Lonzo Ball Hates NOLA, Would Rather Stay Warm In Two Different Dumpster Fires

Reports came out that people in Lonzo Ball’s camp (so probably Lavar, let’s be honest) say that he does not wish to go to NOLA in a Anthony Davis trade, and would rather go to a third destination. It recently came out that there is a list, and it is simple: the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks.

I first of all think it is laughable that Lonzo thinks that he can choose his destination in the situation he is in, but that is besides the point. I do not see how the Lakers can convince another team (between those two especially) to get involved in a trade of this caliber. Pels want picks and players, which the Lakers can provide. What the other two teams could and will offer is the same, but they will not be a dumping ground for bad salary. Bulls want a first round pick for everything, and the Knicks have lofty FA aspirations.

I do not know what is being whispered in Lonzo’s ear, but he needs to realize that his opinion means nothing, and he will go where he is sent.