Get Tim Tebow to the MLB as ASAP as Possible

Let’s face it. The Tim Tebow experiment in professional baseball has not been working as well as expected. On his first pitch ever in the AA ranks, he went yard for a three run home run. Since then, he has been promoted to the AAA affiliate in the New York Mets organization in Syracuse. That’s where the good news ends.

Right now, Tebow is hitting .157. Not exactly where a AAA player should be, especially one who is in real talks of being promoted to the MLB. After 115 at bats for the Syracuse Mets, Tebow only has 18 hits and 46 strikeouts. I hope his teammates are as nice to him after all those strikeouts as Michael Jordan’s were to him in Space Jam.

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So, Tim Tebow may not be good enough to play in the majors. In fact, he kinda stinks. But ya know what else kinda stinks? The Mets’ fan attendance. The current team cannot seem to get people to come to games like they used to. Here are the attendance number over the last 5 years including 2019. From Baseball Reference.

Attendance per game is higher than last year, but nothing compared to 2016. The 2019 number has also been dropping steadily. Sure, there are a lot of games left, but being down 5.5 games in a division with the Phillies and the Braves and being in 7th place in the NL Wildcard race does not show a lot of promise for the future of the season. How does a team improve attendance if they can’t get fans excited for their performance? It has to be some kind of promotion, but those can get worn out really easy if they have to do them every game. But, what if they have a player in their system that is a walking promotion game in and game out?

The Mets need to call up Tim Tebow as ASAP as possible. He may not help the team win, but one thing is for sure. He *clap* Puts *clap* Asses *clap* In *clap* Seats. I was able to see one of the games he played in Louisville against the Bats and I have never seen more people show up for a AAA baseball game at 11:00AM on a Wednesday. And half of the people there were wearing either a Florida or Broncos #15 jersey. Imagine how many people would show up to a major league game at Citi Field. And they would keep coming, because no one is going to want to miss his first home run that will never come.

It’s Tebow Time.

Cardinals Outfield Need Jesus

On paper, the Cardinals should have a pretty good outfield. Very fast, good gloves, no one would expect more than one fluke every month or so. But in just the last two weeks, the warning track has proven to be too daunting of a foe leading to two serious blunders.

Like said before, this outfield is very fast, but maybe a little too fast. The first ridiculous error comes from Marcell Ozuna overrunning a ball he thought was going to go for a homerun, but landed several feet short. What should have been a routine fly ball, ended up being a ground rule double due to a serious lack of depth perception

Next up, Dexter Fowler somehow puts together an even worse display of athleticism.

This is so terrible for so many reasons. First, this ended up going for a homerun. Second and most important, it was Noah Syndergaard at the plate. You let your pitcher give up a homerun to another pitcher. And a pitcher of the Mets, no less. How is he supposed to tell his family? It’s like letting a 13 year old take you yard.

Sunday Night Baseball: AL Central Preview and Predictions

I am continuing with my MLB divisional breakdown. This time we head to the AL Central. I have done the NL West, NL East, and the AL West. Let’s jump right into it.

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Cleveland Indians

Projected Lineup: Francisco Lindor SS, Jason Kipnis 2B, Jose Ramirez 3B, Carlos Santana 1B, Jake Bauers OF, Hanley Ramirez DH, Tyler Naquin OF, Leonys Martin OF, Roberto Perez C.

Projected Rotation: Corey Kluber, Trevor Bauer, Carlos Carrasco, Mike Clevinger, Shane Bieber

This is the Indians easiest division title in the last few years. From the looks of it, their rotation seems to be one of the top in the league. Kluber and Bauer very well could be in Cy Young talks by the end of the year. Their offense is just as good. They had a top 5 offense and pitching last season, so I do not expect much to change there. The Indians are one of 4 teams in the American League that can win the World Series, along with the Yankees, Red Sox, and Astros. I really like this team. I like that they have kept their core mainly together. They will make a trade at the deadline, which they always do and we’ll see them in October. They’ll finish 92-70.

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Kansas City Royals

Projected Lineup: Adalberto Mondesi SS, Whit Merrifield 2B, Alex Gordon OF, Ryan O’Hearn 1B, Jorge Soler DH, Hunter Dozier 3B, Chris Owings OF, Billy Hamilton OF, Cameron Gallagher C.

Projected Rotation: Danny Duffy, Ian Kennedy, Brad Keller, Jake Junis, Jorge Lopez

Look, I love the Royals. They have a young squad and who knows, they could make a run. I have them as my surprise team from this division. I think they’ll finish second, maybe hitting a Wild Card spot. Merrifield is a solid infielder and a solid hitter and I still really love Alex Gordon. They also added one of the most underrated CF’s in the game, Billy Hamilton. Yes he struggles hitting, but his defense is unreal and he knows how to work a count. He was also unsigned by his team, the Reds, so I think he is out to prove himself this season. I’ll say they finish 87-75.

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Minnesota Twins

Projected Lineup: Jorge Polanco SS, CJ Cron 1B, Eddie Rosario OF, Nelson Cruz DH, Jonathan Schoop 2B, Marwin Gonzalez 3B, Max Kepler OF, Jason Castro C, Byron Buxton OF.

Projected Rotation: Jose Berrios, Kyle Gibson, Jake Odorizzi, Michael Pineda, Martin Perez.

