Sasha Killeya-Jones Has Left NC State

As of Wednesday, February 13, Sasha Killeya-Jones is no longer a part of the North Carolina State University Basketball program. The news was first reported by Lauren Brownlow of 99.9 The Fan in Durham, North Carolina.

SKJ is currently sitting out for the year after transferring from Kentucky. On top of Killeya-Jones being removed from the team, Blake Harris and Eric Lockett have also been absent from team activities.

It is always sad to see Wildcats hit rough patches in their career even if they did transfer. I wish Sasha all the best in his future. I don’t want to speculate on why he left the team, but I hope it is nothing serious.

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Virginia Tech vs. NC State Was the Worst Basketball Game This Season, Maybe Ever

Every hoops fan loves a top-25 matchup. High scoring, fast-paced, coming down to the wire and maybe even some free basketball… overtime. At least, that’s what you would think would happen. We were given an absolute treat this Saturday with a top-25 ACC matchup in #12 Virginia Tech and #23 North Carolina State, or so we thought.

I got up early for this game. Noon is early for me because I am a blogger. I went down to my mom’s basement, again, because blogger, and I watched with laser focus. Much to my disappointment, the expectations for a top-25 game were not lived up to.

This. Game. Sucked. I even thought about changing the channel to soccer, but I could not look away. It was like a 11-car pileup and in the distance… 10 more runaway Toyotas. Add that up and it equals 21. That’s how many three pointers NC State missed. At what point as a coach do you tell your players to stop shooting and start driving the lane and turn this into a free throw contest. Personally, I would have thrown in a walk-on and hoped for a Kelenna Azubuike or Spike Albrecht miracle to happen. Even if it doesn’t, that’s who you can blame for a final score of 24.

He for sure missed this.

Virginia Tech was not any better. Well, technically they were since they won, but they only scored 47. If a team scores 47 points in a game and they aren’t playing Virginia, that team should be blown out by 23, not win by that much. They should drop in the rankings for disrespecting all of basketball. I know it isn’t their fault that NC State couldn’t hit a shot, but when you are the #12 team in the nation (#11 now) you should really be scoring more than 47 points, especially shooting 33% from 3.

Imagine this, but every possession.

The real loser here is the fans. This game started at 100% capacity and looked like 4% at the end. Fans took the bait on how a real top-25 should play out. The spread on this game was NCST -3.0. I get it, game spreads are a little off most of the time, but here is where it really went wrong: the over/under. The O/U for the game was 152. Game total was 71. If these teams were to play again in the ACC tournament, I would hope Vegas would set it to something more reasonable like 80.

Fun Fact: 77 D-1 players scored more than NC State did on Saturday.

Virginia Tech plays Louisville tonight and I hope they get run out of the gym by Ryan McMahon.