Anthony Davis Apparently Has No Control over the Clothes He Wears

After the trade deadline disaster between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis checked out mentally and physically. Playing a career low amount of games this season, everyone knew that he would be leaving and exploring other options this offseason.

AD is just plain unhappy in NOLA. It is a generally accepted and understand fact of the NBA this season. As the Pelicans played their last home game of the season on Tuesday, Davis rolled out of the locker room wearing a rather unexpected shirt. Apparently, he did want to make a grand exit from New Orleans. The shirt read: “that’s all folks”.

That’s pretty hilarious, but it obviously upset the masses of NOLA fans that have been supporting him the entirety of his career. He picked the perfect shirt to troll millions of Pelicans fans… or did he? When asked for a comment on the wardrobe choice, Davis had this to say:

That’s strange. NBA Superstar Anthony Davis has no control over his clothes. And all this time, I was under the impression that he was an adult that was capable of dressing himself. I assumed incorrectly. I realize that NBA players have stylists and pay other people to worry about picking out the clothes they wear on any given night, but he didn’t take one look at the “that’s all folks” shirt and think that maybe this is going to make a lot of people who love him mad?

I think he knew exactly what he was doing and I think he wanted to ruffle some unibrows on his way out. Absolutely hilarious and perfect troll job by Anthony Davis. I just wish he would own it and tell everyone just how much he really hated playing in New Orleans this season.

BREAKING: Pelicans GM Dell Demps Fired

…yeah, wow right?

I had been hearing rumors that that the Pels were unhappy with the whole AD no-trade conclusion. I had also been hearing that ownership of the Pels were still on good terms with Demps. What I had heard throughout the organization was that Demps was going to be able to make the trade, and (pending what trade ending up occurring) maybe even make it through the rebuild process.

Boy did that script change in a short time period.

Turns out the Pels ownership hated how the AD no-trade saga went. But the real reason Demps got fired was because DEmps not only let AD play, but that he got hurt. Reports have come out that they were “livid” when he got hurt last night, and they have essentially been debating it since he left the game. Of course, it seems that they made it final today.

It sucks that this is how it went down for Dell. It is a sad thing that the player that requested a trade AND YOU REFUSED TO TRADE got hurt. Also, this now hurts his trade stock, seeing as there is no reason for a team to break its bank to get a hurt player. While AD is AD, and they will get ample return, they won’t be able to get a new starting 5. Coupled with the facts that they are now completely out of playoff contention AND that it is after the trade deadline only sting more.

Dell Demps and the Pels organization are both inept, but this still stings. It sucks that a man in now unemployed and unable to provide for his family, but he did suck. He should have launched a full rebuild, but his own pride refused to let him see the writing on the walls.

As I am sure they may say down in N’Orleans, “Au revoir.”

NOLA GM Dell Demps Hates the Lakers, Acts Like Child

In typical Demps-being-an-idiot fashion, he is refusing to not only return trade calls from other teams, but is not even taking messages/returning the Lakers’ calls.

Obviously he is still butt-hurt that the Lakers “tampered” with Anthony Davis, but he must have been living under a freaking rock for the last year following their playoff loss. You cannot surround one of the best players in the NBA with players like Elfrid Payton and Julius Randle and expect him to still remain happy. You can’t have your best player come out and say “rings mean more to me than money”, and expect him to still sign an extension with you. You can’t give a player like Solomon Hill a 4 year, $50 million dollar contract and expect an All-Star not to be disappointed. What does this culminate to?

Dell Demps is essentially mad that Anthony Davis took a realistic view and approach to a bad, dying team. However, what Dell is doing now can best be described in one word: childish.

Look, I get you are mad. You drafted AD. You made him better, and helped him improve his skill sets and talents. Worst of all, from the Pels perspective, nothing you have done has worked to any avail on making AD want to stay. It is tough to admit when your failures are the reason a player wants to leave. Tie into the fact that it is now public knowledge? Yikes!

Again though, I said PUBLIC knowledge. If we are to believe Jimmy Butler, he requested a trade WAY before he made it public knowledge that he wanted to leave. I bet Anthony Davis, even though he is an upstanding guy and does things “the right way”, made this request in private WELL BEFORE it was made public. After all, most backroom dealings, when made public, are made public because a deal cannot be reached without pressure.

Again though, it makes no sense why Dell is doing this. AD is in the situation where he can (and more than likely will) “be hurt”, and sit out until he gets a trade. On top of this, having AD leave and receive nothing in return only hurts you in the long run. I get not wanting the Lakers pile of crap they are offering. I also get not wanting to deal with the Lakers since you believe (incorrectly) that they corrupted AD into wanting to leave NOLA. However, Dell is not just doing this to the Lakers. He is not taking ANY CALLS on offers for AD.

To me, this is beyond ridiculous. This is beyond illogical, and well past the realm of idiocy. This is childish and detrimental. Refusing to accept reality will not only hurt your team, but your job security as well. If I was a Pels’ fan, I would begin the rumblings of firing Demps. His inadequacy of building a team around AD, and his failure to act on trading him, is only hurting the future of the team. This does not instill faith in Jrue Holiday and the other players that their GM wants them to succeed in the near and far future.

