Get Tim Tebow to the MLB as ASAP as Possible

Let’s face it. The Tim Tebow experiment in professional baseball has not been working as well as expected. On his first pitch ever in the AA ranks, he went yard for a three run home run. Since then, he has been promoted to the AAA affiliate in the New York Mets organization in Syracuse. That’s where the good news ends.

Right now, Tebow is hitting .157. Not exactly where a AAA player should be, especially one who is in real talks of being promoted to the MLB. After 115 at bats for the Syracuse Mets, Tebow only has 18 hits and 46 strikeouts. I hope his teammates are as nice to him after all those strikeouts as Michael Jordan’s were to him in Space Jam.

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So, Tim Tebow may not be good enough to play in the majors. In fact, he kinda stinks. But ya know what else kinda stinks? The Mets’ fan attendance. The current team cannot seem to get people to come to games like they used to. Here are the attendance number over the last 5 years including 2019. From Baseball Reference.

Attendance per game is higher than last year, but nothing compared to 2016. The 2019 number has also been dropping steadily. Sure, there are a lot of games left, but being down 5.5 games in a division with the Phillies and the Braves and being in 7th place in the NL Wildcard race does not show a lot of promise for the future of the season. How does a team improve attendance if they can’t get fans excited for their performance? It has to be some kind of promotion, but those can get worn out really easy if they have to do them every game. But, what if they have a player in their system that is a walking promotion game in and game out?

The Mets need to call up Tim Tebow as ASAP as possible. He may not help the team win, but one thing is for sure. He *clap* Puts *clap* Asses *clap* In *clap* Seats. I was able to see one of the games he played in Louisville against the Bats and I have never seen more people show up for a AAA baseball game at 11:00AM on a Wednesday. And half of the people there were wearing either a Florida or Broncos #15 jersey. Imagine how many people would show up to a major league game at Citi Field. And they would keep coming, because no one is going to want to miss his first home run that will never come.

It’s Tebow Time.

Every Big 4 New York City Sports Team Imploded within a Month of Each Other

New York Sports are a catastrophic dumpster fire right now. In the months of April or May, every single Big 4 professional sports team in the Big Apple has been turned on its head. They are all in shambles in one way or another. Having two teams in every major sport doubles their chances of having at least one good team, but the consistent top draft picks seems to only have a negative effect. Here is the current state of all the New York City basketball, hockey, football and baseball teams.


The math gods were not kind the New York Knicks at the NBA Draft Lottery. As it turns out, having a 14% to get the number one overall pick also means that there is a 86% that they won’t. Putting all their eggs in one basket (because they couldn’t put basketballs in it) for Zion ended up not working out. At the third pick, they could still get RJ Barrett and with the possibility of getting KD and Kyrie could mean there is hope. But right now, it looks like 2020 could be another tank year.

“The Process” proved trustworthy as the Sixers knocked out the Nets in a gentleman’s sweep. But hey, at least they made the playoffs.


So much talent, so much promise and so much potential all leading to so much heartbreak. The best Islanders season in recent history ending in a sweep to the Hurricanes who are on the verge of being swept themselves.

Yikes. The Rangers finished the season with a 32-36 record and missed the playoffs.


Any and all hope for this team was flushed down the toilet at the 2019 NFL Draft. With Eli’s career on its metaphorical death bed, the Giants desperately needed a new quarterback who could be the new face of the franchise. Everyone in the world would have picked Dwayne Haskins… except for David Gettleman who ended up selecting Daniel Jones out of Duke. Leading to the mental breakdown of many Giants fans.

Well, the Jets just fired their GM Mike Maccagnan and VP of Player Personnel Brian Heimerdinger. It’s a good thing to get rid of upper management in a franchise that has been so terrible in recent years, but now Adam Gase may be the new GM…

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Literally everyone is hurt.

Oh man, the Mets are bad. Not like Yankees bad where they will be good again as soon as some players come back, but Knicks bad. They are even considering bringing up Tim Tebow who is hitting .120 just to put asses in seats.

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Jesse Winker Owns the Mets and Citi Field

Jesse Winker owning anything is never something I ever thought I would say when I became a Reds fan. But after the Reds last series with the New York Mets, it is safe to say that this guy is the king of Citi Field. Say what you will about his performance, but he was having the time of his life and letting any and all Mets fans know it.

Winker has turned into a big time 2 outs in the ninth inning kind of clutch. Big time plays when Cincinnati needs him the most. Game 1 of the series Winker hit the game winning home run. Not only did he win the game for the Reds, he also had to rub every Mets fans face in it as soon as the game was over. Watch:

Something I love more than anything about sports is when the players interact with the fans. They are there for an experience and positive or negative, Jesse Winker gives it to them. Regardless of how he played for the rest of the series, he was living rent free in the heads of Mets fans for the rest of the series. He grabbed some more real estate with another ninth inning heroic play.

Game winning sliding catch. Another wave to the crowd and he is now public enemy number 1 in Citi Field. Imagine going 2-2 in a series and not being able to go 4-0 because of a dude named Jesse.

But of course, it had to come full circle.

And again when he was ejected today…