Louisville City FC Should Be Promoted to MLS

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Insider Louisville

Last night, I was in attendance for Louisville City FC’s second championship in a row over Phoenix Rising, 1-0. I want to begin by saying congratulations to LCFC and Luke Spencer for the game’s only goal. Los Morados dealt a loss to the legend Didier Drogba in what could have been his last game ever. A Phoenix fan next to me at the game, who ended up hating me by the end of it, told me that Drogba bought the team then made himself captain. Baller move, but that is a story for another time. Lou City has only been around for 4 years and have already claimed the throne as kings of the United Soccer League (USL). Winning 2 of 4 years, including 2 consecutive, and deep runs in US Open Cup makes them the most successful team in recent history of the USL. I am a huge City fan being a Louisville native and I am ecstatic about winning it all, but I am still mad about something… I’m mad about US Soccer.

I love America and I love American Sports. I love how our sports championships are always dubbed the “World Championship” except for when it comes to soccer. The US has always prided itself on doing things our own way, but how we run our soccer leagues is definitely something we could benefit from by conforming to the rest of the world. We aren’t the best and won’t be any time soon, so why not change our system? We need to do what every other country (that is worth something at soccer) is doing. PROMOTION/RELEGATION.

In Promotion/relegation the top 2 or 3 teams are moved up to a higher division while the bottom 2 or 3 are moved down. There is no team more deserving of promotion than Louisville City Football Club. But due to the way our terrible soccer system is set up, the MLS doesn’t think that. FC Cincinnati is being promoted based on monetary reasons alone. I hate it, but let’s face it; they put asses in seats. It’s ridiculous that there is no merit considered in this decision. Obviously, Lou City would have won any merit argument. We lost our coach to Orlando F.C. and still won. Cameron Lancaster had the most goals in a season with 26, 6 more than the next highest. They won 5-1 in the USL Semi-finals vs. NY Red Bulls II. And finally, LCFC made it to the quarterfinals in the US Open Cup, beating an MLS team on the way there. But sure, we can’t succeed in the MLS and the team that can’t make it past the quarterfinals in the USL can.

Louisville City FC deserves MLS promotion, but since merit means nothing to them, I guess we will just have to win the USL Championship again next year. Congrats on adding that second star above the logo.