Delaying the inevitable only brings bad results forward, especially if it is your failures that have led you to this circumstance.

Good luck Pels’ nation. This is going to be a rough stretch up ahead.

Lonzo Ball Hates NOLA, Would Rather Stay Warm In Two Different Dumpster Fires

Reports came out that people in Lonzo Ball’s camp (so probably Lavar, let’s be honest) say that he does not wish to go to NOLA in a Anthony Davis trade, and would rather go to a third destination. It recently came out that there is a list, and it is simple: the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks.

I first of all think it is laughable that Lonzo thinks that he can choose his destination in the situation he is in, but that is besides the point. I do not see how the Lakers can convince another team (between those two especially) to get involved in a trade of this caliber. Pels want picks and players, which the Lakers can provide. What the other two teams could and will offer is the same, but they will not be a dumping ground for bad salary. Bulls want a first round pick for everything, and the Knicks have lofty FA aspirations.

I do not know what is being whispered in Lonzo’s ear, but he needs to realize that his opinion means nothing, and he will go where he is sent.

The Brow “Wishes To Fly”…and He Requested a Trade

I woke up a couple days ago to a Woj bomb unlike any other. While I expected it to drop in the near future (if not before the deadline, then in the summer), I did not expect it to happen this far away from not only the All-Star break and trade deadline, but coming off the heels of him announcing that he is injured. While I am sure all teams will take their due diligence and factor in the injury history surrounding AD (which I highly doubt lol), it is time to begin looking at where he will be landing.

I will be doing every team, but not a huge exposition for every single one. For instance, a team like the Hawks or Magic realistically cannot offer an enticing enough package (lol) for the Pels to even look at, but they will be discussed. The Celtics, on the other hand, can’t even offer the Pels a package because of Kyrie’s contract, so they will a smaller note about them. I will be operating under the assumption that they will be making this trade before the trade deadline occurs. While I believe that the Pels will hold out until the summer so the Celts can open their treasure chest, this is the time period where every other team can unleash their “Holy Sh*t” packages (lol) on the Pels and maybe convince them that their package is the best (lol).

DISCLAIMER – I feel that Solomon Hill and Nikola Mirotic are essentially the same player, but that the Pelicans are more willing to move on from Hill over Mirotic. I will change up who is in what trade, but you should view the both of them as the same contract in terms of availability.

But moving on, let’s see what we can come up with…

Atlanta Hawks

Hawks Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), PF/C Cheick Diallo (1 yr/$1.5 mil), SG Ian Clark (1 yr/$1.5 mil), PG/SG Frank Jackson (2 yrs/$1.3 mil per)
Pelicans Receive – SG/SF Kent Bazemore (2 yrs/$18 mil per), SF/PF Tauran Prince (2 yrs/$2.5 mil per), PF/C John Collins (3 yrs/$2.3 mil per), SG Kevin Heurter (4 yrs/$2.25 mil per) + 2 heavily protected first round draft picks

Big trade right? Yeah, exactly what I thought when trying to make the money match and the players match. I highly doubt the Pels take this trade, even though it would give them a plethora of young talent to build around, since it would only raise their floor in the interim. It is a trade I would consider making though, and could use it as a counter argument to teams offering less than expected on a trade. Pels can easily say, “A team is offering us 2 starters, 2 more players that can start for us, and two first round picks. Do better if you want our attention.”

Good though, but I doubt that the Pels agree.

Boston Celtics

Cannot make an offer before the trade deadline. Out of the race currently.

Brooklyn Nets

Nets Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SG/SF Darius Miller (1 yr/$2.2 mil)
Pelicans Receive – SF/PF DeMarre Carroll (1 yr/$15.4 mil), SG/SF Joe Harris (2 yrs/$8.3 mil), PF/C Ed Davis (1 yr/$4.4 mil) + two heavily protected first round draft picks

This is intriguing for me because the Pels can treat this as a salary dump essentially, receive draft compensation, AND get a better SF than anyone on their roster. They will have roughly $20 mil to play with in the FA, and pick up a bunch of depth they desperately need to bolster their team for next season. However, this is a not so rebuild friendly approach, but more of a reload approach. I also wouldn’t take this deal if I was the Pels, and maybe would prefer another good player (like SG Caris Lavert) included in the deal. Maybe you could off-load another minimum player or two to match players.

All in all, wouldn’t take.

Charolette Hornets

Pelicans Receive – PG Kemba Walker (1 yr/$12 mil), SG/SF Jeremy Lamb (1 yr/$7.5 mil), SF/PF Michael Kidd-Gilchrest (0 yr/$13 mil = ends this year), PF/C Frank Kaminsky (1 yr/$3.6 mil), PF/C Willy Hernangomez (2 yrs/$1.5 mil) + first round draft pick lightly protected
Hornets Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF/PF Solomon Hill (2 yrs/$12.25 mil per), C Jahlil Okafor (2 yrs/$1.6 mil), SG Ian Clark (1 yr/$1.5 mil), PG/SG Frank Jackson (2 yrs/$1.4 mil)

This is another reload over rebuild move the Pels could go for. The bench for the Pels not only gets a major upgrade, but also get players that can actually play positions of necessity they need. They can also offload a couple contract albatrosses, and can even have an absolutely LOADED backcourt of Jrue Holiday and Kemba. Gets me salivating thinking about that. However, I wouldn’t take it if I was the Pels. There are better offers down the road.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls have no one the Pelicans want, and the only valuable thing they possess is their draft picks, which they should not part with under any circumstances.

