ACC Tournament Second Round Evening Game Predictions

Notre Dame vs. Louisville

When: 7:00 p.m. ET ESPN 2

Spread: Louisville -7.5

Over/Under: 135

This will be the second meeting of the year for these two teams and the last time they met at Louisville, the Cards won handedly 75-61. In that game Louisville shot 68% and completely out rebounded the Irish. The difference in this game will be if Notre Dame can limit Louisville at the free throw line and the amount of shots made. They will have to stop Jordan Nwora from taking over as well. I don’t think that they will be able to do that since they don’t have much of a defense. Louisville’s defense will really limit the amount of made shots by Notre Dame which will make things an uphill battle for them. The only real shot Notre Dame has is if they can force Louisville to turn the ball over, and when they have the ball they need make their shots. That’s not super realistic though, seeing as Notre Dame is not as strong as they had been in the past.

That being said, this game won’t even be close. Louisville is just the better team, and although they have lost a lot of games in the past month and a half, I think they are a better team because of it. They have been playing good basketball but just can’t find ways to close out games, and against a weak Notre Dame team, I don’t think that will be an issue.

Prediction: Louisville 76 – 64 Notre Dame



Louisville-Notre-dame (1).jpg

Pittsburgh vs. Syracuse

When: 9:00 p.m. ET ESPN 2

Spread: Syracuse -7.5

Over/Under: 131.5

Pittsburgh had an really rough stretch in the end of the year. They lost 13 in a row. In that stretch they lost both of their games to Syracuse with scores of 74-63, and 65-56. On the other side, Syracuse had their fair share of quality wins this season. They beat both Duke and Louisville, but they didn’t have anything else that special this season. What Syracuse is going to do is probably block Pitt a lot. Syracuse is one of the best shot blocking teams in the country, and probably can do some damage against Pitt who gets their shot blocked almost more than any other team in the country. Syracuse also does a great job of stealing the ball. This is a suffocating team, but their offense isn’t really anything to write home about. They are a terrible three point shooting team and are not that good down low either.

Pitt’s best shot is causing Syracuse to take bad shots, and they probably will. They are a competent team. However, they are also one of the youngest teams in college basketball. I don’t think Pitt can get this one done; however, they will be able to keep it close. It will be a tough ACC battle in tournament time that will ultimately result in a Syracuse victory.

Prediction: Syracuse 68 – 63 Pittsburgh



-Parmesan Don


Louisville Basketball ACC Tournament Expectations


After a ROUGH February and early March for the Cards, in which they went through the gauntlet of schedule. The Cards went a terrible 3-7 with losses to Virginia twice, North Carolina, Duke, Florida St., Syracuse, and Boston College. Those last two should not have happened, and the losses to Duke, Florida St., and one of the losses to Virginia were absolute choke jobs. That being said, there is a lot to be very excited about as a Cards fan. The team has been, although losing, playing pretty well. While they seemed to struggle to finish games off, the team was starting games off really strong. Coach K actually said that UL was one of the most prepared teams they had played all year. 

So, what does that mean about them going into the ACC Tournament?


Their first game is against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and if you follow us at Soft 7 Sports you know we hate Notre Dame! Just kidding. But not really. Notre Dame was one of the 3 teams Louisville had beaten during that season ending stretch. They won 75-61 at home. I honestly don’t think that this is going to much of a different game. I’ll be doing a full game breakdown tomorrow, but for now, I don’t see any reason why the Cards should struggle in this game.

So, I expect that the Cards would match up with the 2 seed North Carolina Tar Heels in the ACC Semifinals. The Cards and Tar Heels split their season series 1-1. The first game they played, Louisville absolutely bitch slapped them, 83-62, at UNC. The second game, the Tar Heels got their revenge in the KFC Yum! Center, 79-69. As much as I want to say that the Cards can win this game, I don’t see them winning against this UNC team. That North Carolina team is playing really, really strong right now. They are peaking at this time of the year. It may be a close game, but I don’t see anything good about this game for the Cards. It also helps that the ACC Tournament is in Charlotte, North Carolina. If we’re being honest, North Carolina might win the ACC Tournament this year.

So, I think the Louisville Cardinals will be bounced in the Semifinals of the ACC Tournament by the North Carolina Tar Heels. There is a prediction.

-Parmesan Don


The Louisville Bats Derby Uniforms Are INSANE

The Kentucky Derby is the biggest event in Louisville every year. Aside from our tap water, it is our most prized possession. Stars from all over the world gather in their floppy hats and thousand dollar outfits to watch a 2-minute horse race.

