FTD: Manny and Bryce, are you Alive?

This is becoming one of the most annoying free agency seasons of all time. The top 2 members of this class have done absolutely nothing and both seem to be waiting for one thing….The New York Yankees.

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It shouldn’t shock anyone when I say this, but both players want to be a Yankee but both players want 300 million plus, which the Yankees just won’t do anymore. They made that mistake twice with Alex and Tex. The Yankees have been smart with their money under Hal and many people, including me, grew tired of it. But, it has worked. From a team that had no hope in 2016 to making a surprising 2017 ALCS appearance and in 2018 hitting the most home runs ever in a season. The last two seasons, they’ve lost to the World Series Champion. Hopefully it turns into a World Series soon, but they don’t need much to get there. They have their pitching. Starters will be better this season with the addition of Paxton, Happ for a whole season, and gaining Montgomery back from his Tommy John. They have young talent, but they need a veteran/young talent and that is exactly what Harper and Machado supply.

I think there is a zero percent chance the Yankees sign both of them, so who and what do they need? If you add Harper, you add an outfielder and a DH, which you do not need. The Yankees have Gardner, Judge, Hicks, Stanton, and unfortunately they still have Ellsbury. So you already have a 5 man rotation with Stanton and Judge essentially alternating DH/RF. Not only do they have those 5, but they also have a top outfielder in their farm system in Clint Frazier who they will not trade for some reason. Harper just does not fit in unless he commits to only 1B but I think Cashman wants Voit/Bird running that show. Harper would be amazing in NY, especially with that RF porch. I say they don’t sign him which leads him back to Washington.

I think the Yankees sign Manny 100%, my personal guarantee. I reported it weeks ago, Dan Clark did too and stands by his as well. Manny will be a Yankee and play 3B. He just fits and both parties would benefit. That gives the Yankees Torres, Tulo, Andujar, and Manny until Didi return in August, which is a perfect time to trade for a starting pitcher (sorry Andujar) and leaves us just Manny at 3B, Didi at SS, Torres at 2B and Tulo as a replacement player for any of those. There has been a few reports that Manny will decide next week, but I don’t buy it. The Yankees have yet to offer him, because they’re waiting to see other offers, but when they do, he’ll sign. I’ll say within the month, by the 26th he’ll be in Pinstripes.

For now, we wait.