Toughest Places to Play in Basketball in the World

There is nothing quite like basketball fans. The blind delusion that a team is the best thing to ever happen to a game is the cornerstone of true fandom. Any opposing team that thinks they have a shot is considered an insult. Degrading chants, offensive posters, cut outs of Prison Mike from The Office and reminding JJ Redick of the night you had with his sister are just some of the things one can expect from a typical night of basketball. Some places are harder to win a basketball game than others, but none are harder than these four.

Breslin Student Event Center (Michigan State)
There is never a second of silence in the “Izzone” or MSU student section. Rivaling the Cameron Crazies or the “ERUPPtion zone” it is one of the loudest cheering sections in all of basketball. That is, unless, they are losing at home to Indiana. While MSU is a perennial powerhouse and their stadium is rocking, I can put them in the top 4 just not number 1. Much like every finish to every season under Tom Izzo. Never too intimidating to play a team you know will not win the national championship.

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Allen Fieldhouse (Kansas)
While the people of Kansas are already too unbearable to be around, they’re fans are even worse. Kansas is hard enough to beat as it is. Factor in some loud mouthed hill people and you have one of the hardest places to play in the world. Bill Self just knows how to win in front of the home crowd. Unlucky for him, he can’t play any NCAA tournament games at home.

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Cameron Indoor (Duke)
Ever had a bunch of nerds yell at you? It’s pretty intimidating. Mainly because you never have any idea what magic spell they will curse you with. But nonetheless, Cameron Indoor is one of the toughest places to play basketball in the entire world. Just like Kansas, Duke is already tough to beat. Then surround yourself with certifiably insane college kids with their hands in your face and it starts to feel more like an political rally than a basketball game. But even so, it is not the hardest place to play in the world.

Red Star Belgrade (Serbia)
While all of these places are tough, there is one place that beats them all every time. That place, of course, is in Belgrade, Serbia. Home of Red Star Belgrade and the fans that have no fear in getting arrested for assault and battery. The home of throwing brick and stools at opposing players as they walk into the tunnel postgame. Watch:

Toughest place to play, hands down.

Michigan State’s New Football Uniforms Are the WORST

Michigan State Football has released their new uniforms for the upcoming season and it is getting some mixed reviews. By mixed, I mean the opinions have ranged from people thinking they are terrible to utter disgust in the program as a whole.

Take a look:

Michigan State’s dark green with lime green lettering, accents and pants all coming together to form an athletic looking pile of vomit. What makes it even worse is that they did not go all the way with it. The numbers and the stripe are still white. Don’t half ass the ruining of what was once a solid jersey.

Also, why in the world is the world they purposely make the letters too big for the front of the jersey? Not sure if this was a call by Nike or MSU, but whoever someone needs to get fired.

Tom Izzo Loves March So Much, He Won’t Even Touch April

Tom Izzo has done it again. While bringing at least a smirk back to every Kentucky fan’s face, he has brought another Final Four appearance back to East Lansing.

Izzo did the unthinkable. He slayed the mighty beast that was Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett. Most importantly, his win over Duke is finally calling into question Coach K’s coaching ability and how it was possible that he did not win the title with his “best team ever”. April fools, K’s job is just as safe as when he won the championship in 2015.

When you think of what coach deserves the title “Mr. March”, you have to have Tom Izzo in the discussion. In his 20 year tenure at Michigan State, he has now punched a ticket to 8 Final Fours. Izzo owns March. He loves it, he is committed to it, he is MARRIED to it. So much so, that he would never dare do anything that even resembled cheating on it with April. Tom Izzo simply can’t close.

Keep in mind that Izzo has only won 1 NCAA Title. That was 19 years ago. Imagine if certain other coaches of blue blood schools had that kind of record. Gotta hand it to him thought. That shows some real dedication to have a good enough team to make it that far, just to choke away all of your hopes and dreams.

Can’t help but assume Izzo will remain faithful once again this year.

Tom Izzo on the Hot Seat

If I could describe Tom Izzo in one word, I would use the word: OVERRATED. After Michigan State’s third loss in a row to unranked teams, Tom Izzo’s ass is now firmly in the jackpot.

Tom Izzo is no stranger to these ridiculously terrible stretches of basketball. Not only has he had multiple winless stretches, Izzo has not won a national title since 2000. Michigan State has become the Cincinnati Bengals in terms of enabling mediocrity.

It has been 19 years since Michigan State has hung a championship banner from the rafters. This guy is supposed to be one of the best coaches in America? He has only had one Final Four since 2010. Not exactly what anyone would call a “blue blood” program. “But..but..but he’s done so well in the Big 10.” No one cares; go have a seat over there with Kansas, because Bill Self isn’t far behind.

These last three games have been embarrassing. The first game of the losing streak was against Purdue. Lost by double digits. Game 2 was against Indiana. Lost in overtime at home. The last game was against Illinois. I’m pretty sure the song “No Scrubs” was written in reference to this team. Somehow Izzo could not figure out how to penetrate the mighty mighty Illini defense. Michigan State could not even get the ball inside the 3-point arc during their final possession.

Every coach has their thing. Calipari has his recruiting, Pitino has his defense, Coach K has the ability to rally his team around his convenient medical issues, Bob Knight tosses chairs, Bob Huggins has his jumpsuits; what does Tom Izzo have? Oh yeah, the uncanny ability to win one championship 19 years ago and coast that into retirement.

Tom Izzo is the O.G. Bill Self. Doing the bare minimum every year to keep his job. They do have more than just that in common; neither of them coach the best school in their state anymore.

Soft 16: Michigan State Spartans

Last season, the Spartans were bounced early for the third straight year from the NCAA tournament. Syracuse broke the hearts of millions with a soul crushing 55-53 win. This was a 3-11 matchup that busted a lot of brackets. Everyone just expects more from the guys up in East Lansing. So, let’s break down the 2018-2019 Michigan State Spartans.

Head Coach: Tom Izzo

Key Returners: Cassius Winston, Matt McQuaid, Josh Langford, Nick Ward

Key Additions: Marcus Bingham Jr., Foster Loyer, Gabe Brown, Thomas Kithier, Aaron Henry

Key Losses: Miles Bridges, Jaren Jackson Jr.

Key Games: Kansas (Indianapolis), UCLA, @Louisville, Purdue, @Purdue, @Michigan, Michigan

Tom Izzo has been the coach of Michigan State for actually my entire life. He took the reigns in 1995 and only has one national championship from 2000 to show for it. And I thought Bill Self should be on the hot seat. Seriously, what is this guy doing up there that would keep them in an 18 year rut? While he may not win championships, his team is always ready to make some noise in March. Well, except for the last three years. Has Izzo lost his touch? Maybe, maybe not, all I know is that this dude is not going anywhere. He is Michigan State Basketball. The only other person that is associated more with MSU is Magic Johnson. Enough about the coach, how about this team. They are returning some serious talent. They lost arguably their best two players in Bridges and Jackson, but they have reloaded with some all-star freshman. Junior Guard Cassius Winston is my preseason favorite to win player of the year in the Big 10.

Prediction: Sparty will go 25-5 in the regular season. The Big 10 is going to be a cake walk for them. They will win the regular season title then cruise though the Big 10 Tournament until they meet Michigan in the finals. They will win that battle, but just barely. As for the NCAA Tournament, I think they take a 2 seed and finally get over their slump. I can see Izzo taking his guys to the Elite 8.