2019 Louisville vs. Kentucky Basketball Date Is Set

The date has been set for one of the best rivalries in college basketball. The Kentucky Wildcats will take on the Louisville Cardinals on Satuday, December 28th, 2019, at Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY. The game will air on CBS

This will be the 53rd time installment of the rivalry. Kentucky currently leads the all time series 36-16. Calipari has never lost to Louisville in Rupp and is 10-1 against UofL since he arrived at Kentucky (10-2 depending on your stance on vacated wins). This includes a 71-58 win last year in the KFC Yum! Center.

Kentucky should prevail in defending their home court, but Chris Mack may have something up his sleeve with his “Super Six” recruiting class.

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Louisville Receives Notice of Inquiry from NCAA

According to Louisville’s WAVE 3 News, The University of Louisville has received a notice of inquiry from the NCAA. The notice is in relation to the FBI’s bribery and corruption investigation affecting college basketball since September of 2017.

A UofL spokesperson confirmed receiving a verbal notice on March 8.

Now, the notice does not mean that Louisville is in any kind trouble. It is simply the first step the NCAA must take before announcing that Louisville is under investigation. If that investigation were to turn up evidence that Louisville has committed rule violations, they then will receive a notice of allegation which normally carries penalties.

While the FBI investigation has affected multiple programs, Louisville has no doubt been hit the hardest. When the case was initially released 17 months ago, it led to the dismissal of Head Coach Rick Pitino and Athletic Director Tom Jurich. Two other assistant coaches, Kenny Johnson and Jordan Fair, were also fired for there alleged roles in the payment of recruits.

Of course, Louisville is still on probation for the Katina Powell sex/dorm rom stripper party scandal of 2012. Surely, if the investigation finds evidence of further rules violations while UofL is already on probation, it would carry stiff penalties.

Ryan McMahon’s Amount of 2PT Field Goals Is Criminal

Ryan McMahon was easily my favorite player on Louisville’s basketball team this season. The plucky yet scrappy, quintessential white shooter is everything a sports humor writer could ever ask for. That is, until he betrayed us all.

McMahon is at Louisville thanks to the charity work of Rick Pitino and Dick Vitale. He has made himself useful by having the best free throw percentage in the NCAA and having some decent ball handling skills, but above all, he is there specifically to shoot threes and only threes.

Inside the arc is basically off limits to him. This season, he decided he was going to be all big and bad and take the ball inside. In the 34 games he played in, Ryan McMahon shot a total of 31 two point field goals. Almost one per game. What the hell, Ryan?

The most two point field goals he was supposed to have was maybe 5 all season due to accidentally having a foot on the three point line. This is the last time I believe in a Louisville basketball player.

McMahon is what I like to call an anti-center. Let me explain. Ya know how when a 7-footer, who isn’t known for shooting, takes a three and the stadium noise is replaced by fans yelling “what are you doing” and “oh no”? That is exactly how everyone should feel when Ryan McMahon shoots from anywhere besides the parking lot.

He was 15/31 on the year from inside the arc and 53/150 from beyond. I hope those 31 were worth it.

Insider Louisville

Hate Is Learned, Especially in College Basketball

College basketball fans are the most passionate fans in America. Whether you went to that school, grew up cheering for them, or have no connection to them and just like them because they are good (Duke fans); one thing is for certain: you have learned to hate your rival school.

As a UK alum and born and raised Kentuckian, I grew up a Cats fan. I cried every year we lost in the tournament until I was about 13 and then again when we won in 2012. But with my love for Kentucky basketball came something else. I developed a deep hatred for teams like Louisville, Tennessee and, above all, DUKE. But here is the thing, I really don’t know why I hate them.

When it comes to Louisville, it really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense why I hate them. I mean, I have lived my whole live, excluding college, in that city. I don’t hate any other college there, just the University of Louisville. I have friends that go there (humble brag I have friends), have had a good time at UofL parties (humble brag I go to parties), and the Yum! Center has never disappointed. So, do I really hate that school because they beat Kentucky every now and then? YUP.

