Cavaliers Want Markelle Fultz

The Cleveland Cavaliers have reportedly reached out to the Philadelphia 76ers regarding a trade for first-round pick Markelle Fultz. Fultz has recently denied reports that he wants to be traded, but that does not mean he isn’t available. He has had a rougher relationship with Philly since he return from injury, and I am sure the arrival of Jimmy Butler isn’t making things any easier. Maybe a trade would be the best option for him.

No players have been named as possible trade targets from Cleveland. That being said, who wouldn’t love to see a Kyle Korver homecoming back to his first team? Not to mention how badly they need shooters. His and Fultz’s salaries are actually close enough to make this a straight player swap. JR Smith has also been super vocal about wanting out of Cleveland. I am sure he meant that he wanted to join LeBron in LA, but personally, I would settle for just about anywhere else at this point.

Cleveland would be a great fit for Fultz. He would be surrounded by young talent including Collin Sexton, Cidi Osman, Billy Preston, etc. and could help build the organization. The Cavaliers would also be a good destination because he would be allowed to struggle. He is obviously going through something right now. If Fultz shows up to games with both shoes on the correct feet, the Cleveland media will say he is doing “surprisingly well.” That would be great for his confidence. Fultz can’t be blamed for shortcomings here, because all the Cavs do is fall short. Hell, I’d pay $2 to go see Fultz bobble the ball around. 

Amari Cooper Touchdown Celebration Obvious Shot at Markelle Fultz

In the Thanksgiving Afternoon game between the Cowboys and Redskins, Amari Cooper took a 5 yard in route 40 yards for a touchdown. This was not a problem at all; it was actually a really good play. The problem came after with the team celebration. Cooper lined up his teammates in a free throw formation, took his spot at the goalline, bobbled the ball around and shot it through the uprights. Obvious shot at the struggling Philadelphia 76er point guard, Markelle Fultz. Take a look:

Yo, for real? Is Cooper trying to start an interprofessional incident? While I do not agree with anyone piling on to someone who is going through a lot and struggling, but this is pretty funny. All the NBA Stans out there need to calm down about this. If Joel Embiid mimicked someone else’s form to make fun of them, NBA Twitter would lose their goddamn minds. The real question to me is really how much of a shot at Fultz was it since Cooper actually got the ball to go where he wanted? 

Buck’s Wild Wednesday (11/21/18) – Fultz Says His Body Hurts…and That He Wants a Trade


Talk about a bad situation to say the least.  Imagine trading up to draft a guy with the yips, fixing him, trying to give him confidence…and then he decides he hates you all because you misdiagnosed an injury…or two.

So it turns out the 76ers somehow misdiagnosed a shoulder and wrist condition with Markelle…of course this is Markelle saying this, so maybe someone in his camp is telling him that this is the reason he can’t shoot.  Who knows.

But with this trade request, we now can get to the best part about this: potential landing spots!

DISCLAIMER: Of course, what the 76ers need from this trade is a guard that can shoot.  Another primary shot creator that can help get more buckets for them.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean much for this team since the potential teams they would be dealing with are…well, in need of a point guard lol.  They could finally realize Ben Simmons is their point guard and get more wings and big men, and improve their bench.  However, let’s dive in with my potential three teams looking to add Fultz, and maybe we can unearth a trade that (possibly) benefits both teams…

Phoenix Suns

It wouldn’t be a trade for a point guard if the Suns didn’t make the list haha.  The Suns went from having a glut of point guards to now hitting up G League players to fill their need.  Their new coach Igor Kokoskov (aka the man responsible for the mentorship of Luka Doncic) has Devin Booker running it in some sets, but that is merely a bandaid holding back the breaking dam.  They need a guard in a bad way, and they may be willing to give up pieces to make that happen.

76ers Trade – G Markelle Fultz (3 yr/$8.4 mil per)
Suns Trade – F Josh Jackson (3 yr/$6 mil per), F Dragan Bender (1 yr/$4.6 mil per)

WHY? – Pretty simple to be honest.  All three people involved in this trade cannot shoot to save their lives.  I have heard that maybe Mikal Bridges is the player that gets sent back, and if I am Philly I would want him back.  However, I don’t think the Suns would trade back the player they gave up two first round picks for.  Suns get a point guard that they need with the “Guard Whisperer” head coach, and the 76ers get another wing defender and four and a half mil that wipes off the books next season (which they now need to pay Jimmy Butler or a different star).  Maybe a 2nd round pick gets added either way, so who knows.  But I can’t see it happening.

Orlando Magic

So this is a team, while I don’t WANT to see Markelle go here since no one that goes here ever learns how to shoot, I want him to go here badly.  Out of the three proposed teams, this is the best team he could go to.  They have intriguing pieces, and they desperately need a point guard.  76ers need people anyway, and they can get some pieces that are pretty nice.  What they really need, of course, are shooters…

76ers Trade – G Markelle Fultz (3 yr/$8.4 mil per)
Magic Trade – G/F Terrence Ross (1 yr/$10.5 mil per)

WHY? – Without adding picks to this (which I assume would have to happen), this is a trade that actually benefits both teams.  Magic need a guard desperately, so bad that they moved Terrence Ross from small forward to shooting guard.  I also have heard that maybe they decide to move on from Aaron Gordon, but I find that unlikely.  76ers, however, get another shooting guard who can reasonably defend, and (once again), wipe the money off the books next year.

Charlotte Hornets

This is the team that would be a grand slam for the 76ers.  The Hornets are desperate enough to start a rebuild, but they do not want to do Kemba wrong at all.  He’s the best player to ever come through their franchise.  How do you fix that?  Easy, with a trade to a contender for a nice building block of the future…and draft picks.

76ers Trade – G Markelle Fultz (3 yr/$8.4 mil per)
Hornets Trade – G Kemba Walker (1 yr/$12 mil per)

WHY? – So, there will be draft picks added.  With how Kemba is playing coupled with the fact he is an All-Star, he should net the Hornets a bunch of pieces they need to launch their rebuild.  Markelle, Monk, Bridges, Kidd-Gilchrest, and Hernangomez are a tantalizing starting lineup for the future.  The picks they get in this draft (or the next ones) can help them plan ahead and draft better players for their team.  The 76ers get another All-Star that they desperately need, and their starting lineup becomes ridiculous.  It’s an upgrade (in a sense) for both teams.  While the 76ers may have the tough decision to pay Walker or Butler, they can cross that bridge when they come to it.

The Charlotte trade that is best for the 76ers, hands down.  I’ve actually even seen and heard some reports that this trade has been talked about.  Let’s see if the 76ers can actually make it happen.