Michael Jordan is Destitute Compared to the Highest Paid Athlete of All Time

When we think of the highest paid athletes in sports, we think Lionel Messi who makes $40M+ a year just off his contract alone, and LeBron James who seems to have his hand in just about everything now. But how do these players stack up compared to the athletes before them or even before Christ?

The list is only about modern athletes. It does not taking into account ancient athletes like Gaius Appuleius Diocles, a Lusitania Chariot Racer. It is said to have earned 35,863,120 sesterces, by some estimation over $15 billion in today’s dollars. This means he would be the best paid athlete of all time.

Gaius Appuleius Diocles.jpg

Who would have thought that a baller from the Roman Empire in AD 40 would make so much money that Ronaldo would also have to divorce Jeff Bezos to catch him.

The Zaire Wade Recruiting Anomaly

Zaire Wade, the oldest son of NBA great Dwayne Wade, is entering his senior of high school this coming fall at Sierra Canyon in Los Angeles. He will be joined by LeBron’s son, Bronny James Jr. Dwayne Wade is determined to have his legacy carried on through his children, but right now, the future is not as bright as one would think for a child of an NBA Star. In fact, Zaire only has two D-1 offers from power 6 schools.

Zaire Wade currently has an offer from Nebraska and DePaul. Not exactly blue blood programs. Nebraska is coached by Fred Hoiberg who coached Dwayne at the Bulls and DePaul heavily recruited Dwayne until ultimately losing him to Marquette. One would think that the bloodline of the Wade family would be very attractive to recruiters. But currently, not a lot of programs seem to be taking the bait. However, the Wade’s are no stranger to a lack of attention. Dwayne Wade only had three offers going into college, but that was due to a lack of exposure.

Zaire, on the other hand, has been on the radar of every recruiter since he was first getting started in the AAU circuit. Which begs the question: why doesn’t anyone want this kid? Watch his highlights from his junior year and be the judge.

He looks pretty impressive and definitely has all kinds of untapped potential. My only guess for why he isn’t getting as much attention from top programs is that he isn’t playing the best competition. Watch the video again and look closely at the kids he is matched up against. Not exactly the competition that grabs the eye of a Coach K or John Calipari.

Hopefully, teaming up with Bronny Jr. out in Cali will get him even more exposure and hopefully they play some more talented competition. I think colleges need to see that he can be an elite competitor before they pull the trigger on a scholarship offer.

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Lakers Need a Coach That Doesn’t Mind Being Stepped Over, and They Are in Negotiations with Him

The Lakers are having a tough time finding their new head coach. It was no secret the position was going to become available either. The writing was on the wall as soon as LeBron signed his contact. The problem was that Luke Walton wanted too much power to be the coach of LeBron. By that, I mean Luke Walton wanted 10% control and that just so happens to be 10% too much.

How does one coach LeBron James? How do you tell one of the best basketball players who has ever lived what he can or cannot do on the court? You can’t. But due to NBA rules, you have to have a coach on the bench, so there is only one option for the Lakers… a coach that won’t coach. A coach that doesn’t mind being walked on or, dare I say, stepped over.

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And wouldn’t ya know it, Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes has confirmed that the Lakers and Tyronn Lue are in negotiations to make him the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers with Frank Vogel as an assistant.

So, congratulations to everyone (expect for the idiots that thought John Calipari was interested), you were right. It’s a no-brainer decision really. The only other option was Jason Kidd, who would have done an equally nothing job, but Ty Lue has a proven track record of staying out of LeBron’s way. Now, all that is left is to get two more all-stars, some decent role players, an amazing shooter and JR Smith and we may just see another LeBron championship.

LeBron’s Got Something to Say to the ESPN Writers Jumping to Conclusions

Jesus, I can hear this picture.

Just as expected. Even with LeBron James out of the playoffs, ESPN is still going to talk about him nonstop. And with more and more dominoes falling in the Lakers organization everyday, there is never a deficiency in things to write about. But somehow, the capital J journalists of the world seem to always relate everything back to LeBron instead of reporting real stories.

Today, Dave McMenamin decided it was high time to start the rumor that the relationship between LeBron and the Lakers has deteriorated. Based on nothing, I might add. Lebron himself shuts the rumor down right away by posting a video from the Lakers facility.

If you can’t read the bottom line on the screen or LeBron’s voice is so annoying you had to turn the video off, it reads, “Dave McMenamin says Lakers have a lot of work to do to repair relationship with LeBron.” LeBron just showed that ESPN will make up whatever they want about him because they know it will get clicks.

We finally get a much needed break from LeBron dominating the Playoffs. Can we not have a break from him dominating headlines too? It just gets exhausting. We have heard the same name everyday for 14 years straigh. Is it not getting boring for them too?

I’m just a lowercase b blogger after all, so what do I know.

Odds on Who Will Be the Lakers’ Next Head Coach

The Lakers have finally fired head coach Luke Walton leaving LeBron coachless for his long playoff road ahead summer off. There has been all kinds of speculation of who was going to take over. Would Jason Kidd get a second second chance at coaching? Would LeBron and his puppet, Ty Lue, get a reunion? Would LeBron just take over himself as player-coach? Well, the last two are the same thing, but regardless, the vacancy needs to be filled.

Thankfully, just like who will end up on the iron throne and how long it will take Gronk to end up working for Barstool, you can bet on who will be the next head coach of the Lakers. Here are the favorites:

Now for the longshots.

Let me start with who will never ever in a million billion years will be the coach of the Lakers: John Calipari. How about we go ahead and squash those rumors before they even start?

Definite no’s:
Magic (awkward), Walton (lol), Coach K, Izzo, Stackhouse, Cheeks, Painter, Brown Scott, Phil Jackson, Shaw, Charles, Jackson, Van Gundy.

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Longshots, but possible:
Fizdale, Fisher, Thibs.

And the rest of the possibilites:

Sports Illustrated

Sean Miller
I think this is probably a 1% chance and that is only if the FBI probe into Arizona goes horribly wrong. Right now, it doesn’t look like anything is going to happen.

Chris Beard
Again, more of 1% chance, but Chris Beard is far too good of a coach to stay at Texas Tech for too much longer.

Juwon Howard
I don’t know too much about him, but the media seems to think very highly of him. Right now, he is an assistant with the Heat looking towards making the jump to head coaching.

Jason Kidd
I have no idea how this guy is the favorite right now. He did an aggressively mediocre job in his 5 seasons of coaching, just barely making it to .500 in 4 of 5 season. But, .500 would be an improvement for the Lakers and that’s what is important.

Tyronn Lue
Of course, this is LeBron’s first choice. The Lakers, having no real idea why LeBron came there in the first place, are surely going to do whatever they can to keep him happy. No one takes a step back and let’s his superstars coach quite like Ty Lue. As of now, this would be my favorite to take the job.

LeBron James
Cannot count this possibility out. It would be stupid to do, but look at the entire dumpster fire that is the LA organization right now. Who is to say that LeBron won’t just demand it and get his way? At +50000 odds, it is definitely worth putting $5 on.

Might I also suggest Rick Pitino?