Then, there is Tennessee. No idea why I hate them. I never even gave that color orange a chance. It doesn’t deserve one, but still.

Then we have Duke. If you want to talk irrational, my hatred for Duke is definitely falls under than category. If you don’t know specifically why Kentucky fans hate Duke, I will bring you up to speed. In the year of our Lord 1992, Christian Laettner hit a last second turnaround jumpshot to put Duke in the Final Four and Kentucky out of the tournament.

That’s it. One shot that was entirely Kentucky’s fault for not guarding the inbounder or playing defense. Not only do I hate Duke because of this, I also hate Christian Laettner. And here is the worst part: I wasn’t even alive for this game. So something I did not experience nor was I able to understand until much later has left a lasting impression on me and left me with an irrational hatred of a school I never could have gotten into anyway.

I am not sure how rival schools work where you are from, but for me, a loss for Duke feels as good as a Kentucky win. Maybe as good as sex. I’m not sure though, I’ll let you all know when it happens to me.

The NCAA Tourney Game That the Mafia Is Most Likely to Be Involved in

One thing I loved about the Kentucky vs. Louisville rivalry from the years of 2009-2017 was that, in a Pitino vs. Calipari matchup, you never knew whether or not the mafia was going to get involved.

If you are a true Soft 7 and have been following us for a while, you know that I love to sink my teeth in any story about the mob getting involved in sports. Already this year, the Armenian mob got caught fixing tennis matches in Spain and a mob boss in France who lamely calls himself “maestro” was arrested for his role in fixing tennis matches. Now, my ridiculous imagination has me hoping that the mafia will involve themselves in this year’s NCAA tournament. And I know the perfect game.

There are plenty of rivalries that could potentially meet up, but there is one game with some serious bad blood and it is in the first round. 7-Seed Louisville taking on 10-Seed Minnesota.

Rick Pitino was battered and humiliated when he was ousted as Head Coach of Louisville. He vowed to never return to that city again (he has since broken that vow, but please ignore that). Pitino brought Louisville Basketball back to their former glory from the 80’s and they threw him out like Jazz from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. All because of a dirty assistant coach named Andre McGee and a pimp named Katina Powell (notice that I didn’t say lady pimp, because it is 2019 and women can do anything).


With Rick Pitino’s own son, Richard Pitino, coaching Minnesota, this could be a potential trap game for the Cardinals. Daddy Rick is going to be in Lil’ Richard’s ear all week telling him exactly how these Louisville guys play.

I am not saying that the mafia will 100% be involved. I am not even saying there is a 1% chance. But the chance is better than every other game. If cheesy black-and-white mobster movies have taught me anything, it is that mobster love revenge and doing things for the hell of it. Louisville vs. Minnesota is the only game that fits the criteria.

Vinny and Louie will be on standby.

Guess Which NCAA Programs Have the Best Basketball Recruiting Classes

Go ‘head. Guess what teams have the best recruiting classes for the 2019-2020 NCAA basketball season. Is it Duke? No… Is it Kentucky? No… Hmmmm, how in the world do the teams with the best two recruiters in the country not have the best recruiting classes?

Have they lost their touch?

You can draw your own conclusion at the end of the article, but here are the top 4 recruiting classes:

Any of these seem a little weird to you? Well, they should, because three of these four teams were named in the most recent FBI investigation. Arizona, Louisville and USC are all part of an FBI probe that is looking into the payment of players to secure commitments. I am not going to get into all of the details of the investigation, but how has no one realized this?

Here is the part that is most unbelievable. Out of Arizona, Louisville and USC; Louisville is the only one to fire their previous coach. I don’t want to live in a world where the University of Louisville is the voice of ethics.

Don’t get me wrong; I am all for players being paid, but right now, I am not sure why Sean Miller still has a job and why the NCAA isn’t losing their goddamn mind about this.