Cleveland Cavaliers

See the logic for the Bulls lol. Cavs suck.

Dallas Mavericks

Mavericks Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF/PF Solomon Hill (2 yrs/$12.25 mil per), SG Ian Clark (1 yr/$1.5 mil), PG/SG Frank Jackson (2 yrs/$1.4 mil)
Pelicans Receive – SF/PF Harrison Barnes (1 yr/$24.1 mil + extra 1 yr player option), SG/SF Wes Matthews (0 yr/$18.6 mil = ends this year), PG Dennis Smith, Jr. (3 yrs/$3.8 mil per), PF/C Maxi Kleber (1 yr/$1.4 mil) + two heavily protected first round picks

This trade has intrigued me greatly. I have thought of and loved the idea of a Luka-AD combo. With Jordan’s and others nearly $36.5 mil coming off the books post trade, they could (and should) be considered a huge FA target this offseason, maybe even for a certain 6’11” offensive-minded SF or a certain 6’9″ defensive-minded SF. Mavs get off bad money (to them), and can wipe off another $12.25 million to add to their nearly $36.5 mil free for this FA (my oh my $48.75 million). This is also good for the Pels since they get great players that will gladly want to stay in a small market, and they get a young PG that they can control and use heavily. Kleber is a diamond in the rough, and the picks will be appreciated. I would definitely consider this if I was the Pels.

Denver Nuggets

Nuggets Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF/PF Solomon Hill (2 yrs/$12.25 mil per), SF Wesley Johnson (1 yr/$6.1 mil)
Pelicans Receive – PF/C Paul Millsap (0 yr/$29.2 mil = ends this year), SG Gary Harris (4 yrs/$16.5 mil per), PF/C Tyler Lydon (1 yr/$1.9 mil), PG Isaiah Thomas (1 yr/$1.5 mil) + a lightly protected first round pick

Jeez-sus Christ. This is one of the best trades that the Pels will get offered. They get an amazing replacement for AD, an amazing young SG to pair with Jrue, and a backup PG. While the pick may not be good, it is still a good pick. They also get off Hill and Johnson. Nuggets, on the other hand, become the most unstoppable team in the NBA. They will be amazing; a starting lineup of Murray, Barton, Craig/Hernangomez, Davis, and Jokic? Unfair.

This trade is definitely underneath a “keep in mind” tab.

Detroit Pistons

I cannot think of a way or reason the Pelicans would take a Drummond and picks for AD trade. Even if they could move off of every bad contract. Why? Well, the Pistons aren’t good in terms of assets (outside of Blake Griffin), so there is that. Skip over this team.

Golden State Warriors

They are all up their own a**es of how good they are, but I realistically cannot make a trade happen due to the Warriors being so much in the red player salary wise. Even though I am sure they would gladly trade anyone besides two people on their team for AD, I don’t think they can get it done.

Houston Rockets

Again, see the Warriors. I do not think they have the cap flexibility to do it, and it seems like their owner wishes to not spend at all on winning by evidence of how the team has been this year (and how Daryl Morey has done the best to get them underneath the tax line)

Indiana Pacers

Pacers are out of contention with the Oladipo injury. They won’t make a play for him since they like where they are at doing things “the Pacer way.” While a Myles Turner, AD, and Dipo pairing would be filthy and block everything under the sun, I don’t think they can realistically spend enough that the Pels want to still be good after acquiring AD.

Los Angeles Clippers

Clippers Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF/PF Solomon Hill (2 yrs/$12.25 mil per), PF/C Cheick Diallo (1 yr/$1.5 mil), SG Ian Clark (1 yr/$1.5 mil)
Pelicans Receive – C Marcin Gortat (1 yr/$13.6 mil), SG Avery Bradley (2 yrs/$12 mil per), PG Milos Teodosic (1 yr/$6.3 mil), PF Mike Scott (1 yr/$4.3 mil), SG Jerome Robinson (4 yrs/$3 mil per) + two lightly protected draft picks

The Clippers should make this offer. They can offload people that don’t play for them, get AD, and make themselves the best destination in LA for Kawhi. I consider this a so-so offer to the Pels, but the picks are worth considering. The get a good backup PG, a good defensive SG, a starting C, another PF that can shoot, and a good young talent in Robinson. Again, I would definitely consider this if I was the Pels.

Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), PF/C Cheick Diallo (1 yr/$1.5 mil), SF Darius Miller (2 yrs/$2.2 mil per), SG Ian Clark (1 yr/$1.5 mil), PG/SG Frank Jackson (2 yrs/$1.4 mil per)
Pelicans Receive – SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (1 yr/$12 mil), PG Lonzo Ball (3 yrs/$7.5 mil per), SF/PF Brandon Ingram (2 yrs/$5.8 mil per), SG Josh Hart (3 yrs/$1.7 mil per), C Ivica Zubac (1 yr/$1.5 mil) + two lightly protected (or no protection) first round draft picks AT A MINIMUM


Lakers Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF/PF Solomon Hill (2 yrs/$12.25 mil per), PF/C Cheick Diallo (1 yr/$1.5 mil), C Jahlil Okafor (2 yrs/$1.6 mil per), SG Ian Clark (1 yr/$1.5 mil), PG/SG Frank Jackson (2 yrs/$1.4 mil per)
Pelicans Receive – SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (1 yr/$12 mil), PG Rajon Rondo (1 yr/$9 mil), PG Lonzo Ball (3 yrs/$7.5 mil per), SF/PF Brandon Ingram (2 yrs/$5.8 mil per), SF/PF Michael Beasley (1 yr/$3.5 mil), SG Josh Hart (3 yrs/$1.7 mil per), C Ivica Zubac (1 yr/$1.5 mil) + two lightly protected (or no protection) first round draft picks AT A MINIMUM


Lakers Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF/PF Solomon Hill (2 yrs/$12.25 mil per), PF/C Cheick Diallo (1 yr/$1.5 mil), C Jahlil Okafor (2 yrs/$1.6 mil per), SG Ian Clark (1 yr/$1.5 mil), PG/SG Frank Jackson (2 yrs/$1.4 mil per)
Pelicans Receive – PF Kyle Kuzma (3 yrs/$1.7 mil per), PG Rajon Rondo (1 yr/$9 mil), PG Lonzo Ball (3 yrs/$7.5 mil per), SF/PF Brandon Ingram (2 yrs/$5.8 mil per), SF/PF Michael Beasley (1 yr/$3.5 mil), SG Josh Hart (3 yrs/$1.7 mil per), C Ivica Zubac (1 yr/$1.5 mil) + two lightly protected (or no protection) first round draft picks AT A MINIMUM

I am not the only one that believes the Lakers would gladly trade anyone and anything if it means getting Anthony Davis for LeBron. Magic Johnson would literally trade himself if he could. I put out both trades because one is with Solomon Hill, and one is without. I completely believe that the trade will include Solomon Hill, but reports are coming out that this is a “blockbuster of a trade” and “a complete shakedown”. The Solomon Hill trade also gives the Lakers a roster spot to sign Carmelo(l) Anthony, so…yeah. Expect the third trade to occur since that will give them the Melo spot AND open up more money in the offseason for them to pursue another star like Kemba, KD, Kawhi, or…Kyrie? Oh well, I fully expect the Lakers to be the best offer in terms of the sheer amount of assets.

Memphis Grizzlies

I cannot see a world where the Pelicans would take Conley or Gasol for AD. Maybe if they wanted to wipe money off the books (like trade Gasol, then Gasol declines his player option) it could possibly happen. I don’t expect it at all.

Miami Heat

I don’t think that they are in any position to trade. While they can offer a lot of salary matching players to the Pels, they have no draft picks. The Pels want draft picks completely.

Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF/PF Solomon Hill (2 yrs/$12.25 mil per), PG/SG Frank Jackson (2 yrs/$1.4 mil per)
Pelicans Receive – PG Eric Bledsoe (1 yr/$15 mil), SG/SF Tony Snell (3 yrs/$10.6 mil per), PF Ersan Ilyasova (3 yrs/$7 mil per), PF/C Thon Maker (2 yrs/$2.8 mil per) + two (or three) lightly protected first round draft picks

When I first started this, I could not see Bucks having the ability to make this trade, even though an AD-Giannis lineup is scary to imagine. Turns out, the Bucks like the idea of AD and Giannis together as much as I do. Snell and Ilyasova are good role players, and Thon Maker wants out. Bledsoe and Holiday would be a scary backcourt pairing as well. Talks are swirling that the Bucks and (soon to be mentioned) Raptors are in a bidding war for AD currently, so let’s see what happens.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Currently in the process of a rebuild. Doubt they can or will make an offer since they would more than likely have to trade away their precious over-rated Andrew Wiggins.

New Orleans Pelicans

They wish they could keep him, but…well, here we are now lol.

New York Knicks

Knicks Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF/PF Nikola Mirotic (1 yr/$12.5 mil), SF/PF Solomon Hill (2 yrs/$12.25 mil per), SG E’Twuan Moore (1 yr/$8.8 mil)
Pelicans Receive – C Enes Kanter (1 yr/$18.6 mil), SG Courtney Lee (2 yrs/$12.25 mil per), PG Frank Ntilikina (3 yrs/$4.2 mil per), SF/PF Kevin Knox (4 yrs/$3.7 mil per), SG/SF Tim Hardaway, Jr. (3 yrs/$17.3 mil per) + three lightly protected first round draft picks


Knicks Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil mil per), SF/PF Nikola Mirotic (1 yr/$12.5 mil)
Pelicans Receive – PF/C Kristaps Porzingis (1 yr/$5.7 mil per + RFA rights), SG Courtney Lee (2 yrs/$12.25 mil per), SG/SF Tim Hardaway, Jr. (3 yrs/$17.3 mil per) + two lightly protected first round picks

