“Anyway, Here’s Wonderwall” -All of Minnesota

Every team has a song. Wisconsin has “Jump Around”, the Red Sox have “Tessie”, Kentucky sings “My Old Kentucky Home” after every game and the Bills Mafia screams “Shout” as they jump through flaming tables. Team songs aren’t just American either. Arsenal fans used to replace the lyrics of “Hey Jude” to say “Giroud”. Now, Minnesota FC is getting some skin in the game by claiming their own team song and singing it as a crowd after every home win. Take a look:

Basically, after every home victory, they say “Awesome win guys… anyway, here’s Wonderwall.”

But why that song? If I had to guess what song a team from Minnesota would all sing in unison, it would be anything by Prince or Mr. Brightside. Apparently, Minnesota United’s assistant coach Carl Craig is an ex-punk rockstar from Britain and started the tradition back when they MUFC was still in the second division of American Soccer. He would play all kinds of songs from British bands and “Wonderwall” was the one that stuck. Go figure.

Now, it is the song sung by all fans of MUFC and brings a tear to the eye of former rock star turned soccer coach.