospect and the next he was never going play in the NFL. That couple week span between his first and second opinions had to have been emotionally devastating. He probably even thought about applying for a couple coaching jobs. The mental fortitude he needed to stay confident that everything would work out fine shows just how strong of a person he really is.

Good luck on the Giants, CJ. All of BBN is rooting for you.

Watch Giants Fans Have Meltdowns About Drafting Daniel Jones

With the sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New York Football Giants selected Dwayne Haskins, Quarterback, Ohio State. Just kidding. That would have been the logical thing to do. But we don’t live in a world where Dave Gettleman uses logic or reason to make picks. Instead, the Giants would rather take a quarterback that looks like an actor that was cast to play Eli Manning in a movie about Peyton Manning.

The Giants ended up taking Daniel Jones out of Duke with their first round pick. Giants fans were not happy about it to say the least. But surely, New York fans are handling their disappointment extremely well and doing rational things to deal with not getting their way, right??

Nope. Here are the best reactions and utter meltdowns to the Giants taking Daniel Jones over Dwayne Haskins.

Sliding down the wall after being hit with the disappointment of the offseason is the ultimate sign of a broken man.

Don’t feel so bad. The Knicks booed for Porzingas too.

When daddy doesn’t let you borrow the yacht.

What are these obvious Patriots fans so mad about? Peep the flags in the background.

The Browns Broke up with Kevin Zeitler… ON HIS BIRTHDAY

In the dating world, there are a couple of rules when it comes to breakups. One of the most important is that you never break up with someone on their birthday. I like to think that this one also applies to professional relationships as well. The Cleveland Browns, however, are not so fond of the connection I am trying to make.

Earlier today, the Browns agreed to trade OG Kevin Zeitler and a later fourth-round pick to the Giants in exchange for OL/DE Olivier Vernon and an earlier fourth-round pick. On Zeitler’s birthday no less. But not only did the Brown’s trade him on his birthday, they also wished him a happy birthday just a few hours earlier…

Jimmy Haslem gave him a one-way trip to New York. How thoughtful. They really could not have waited one more day? This just seems a little brutal to me. Unless, he wanted out of Cleveland (who doesn’t?) and this was the best present he could have ever asked for.

Now, from someone who is not going to trade you, Happy Birthday, Kevin. Hope ya have a great day searching for apartments.