The Knicks want to get rid of Courtney Lee, Enes Kanter, and Tim Hardaway, Jr. The Pelicans want draft picks and young players, and to move on from bad money. This is more of a mutual dump/trade than I thought it would, BUT we have the Porzin-God and Brow on the same team, so God save the East. Probably wouldn’t take though since I am not the biggest fan of Ntilikina and Knox as young player assets. The second one is a great thought to consider. I would certainly take it if I was the Pels. That may be the best offer they get.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Thunder Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF/PF Solomon Hill (2 yrs/$12.25 mil per), PF/C Cheick Diallo (1 yr/$1.5 mil)
Pelicans Receive – C Steven Adams (3 yrs/$24.2 mil per), SG/SF Andre Roberson (2 yrs/$10 mil per), PF Patrick Patterson (2 yrs/$5.5 mil per) + two lightly protected first round draft picks

This is an intriguing trade that I may consider taking if I was the Pelicans. While Paul George is ascending, Russell Westbrook is declining. They get off of Solomon Hill, and pick up three great roleplayers that they desperately need. Picks always help. I would keep in my back-pocket if I were the Pels.

Orlando Magic

Magic Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF/PF Solomon Hill (2 yrs/$12.25 mil per)
Pelicans Receive – SG Evan Fournier (3 yrs/$17 mil per), C Nikola Vucevic (1 yr/$12.75 mil), SG/SF Jonathan Simmons (2 yrs/$6 mil per), SF/PF/C Jonathan Isaac (3 yrs/$5 mil per) + one lightly protected first round draft pick

This is more of a young asset trade that I would 100% consider if I was the Pelicans. They can flip some of the players in the offseason (looking at Fournier and Simmons), and can undoubtedly resign Vucevic in the offseason if he wishes. I kind of talked myself into this, so I would think highly about this if I was the Pels.

Philadelphia 76ers

I cannot think where this works in a trade sense with the Pels unfortunately. The 76ers have little (if any) wiggle room in terms of cap, and I have no faith in them willing to give up the assets to acquire AD. They would probably have to give up Ben Simmons, and I doubt they want to do that. They made their All-Star trade for Jimmy Butler, and I expect to keep their heads cool now.

Phoenix Suns

Pelicans Receive – SF/PF TJ Warren (4 yrs/$11.75 mil per), C Deandre Ayton (4 yrs/$8.2 mil per), SF/PF Josh Jackson (3 yrs/$6 mil per)
Suns Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF Darius Miller (1 yr/$2.2 mil) + two lightly protected first round draft picks

If I was the Pels and I got this offer, I’d take it. While I do not believe in Josh Jackson or Deandre Ayton as players at all, you get an amazing young asset pool. They give Jrue a young core to be with, and they also can look to improve with those picks. Suns get another star around D Book, and become a place to go to. Now, are the Suns smart enough to offer this? Hell no.

Portland Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF/PF Nikola Mirotic (1 yr/$12.5 mil), SG E’Twuan Moore (2 yrs/$8.8 mil per), PF/C Julius Randle (2 yrs/$8.6 mil per)
Pelicans Receive – SG CJ McCollum (3 yrs/$25.8 mil per), SG/SF Evan Turner (2 yrs/$17.9 mil per), C Jusuf Nurkic (4 yrs/$11.1 mil per), SG Anfernee Simons (4 yrs/$1.8 mil per) + two lightly protected first round draft picks

I have put a lot of thought into this, and I think the Pelicans and Blazers would both accept. I do not think that the Blazers would offer it since they like CJ and the team chemistry they possess a lot. Very intriguing trade to consider though.

Sacramento Kings

Kings Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF/PF Nikola Mirotic (1 yr/$12.5 mil), SG Ian Clark (1 yr/$1.5 mil), PG/SG Frank Jackson (2 yrs/$1.4 mil per)
Pelicans Receive – PF Zach Randolph (1 yr/$11.7 mil), SG Iman Shumpert (1 yr/$11 mil), C Kosta Koufos (1 yr/$8.7 mil), C Willie Cauley-Stein (1 yr/$4.7 mil + RFA rights), PG Frank Mason, III (2 yrs/$1.4 mil per) + one lightly protected first round draft pick

I do not think that the Pels would take this, but it is an intriguing offer. The four players the Pels want the most (Fox, Hield, Bogdanovic, and Bagley) are off the table. The pick and WCS are nice to consider. I do not know if they really want to take on over $20 mil in dead salary, just like I do not know if the Kings are willing to give up that much since they have lofty FA plans. I’d keep it in my back pocket though.

San Antonio Spurs

Spurs never trade during season. So no point in including them.

Toronto Raptors

Raptors Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF Darius Miller (1 yr/$2.2 mil), SG Ian Clark (1 yr/$1.5 mil)
Pelicans Receive – C Jonas Valanciunas (2 yrs/$16.5 mil per), SF CJ Miles (2 yrs/$8.3 mil per), SF OG Anunoby (3 yrs/$2 mil), SG Malachi Richardson (1 yr/$1.6 mil) + two lightly protected first round picks

I have heard that Pascal Siakam on the Raptors will be included as well, but I could not bear the thought of the Raptors going all in with OG and Pascal with Kawhi’s uncertainty. I don’t expect them to pull the trigger solely because of that reason.