Louisville takes the event beyond seriously. We kick off festivities around 2-3 weeks before the race with nonstop events all through downtown. There are firework shows, fighter plane air shows, steamboat races, and even the AAA Baseball team, Louisville Bats, are getting involved with this amazing Kentucky Derby Mint Julep themed jersey.

Louisville Bats

Absolute fire. The number 45 on the back is for the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby, but I like to think it is for Louisville’s golden boy, Donovan Mitchell.

The Mint Julep is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. They are best known for costing up to $1,000 while being incredibly simple to make. Just 3 parts Woodford Reserve Bourbon to 1 part simple syrup and a couple sprigs of mint. They are so expensive because of the limited edition keepsake glass they come in and all of the money goes to charity.

Morning Juice, Tuesday Edition

Welcome back to your favorite gambling aid, Morning Juice. I know it’s not Saturday, but there are four great games, easy winners too. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity. To recap, 5-1 at first then 3-3, and last week i was 3-2-1 which brings us to 11-6-1, so let’s get started.

Image result for purdue maryland
#12 Purdue @ #24 Maryland

We’ll start in Maryland where the once relevant Terrapins try to regain relevance against a surging Purdue squad. This has the opportunity to be an amazing game, but it’s a shame it won’t be watched by most. When these two last played, it was 62-60 and Purdue won off of a last second block by Nojel Eastern. My first bet in this special edition is the under in this game. The last time they played, they totaled 122 and the current over/under is set at 141, so take the under. For Purdue, Carson Edwards needs to go off. He is their leading scorer and needs to get his for Purdue to have a chance. Nojel needs to be consistent, which I think he’ll do again. For Maryland, Anthony Cowan Jr needs to be confident and find his shot. Lately, it has taken him awhile to warm up (much like Tyler Herro) but when he does, he’s lights out. That will be how Maryland wins this one, 63-54. Take Maryland moneyline and the under 141.

Image result for michigan st wisconsin basketball
#11 Michigan State @ 20 Wisconsin

Ugh, Big Ten basketball is so boring. Wisconsin had a big chance against Michigan and lost it this weekend, so this game means something to them. I really don’t care about this game other than Ethan Happ and I want Tom Izzo to suffer. Like Wic so beautifully put last week, go check it out But, bet Wisconsin. They will win this game and bounce back 66-59. Take Wisconsin moneyline.

Image result for kentucky basketball
#19 LSU @ #5 Kentucky

10 straight wins from the boys in blue. This week, we get maybe the best week in Rupp for awhile. We get two top 20 matchups (1 is top 5) in one of the craziest atmosphere in college hoops. LSU is 9-1 in the SEC and so are the Cats. This game is huge for Kentucky. They need PJ to be a bully. He needs to get his double double and the same goes for Reid. The bigs are huge in this game because LSU could shoot lights out or miss all the time and you need rebounds! LSU needs to come to play. They need Reid and Waters to come in and play explosive. Waters needs to bully PJ or Reid and drag them into foul trouble, otherwise they won’t have a shot. If they can get Richards to play significant minutes, LSU stands a chance. Keldon and Herro need to get going early, too. Keldon has played very sluggish in the SEC and he needs that to turn around if he wants to get drafted. I think Kentucky wins this game, big. I will take the over 149 and the Cats -9. This game will set up a huge, HUGE, SEC game Saturday against Tennessee. Spoiler there: Cats win by 3….Kentucky 87-65.

Image result for duke louisville
#2 Duke @ #16 Louisville

If Louisville would have won on Saturday, I’d care more. I’ll still watch this matchup, mainly because I find the Zion/Nwora matchup interesting. Zion is a freak, no doubt about it, but Nwora is a weird athletic type and I get a feeling it could be fun. Regardless, this game will go as far as RJ and Tyus take them. Zion will get his, RJ is more iffy. For Louisville, get Zion out in the first half. Attack him. If you attack him, get him out for 10+ minutes, get a lead, then you may have a chance. Also, Duke has been starting slow recently, minus Virginia, but if they do that against Louisville, watch for the upset. If anyone could do it, it’s Chris Mack. I do not think it happens. I think Kentucky was a preview for how this Duke Louisville matchup goes. Kentucky won handily in Yum! and I expect Duke to do the same. I’ll take Duke -6.5.