Morning Juice, Part 3

Welcome back to the Morning Juice, Part 3. Just as a recap, I went 5-1 week 1, 3-3 last week, for an overall of 8-4. I’m telling you, bet these games. They’re easy money. Let’s get to it.

Image result for wisconsin vs michigan basketball 2019
#19 Wisconsin @ #7 Michigan

Let’s start in Ann Arbor. This game will be a huge bore. Both teams average around 71 points a game while giving up 57. The only interesting part about this game will be Ethan Happ who has come to be one of the most electric college basketball players in the country. Not only is he the cousin of Yankees pitcher JA Happ but also this past week he blew a kiss to the student section of Minnesota and said “thanks for coming out.” Electric. He leads the Badgers in points, rebounds, and assist. So essentially, they’ll live and die with him. Ignas Brazdeikis is who needs to stop Happ. If Brazdeikis can handle Happ, I don’t see an issue for Michigan. First and foremost….BET THE UNDER. These teams will produce a horrific product on the court, so make sure you at least win there. Wisconsin beat them 64-54 (the under hit) the last time they played, so I expect a little different outcome. I’ll take Michigan 61-53. So, take the under 124 and Michigan -6.

Image result for kentucky vs mississippi state basketball
#5 Kentucky @ Mississippi State

Kentucky brings their 9 game win streak into Starkville where they’ll be playing a team that has hit a major drop as of late. Having lost to LSU and Alabama, Mississippi St looks to rebound against a top 5 team. This game will be fun to watch, mainly because Kentucky won 76-55 in Rupp just 2 weeks ago. In that game, PJ and Herro went off for a combined 39 and everyone contributed. Since then, Kentucky has been flying high and hasn’t really shown any sign of stopping that trend. PJ is an absolute beast, EJ is coming off his first double double, Reid just played his best all around game of the year and fought for every single minute that he was in, Herro is consistent (right now), Richards is giving key breathers to PJ and Reid, and lastly, Keldon is finally turning his slump around. Mississippi St needs Weatherspoon and Holman to pick it up this time. If they let Kentucky win the rebounding battle again, they have no shot. I think Kentucky rolls 78-70. Right now, I’d say take Kentucky !!!! and go ahead and sprinkle the over in this game. Every game Kentucky plays, someone is bound to go off on the other team, especially at home. This could be a fast paced, high scoring game. Kentucky -3.5 and the over 144

Image result for louisville vs florida st basketball
#16 Louisville @ #22 Florida St

Louisville is coming off a huge win at Virginia Tech on Monday. After a let down against UNC last Saturday, they bounced back and played probably their best game of the season at Virginia Tech. I’ve said it every week and I’ll say it again: Louisville is one of the most underrated teams in the country. Week in and week out, they improve. Chris Snaccc has this team playing their hearts out, but at some point it has to end. Louisville is full of scrubs that just seem to be clicking right now. Unfortunately, I think it ends either this weekend or next. Florida State was just 2 seconds from beating Duke a few weeks back, but since then, they have been finding their groove. Nwora has to carry Louisville otherwise they do not stand a chance against FSU. I think FSU wins this game 77-68 and it shines a spotlight on Louisville. If they do not win this game, Tuesday will be much harder against Duke. I’ll take FSU -2.5

Image result for duke vs virginia
#3 Virginia @ #2 Duke

Well, we had this game 3 weeks ago and it’s back. Duke won this game by 2 points the last time, but they were without Jones for it. I think people have finally found out that Duke has a weakness which is foul trouble. Duke’s frontcourt is atrocious without Zion in the game and I think if Virginia can attack him and get him out early, they stand a chance of winning this game. Another focal point for Virginia, is get Hunter, Jerome, and Guy involved early and often. If they knock down their shots, they’ll be fine. RJ leads Duke in scoring and Virginia could slow him down, but they need to keep him within the 3 point line. They do not need to get into a 3-point battle, because they’ll lose. I think this will be a back and forth like the first one. If Duke continues their streak of slow starts, it’ll be over quick. But, I think it’ll be a battle. Virginia wins 65-63 and I’ll take Virginia -1.5.