Utah Jazz

Jazz Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF/PF Nikola Mirotic (1 yr/$12.5 mil), SF Wesley Johnson (1 yr/$6.1 mil)
Pelicans Receive – C Rudy Gobert (3 yrs/$23.2 mil per), PF Derrick Favors (2 yrs/$16.9 mil per), SG Grayson Allen (4 yrs/$2.1 mil per) + two lightly protected first round draft picks

This is an intriguing path that the Jazz would go down. I would hope they would do it. I do not think they would, just like the Pels would not consider this the best offer they would receive.

Washington Wizards

Wizards Receive – PF/C Anthony Davis (3 yrs/$25.4 mil per), SF/PF Nikola Mirotic (1 yr/$12.5 mil)
Pelicans Receive – SF Otto Porter, Jr. (3 yrs/$26 mil per), C Ian Mahinmi (2 yrs/$15.9 mil per) + two lightly protected first round draft picks

I do not think at all that the Wiz or Pels will be making this trade, but it is an intriguing prospect. Doubtful though.

Anthony Davis Thinks LA Is a Bum A** City

AD coming in hot with this absolute scorcher of a take. While I do believe that retweets and likes are not endorsements, I do believe that liking something means you agree with it, at least a little bit. Recently, Anthony Davis was caught liking a comment on instagram:

Anyone reading this would surmise that AD does not want to go to Los Angeles and agrees that it is a bum a** city. However, if I am going to take one part of the sentence seriously, I have to take the other as well. No matter how many grammar rules it ignores.

As a Celtics fan, this is music to my ears. The top two teams gunning for Davis were the Lakers and the Celtics with the Pelicans at the distant third. The Celtics would not have been able to get AD until the end of the season without giving up Kyrie and now it looks like we have a stronger chance to get everything we want. But, the first part of this comment irks me. “He happy here.” It makes me mad, first, because of complete lack of verbs, but it implies that he is staying in New Orleans… at least until the end of the season.

Davis’ past comments state that he is, in fact, not happy in New Orleans. So I am going to go ahead and call it, Anthony Davis will be a Boston Celtic next season.

Realistic Odds on the AD Lotto (which may occur sooner rather than later)

A couple reports have come out recently stating that the Celtics and Lakers are hoarding assets in order to make a trade for AD. Whether it occurs before the deadline this season, in the free agency, or during next season, it doesn’t matter. It is a year away, and the class this year is stacked with a ton of All-Stars. The issue? They are on a very very tight deadline. Of course, this isn’t factoring in other teams offers, and this also is not including the package the Pels can offer (I could have just said contract, but I had to say package lol).

The following teams are just a few that have a shot. Of course, this is all predicated on many factors happening for some. For instance, one team pretty much will need to sign multiple players and improve their team tremendously in order to even get a meeting with AD. Of course, that will be addressed, along with my odds. I will only be going over these teams, since they are the only ones who will have the money to offer in free agency, or be able to trade for (and afford) his contract during/after the seaso.

Any who, lets start this off with one of the more intriguing teams to be on this list…

Boston Celtics

This article originally was one comparing the Lakers, Celtics, and Pelicans since all three are considered the front runners. In fact, the hottest take of this may be that the Celtics are the favorite, and they have been staying out of the limelight of this whole situation! As is the Celtic way, they are trying to stay out of the spotlight while keeping tabs on the situation. Classic Ainge.

The Celtics can (realistically) offer the best trade package compared to anyone that wishes to get involved with this. I won’t get much into specifics, but if a trade were to occur that would involve a top 5 player in the league, I would assume it would come down to picks and (young) players. Out of every team on this list, the Celts are the only ones that can reasonably offer not only both, but some of the best with both. I don’t know many teams that would turn down a (hypothetical) Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown, and 2 first round picks. Hell, I’d consider that a baseline for anyone wishing to get AD, like they would have to do better than this trade. And that isn’t even the best one the Celts can make. Scary to consider.

I get the whole agent connection to LA, but Davis has already fired one agent. He could and would do it again. The Pelicans, as an organization, may find it hard to turn down “The Godfather” offer from the Celtics, since we all know Ainge has been working AD since he entered the draft. Issue I see is the fact the Celtics cannot trade for AD until next year due to the designated veteran player extension rule (long story short = cant have 2 players with that contract designation on the team that you didn’t draft). Maybe that factors in, maybe not. At the end of the day, they have the BEST parts to offer.

God save the NBA if a Kyrie-AD high pick-and-roll becomes a thing soon. We may not see the East be the same afterwards.

Buck’s Odds – 30% (stabilized)

Brooklyn Nets

The issue the Nets have besides terrible management and a horrible track record in trades is simple, but difficult to overcome: they don’t have the assets to move in order to get AD. Yes, they could trade them D-Lo, Caris Lavert, Jarrett Allen, and a couple picks…but then who do they have left besides Spencer Dinwiddie, Joe Harris, and a (pretty bad) Rondae Hollis-Jefferson? If you count DeMarre Carroll, then that roster looks pretty bare to me, and thats assuming his agent green lights this trade. While they would have the cap to get AD and another star, this seems slightly out of the question to me. They would essentially gut their team to get stars, and that’s assuming the stars want to meet with them.

Sorry Nets fans, I just can’t see this working out unless they are willing to be (arguably) worse than they are currently.