Guess Which NCAA Programs Have the Best Basketball Recruiting Classes

Go ‘head. Guess what teams have the best recruiting classes for the 2019-2020 NCAA basketball season. Is it Duke? No… Is it Kentucky? No… Hmmmm, how in the world do the teams with the best two recruiters in the country not have the best recruiting classes?

Have they lost their touch?

You can draw your own conclusion at the end of the article, but here are the top 4 recruiting classes:

Any of these seem a little weird to you? Well, they should, because three of these four teams were named in the most recent FBI investigation. Arizona, Louisville and USC are all part of an FBI probe that is looking into the payment of players to secure commitments. I am not going to get into all of the details of the investigation, but how has no one realized this?

Here is the part that is most unbelievable. Out of Arizona, Louisville and USC; Louisville is the only one to fire their previous coach. I don’t want to live in a world where the University of Louisville is the voice of ethics.

Don’t get me wrong; I am all for players being paid, but right now, I am not sure why Sean Miller still has a job and why the NCAA isn’t losing their goddamn mind about this.

Huge Win for Louisville, Chris Mack

The Louisville Cardinals PUMMLED the North Carolina Tar Heels, 83-62. Not only was this the worst regular season loss the Tar Heels have suffered since 2012, this is Roy Williams’ worst loss at home ever. Louisville jumped out to an early lead and never looked back. Leading by as much as 21 points, the Cardinals dominated all. game. long.

This was the best I have seen Louisville play since Pitino left. Four players in double digits including two double-doubles. Dwayne Sutton and Jordan Nwora finally looked like they knew what basketball was and Steven Enoch, off the bench, dropped 17 points and 11 boards. These bigs were simply unstoppable. They completely bullied the bigs of UNC. The real genius behind this game, though, was Chris Mack.

More like Chris Snaccc amirite??

This man is one hell of a coach. Mack showed us during his time at Xavier that he can take a ragtag group of guys deep into the tournament. I would be scared to play Louisville in the tournament. Mack straight out-coached Roy Williams today. He forced Roy to play a half-court game and rely on guys like Luke Maye (who I can beat one-on-one). When you rely on bums, you get bum results, like a 21 point defeat.

I would not say Louisville’s program is back yet, but they are definitely on my radar. And probably a lot of other ACC team’s as well. I am not saying that Mack will take Louisville to the Elite 8 like he did Xavier just yet, but I want to guarantee another upset in ACC play this year.

This made me very happy.

Louisville Reaction to Jeff Brohm Staying at Purdue

Yesterday, Jeff Brohm announced that he will not be taking the University of Louisville Football Head Coaching job and will remain at Purdue. After meeting with Louisville Athletic Director Vince Tyra, Brohm told Yahoo Sports, “After intense and thorough discussion, I believe it is important to finish the building process we have begun… While going home was very appealing and meaningful to me, the timing was not ideal. I believe that remaining at Purdue is the right thing to do.” I thought this was a slam dunk hire for UofL. Several news outlets were already running stories about this arrival. Even we tweeted about it. Last time I trust Dan Dakich. This was not only a shock to me, but to the entire Louisville Cardinal faithful. If you couldn’t already guess, they aren’t taking it very well. 

Mark Blankenbaker tweeted a video that was sent to him after the news broke:

Looks like the Brummett’s are taking the news well.

Seriously? A guy who worked his ass off to restart Purdue football doesn’t want to inherit a 2-10 program, so you burn his brother’s jersey? That’s right. It isn’t even his jersey. Jeff Brohm was #11 at Louisville. His brother and QB Coach at Purdue, Brian Brohm was #12. Little bro also had nothing to do with the decision.

People also felt the need to take to twitter with other intentions:

Yikes. To me, this is clearly a joke. I don’t think anyone thinks somebody will actually burn down a coach’s alma mater, because he didn’t want to coach somewhere. BUT, I also don’t think that the police will see it this way. No word yet on if it from a Trinity High School student, but it almost has to be someone from Louisville. Nobody outside that city cares about where Jeff Brohm went to high school. As expected, this caught the eye of Louisville Metro Police Department and St. Matthew’s PD. Trinity even canceled classes for today. 

I’d feel pretty flattered about all of this if I was Jeff Brohm. Nobody threatened arson when Josh McDaniels pulled out of the Colts job at the last second. People did do this when LeBron went to Miami and KD went to Golden State. They got the jersey right, but the point still stands. Jeff Brohm is big time in Louisville.