No one thinks they’ll win the division, right? The Twins are one of those teams that disappoints pretty much early, just like last year. They have one person in their rotation that has a career ERA lower than 4.00 (the Indians have all 5 under 4.00). This team will be the second best team in the division, because the rest of the division is just plain awful. This is the most predictable division in baseball, thanks to the constant mediocracy from the Twins. They’ll finish 83-79.

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Detroit Tigers

Projected Lineup: Josh Harrison 2B, Christin Stewart DH, Nick Castellanos OF, Miguel Cabrera DH, Jeimer Candelario 3B, Niko Goodrum OF, Grayson Greiner C, Jordy Mercer SS, Jacoby Jones OF.

Projected Rotation: Michael Fulmer, Matt Boyd, Jordan Zimmermann, Tyson ross, Matt Moore.

Another team that really hasn’t done much and will continue to disappoint. Not much more to say here, they’ll finish 60-100.

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Chicago White Sox

There is no one else in this league that is a bigger laughing stock than the entire Chicago White Sox’s organization. They signed everyone related to Manny Machado and had their media always say they were signing him, but they failed… just like they do every single year. Just a complete joke of a team. They’ll finish dead last, 50-112.

Saturday Morning Sports Trivia, 3/9

Back by only semi-popular demand if we are being honest. Views were way down from last week. And while that is disappointing, it’s a wake up call for me do either tone it down or do better. I have chosen to do better. Be sure to share, DM, like, retweet or anything to assert your dominance on all of your followers and the Soft 7’s of the world. As always, we love you for your minds and I am going challenge them. Go 15/15? Let us know and we will send you free Soft 7 Sports stickers.


  1. LeBron James won his first championship with the Miami Heat against what team?
  2. The team (answer from #1) that LeBron beat in his first championship had 3 future MVP’s on it. Name all 3.
  3. Bill Self has been the head coach of Kansas for 16 years… How many NCAA Championships has Kansas won under him?
  4. On Thursday, March 7, Antonio Brown was nearly traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers to what NFL franchise?
  5. The Chicago Bears have finally decided on a new kicker with what hilarious name?
  6. How many offensive coordinators has Marcus Mariota had since entering the NFL?
  7. What former All-Star shortstop is the current owner of the Miami Marlins?
  8. What American team has won the most Stanley Cups?
  9. Who has scored the most goals in NHL history?
  10. To weed out the Americans who think soccer is boring, name one team that has advanced to the 2019 UEFA Champions League quarterfinals.
  11. With Case Keenum being traded to the Washington Redskins, who is now the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos?
  12. Where did Charles Barkley play his college basketball?
  13. Who was the head basketball coach of Kentucky for their 1996 NCAA national championship?
  14. True/False: Matt Stafford has more career passing yards than Troy Aikman.
  15. Khloe Kardashian has dated five current and former NBA players. Can you name three of the five?


  1. Oklahoma City Thunder
  2. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden
  3. 1
  4. Buffalo Bills
  5. Chris Blewitt
  6. 5
  7. Derek Jeter
  8. Detroit Red Wings
  9. Wayne Gretzky
  10. Tottenham Hotspur, Porto FC, Ajax Amsterdam, Manchester United
  11. Joe Flacco
  12. Auburn
  13. Rick Pitino
  14. True
  15. Rashad McCants, Lamar Odom, Rick Fox, James Harden, Tristan Thompson

Will Trout get $500 Million?

After two record breaking free agency signings in the past few weeks, it has me wondering who will break it. My brother and I have always argued who the best player in the game is and I have always said Harper. I am a huge Harper fan and always will be. I respect his game and I don’t think anyone would deny he is up there. My brother has always said Mike Trout is the better player and it wasn’t until last season that my opinion started to shift.

In case you live under a bridge, Harper recently signed a 330 million dollar contract for 13 years with the Philadelphia Phillies. I will be 35 at the end of his contract while he will be closing in on 40. It is fully guaranteed with a full no trade clause and no opt out. Manny Machado signed a 300 million dollar contract a week earlier for 10 years and an opt out after 2023. These are two of the best players in the game and they deserved their pay, but neither one best player in the game. That title belongs to Mike Trout.

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Last season alone, Trout led Harper in almost every offensive category. He played 19 less games, but still had a .060 higher batting average and 5 more home runs. Trout also had a larger on base percentage and slugging percentage. He had a walk percentage of 20.1%, while Harper had a strikeout percentage of 24.3%. Lastly, the most shocking, Trout had a WAR of 9.8 compared to Harper’s 3.5. This alone proves that Trout is better, not to mention that Trout has more MVP awards.

WAR is a measurement used in baseball to determine one’s worth to their team in games that they play. Trout has a career WAR of 64.3, which ranks 4th among current players. The top three are Puljos, Cano, and Caberra. All three of those players are above 35 years old, Trout is 27. Harper is 54th on the list, with a 27.4 WAR. To find the next guy in his 20’s on the list, you have to go down to #20 and it is Giancarlo Stanton with a 39.2 WAR. With the numbers Trout has been producing, it’s hard to imagine people thinking there is another player that is better than him, so it brings the question: Could Mike Trout get $500 million?

My answer is simple: yes. He COULD, but he won’t. Trout is going to set the new stage of contracts. Yes, Harper and Machado signed record breaking contracts, but Trout will too. His contract is up at the end of 2020, which is in 2 years. Mookie Betts will be up after this season and he will set the new standard, probably $350 million. I expect Trout to get at least $400 million over the course of 10-13 years. He will set the new bar that other players will be trying to reach for years to come.