Buck’s Odds – 5% (falling)

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks are on here not because they can offer the best trade package or anything of that sort. In fact, it would be best for the Mavs to not try and get in a bidding war at all over AD, since they would lose completely. However, what they can do is be the money man in the free agency. Roughly $35.5 mil will come off the books when PF/C Dwight Powell’s and SF Harrison Barnes’ contracts end after the 2019-2020 season. Another $28 mil will come off as well when SG Wes Matthews’s contract ends this year. This also isn’t factoring the nearly $23 mil of DeAndre Jordan’s money that comes off the books as well. Do I think these are likely? Hell yes. Maybe they give some small “Thanks for being here, and we like you” contracts to them (beside DJ, apparently this experiment will not be renewed after this year). If they paid to keep Powell, Matthews, and Barnes around on about $20 mil (<$5 mil, >$5 mil, roughly $10 mil respectively), they will still have about $53 mil free this offseason AND about $40 mil (in other contracts as well) cap space free next season. This is INSANE to think about, and that is with no other draft picks. It would be criminal to see Dennis Smith, Luka, Barnes (capable 3 and D), Maxi Kleber, and AD walk out. Have your bench be J.J. Barea, Wes Matthews, Dorian Finney-Smith, Dirk, and Dwight Powell? Remember, this is WITHOUT ANY OTHER SIGNINGS as well.

Legitimately would trade my Cav’s fan membership card to watch Dirk unretire to win one more ring with that squad.

Buck’s Odds – 2.5% (rising)

Los Angeles Clippers

There are 4 teams on this list that could feasibly offer a good trade package to the Pelicans. I mean, REALISTICALLY there are 5 teams that can afford the trade, but I consider two team’s packages (lol) to be “half” packages. Like they are only half as good as what the other 3 teams could offer. The Celts are one of those 3, as is this team: the LA Clippers.

Long regarded as the “other LA team”, the Clippers have better plays top-to-bottom on their whole roster than the Lakers do. While yes, LeBron is better than anyone the Clippers have, I would say that it is a bad sign when a member of “the Meme team” is the second best player (aka the Shaqtin’ a Fool MVP Javale McGee) on the Lakers. This is where the Clippers can easily step in and say, “Hold my beer.”

The Clippers are one of the teams that can either pay AD or trade for AD, and that is something no other team can truly say. They can ask the Pelicans who they want, and I can only see about one or two players the Clippers say “No way” to. And those players aren’t even their best. Pels more than likely won’t able to take two of each position, but they could feasibly say they want Avery Bradley, Danilo Gallinari, Marcin Gortat, and some picks. The Clippers would promptly then say, “Where do we sign?”

If they can’t get a trade worked out, then who cares! They could sign him. They are walking into the free agency with about $60 mil burning a hole in their pocket. They could pay him AND Kawhi for all they care. Top defense in the league? More like best team in LA. Hell, I’d say best in the West when the Warriors implode this offseason.

Buck’s Odds – 25% (rising)

Los Angeles Lakers

In the Clippers section, I talked about how there were 3 teams that can offer a good trade package? Ya know, one that would be super hard to turn down if you were the Pels?

Yeah, the Lakers aren’t one lol.

The Lakers have the worst trade package to offer from those that wish to offer any kind of package (lol). I would rather have one that is at the end of this list over this one. I don’t know how intrigued I be by choosing three from the pool of Ball, Rondo, KCP, Lance, Kuzma, Ingram, and Chandler. That’s even with getting picks from it as well. While all are good in their own right, I just cannot see any being anything besides okay. I also don’t know if the Pelicans even want to trade with them since there seems to be (based on the Suns refusal to include the Lakers in any talks for a 3 team trade) a rising anti-Lakers-trade sentiment starting to creep into the West.

There is a downside to getting LeBron, and that clearly is one.

However, one of the biggest benefits is that the free agency draw is out of this world. The Lakers will have money to blow in the free agency, and this is what they are prioritizing. Of course, Magic gave himself a deadline, so he will overpursue this year and (maybe) next year as well. I know that their top 5 is (tentatively) Kemba, Klay, Drey, AD, and Kawhi. That is in no particular order, but this is just through the free agency. This is not including any trades that may occur. The only way the Lakers get a meeting with any of these players though (I mean, a “I’m actually paying attention” meeting) is to acquire another star via trade. And that’s the hard part since it seems that no one wants to trade to make this happen.

Smart move rest of league.

Buck’s Odds – 15% (stabilizing)

Milwaukee Bucks

I considered including them earlier, but dismissed the idea when looking at their financial situation. However, hearing that Giannis walked up to AD and pretty much said “Should come here bro” made me reconsider and include them.

Bucks’ fans have much to worry about since Giannis’ free agency is looming, and they can’t put together a team around him no matter how much money they throw around. Khris Middleton and Brooke Lopez are amazing, sure, but at one point they had close to $40 mil wrapped up in Matthew Dellavedova, John Henson, and Tony Snell. That’s also not including other, less tasteful assets (cough cough Jabari) that they used to have. This also isn’t factoring in the issue that they currently have about $51.5 mil accounted for between George Hill, Eric Bledsoe, Tony Snell, and Ersan Ilyasova.


However, a trade FOR Davis would help alleviate some of this stress, but I don’t see the benefit of doing so since that would more than likely see Brogdon, Lopez, and Middleton/Hill/Bledsoe leave along with a pick. I don’t know if they can afford to do that since they are gelling REALLY FREAKING well right now.

However, signing AD? Definitely in the scope for the Bucks. They will have to first make sure they retain Middleton when he inevitably declines his player option and tries to get more money from the Bucks this offseason (especially with his play currently). This also isn’t accounting for the Bledsoe and Lopez free agencies as well. After next season? Well hopefully they not only move on from George Hill, and also find a way to trade Ilyasova and Tony Snell (since I doubt Tony will decline his almost $11 mil player option for that year). If they do that, they could easily free up about $38 mil. More than likely it’ll be about $30 mil since Middleton’s new contract may very well be $20-22 mil a year. This will still be more than enough money to pitch to AD, and this isn’t even factoring in the salary cap rising either.

A lot of things have to fall a certain way, which is why it is tough to justify. However, I cannot realistically think of a better frontcourt than Middleton, Giannis, and AD. I can’t even think of a better 4-5 combo. Ever. God imagine that high pick-and-roll. You can’t defend that.

I hope AD at this point considers playing with them.

Buck’s Odds – 10% (falling)

New Orleans Pelicans

It sucks to be a Pels fan right about now. It really does. I mean, you got the best big man to enter the league since Shaq. You’ve finally had a team around him that not only can compete, but even made it to the second round. And what happens? He comes out and says he doesn’t care about the money, and that his legacy means more to him than anything else. Bullsh*t aside? It means he wants rings and not stacks. He’s already got the proverbial bag, and he’ll get more when he goes to a major market with sponsorships. So what’s another couple mil in a small market on a bad team, when he could be on a smaller contract on a contender?

While the Pels can’t trade for AD since he’s on their team (duh), their inclusion is solely because they their goal is to convince him to stay. I find it highly unlikely they can, but the money IS THERE. I just don’t think he wishes to stay on a team that, for 8 years, has not been able to do much until last season. And they lost the third best player from that playoff run! It will be sad to see them slip back into mediocrity, but at least they had some time in the limelight.

Buck’s Odds – 5% (falling)

New York Knicks

So the Knicks are on here because they WISH to be contenders. Whether they do this through the free agency or the draft, no one really knows. It seems to be that they wish to do both, which I don’t believe they will be able to since they need to trade 2 bad contracts (G Tim Hardaway, Jr. and G Courtney Lee). Both contracts add up to ~$31 mil, and they will also lose the horrible ~$19 mil contract of C Enes Kanter at the end of this year as well. Maybe they can even move SF/PF Lance Thomas well to free up another $8ish mil (unlikely though). The issue with that $40 mil free (if they can do it)? They still have to pay the Unicorn himself, Kristaps Porzingis.

Which now present a weird conundrum I am sure you are asking: why would they want Porinzin-God and AD on the same team? And while this may have failed on the Clippers and Pels (when they brought in Demarcus Cousins), they could go with the “Twin Towers” mentality. Imagine the lid they would put on the rim; they could easily average 10-15 blocks a game as a team.

I mean, I don’t see this occurring. I consider it solely because the Knicks NEED to make a move to make themselves a destination. While I believe the only way to do this is through the draft (or by landing KD in the free agency), getting an All-Star is better than not having an All-Star. I mean, I bet the Thunder didn’t expect Paul George to last the year. If you can get a guy in, then you can work on him and convince him every day that you are the best place for him.

Who knows, maybe Dolan sells and the new owner turns them into the “super team” their fanbase believes they deserve to be.

Buck’s Odds – 5% (falling)

Phoenix Suns

I thought it was very short-sighted of the Suns to trade Ariza at this point in the season. I’m opening with this statement because he was a valuable asset, and they moved him for nothing. Why? You could easily have used him to get some better compensation than Austin Rivers (who may not even sign with the team) and Kelly Oubre. Who? Well, maybe AD.

Many of you will look at this trade, and say, “The hell you talkin’ ’bout Buck?”

But hear me out right now with this…

-Pelicans Trade – PF/C Anthony Davis, SF/PF Solomon Hill
-Suns Trade – SF/PF TJ Warren, SF/PF Josh Jackson, C Deandre Ayton + picks (more than likely next year’s draft pick)


If the Suns still had Ariza, you’d just take out Josh Jackson and put Ariza in instead. This trade looks…well, if I was the Pelicans, I’d take it. You get a new, young “franchise” player, you get two very capable wings, and you also get a pick out of it. Suns on the other hand? They finally get a great running mate for D Book, and they also finally get a center that understands how to play defense. They also get a capable defender that they can have play the wing, and they can move on from either Warren or Jackson (since they both play the same position, though I’d more than likely prefer to trade Jackson over Warren). In one trade, both teams benefit mightily. Pelicans can focus on a rebuild OR compete for the 8 seed in the playoffs, and the Suns immediately become a hub for the free agency (cough cough any point guard).

Now, I haven’t gone through the money side of this. In fact, this team came to me at the very end. But color me intrigued to say the least. I mean, this trade could still happen as far as I am concerned. This package is pretty hard to refuse (lol).

Buck’s Odds – 2.5% (and rising)