Julius Randle Just Got PAID

In the war zone that is NBA Free Agency, many stories get swept under the rug or just obliterated by Woj Bomb after Woj Bomb. I feel like that is exactly what happened to Julius Randle.

Since Randle isn’t one of the biggest names in the league, his free agency move sort of got left in the wake of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker. Not to mention that everyone will be talking about Kawhi Leonard nonstop until he signs. But Randle had one of the biggest days out of the non all star camp.

The Knicks signed Julius Randle to a 3-year, $63 million contract on Sunday. If he wasn’t being paid handsomely, and I mean Chris Hemsworth handsome, to go to the Knicks I would absolutely hate this move. Since Anthony Davis took his ball and went home last season after his Lakers’ move fell apart at the trade deadline, Randle had to put the team on his back. Now, he has to do that again without the help of Jrue Holiday. With a now stacked Eastern Conference, it will be even harder to make the playoffs.

Posting an impressive 21 points and 8 rebounds a game last season, Randle should have been a little hotter of a commodity this free agency. Regardless, he got the money he wanted and gets the chance to improve even more in a place where the pressure is solely focused on the owner. Three more 21 and 8 seasons could make him one of the biggest names in the 2022 summer.

Remember when the Knicks were supposed to get KD, Kyrie and Zion?

Every Big 4 New York City Sports Team Imploded within a Month of Each Other

New York Sports are a catastrophic dumpster fire right now. In the months of April or May, every single Big 4 professional sports team in the Big Apple has been turned on its head. They are all in shambles in one way or another. Having two teams in every major sport doubles their chances of having at least one good team, but the consistent top draft picks seems to only have a negative effect. Here is the current state of all the New York City basketball, hockey, football and baseball teams.


The math gods were not kind the New York Knicks at the NBA Draft Lottery. As it turns out, having a 14% to get the number one overall pick also means that there is a 86% that they won’t. Putting all their eggs in one basket (because they couldn’t put basketballs in it) for Zion ended up not working out. At the third pick, they could still get RJ Barrett and with the possibility of getting KD and Kyrie could mean there is hope. But right now, it looks like 2020 could be another tank year.

“The Process” proved trustworthy as the Sixers knocked out the Nets in a gentleman’s sweep. But hey, at least they made the playoffs.


So much talent, so much promise and so much potential all leading to so much heartbreak. The best Islanders season in recent history ending in a sweep to the Hurricanes who are on the verge of being swept themselves.

Yikes. The Rangers finished the season with a 32-36 record and missed the playoffs.


Any and all hope for this team was flushed down the toilet at the 2019 NFL Draft. With Eli’s career on its metaphorical death bed, the Giants desperately needed a new quarterback who could be the new face of the franchise. Everyone in the world would have picked Dwayne Haskins… except for David Gettleman who ended up selecting Daniel Jones out of Duke. Leading to the mental breakdown of many Giants fans.

Well, the Jets just fired their GM Mike Maccagnan and VP of Player Personnel Brian Heimerdinger. It’s a good thing to get rid of upper management in a franchise that has been so terrible in recent years, but now Adam Gase may be the new GM…

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Literally everyone is hurt.

Oh man, the Mets are bad. Not like Yankees bad where they will be good again as soon as some players come back, but Knicks bad. They are even considering bringing up Tim Tebow who is hitting .120 just to put asses in seats.

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The Knicks Are Favorites to Land KD and 16-1 to Win the 2020 NBA Title

The end of this NBA season will bring and end to the contracts of both Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant and likely the demise of the Warriors’ dynasty. According to the Superbook at Westgate Las Vegas, the New York Knicks are the favorite to land KD next season. Because of this and ONLY because of this, the Knicks are the seventh favorite team to win the 2020 NBA Title.

So why would Kevin Durant give up seemingly guaranteed championships every year? Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report says it is because KD doesn’t feel at home and is under appreciated. Ya think? He is the second best player in the world and the fans could not care less if he was on the team or not. No matter how many NBA Finals MVP’s he gets, the Golden State Warriors will always be Steph Curry’s team.

Not sure why the Knicks are KD’s first choice. Very few solid reasons have been given as to why the Knicks are the favorite to land him. The most concrete reason is that he wants to prove that he can win a championship by himself as the face of a franchise. A team where he doesn’t play second fiddle to anyone else. He’s been called names like “snake” and “ring chaser” and “Kevin”. But now he just wants a fanbase to call him “their guy”. It’s about legacy now. If he goes to another team and wins another championship, but this time, without the help of 3 other top 20 players, he will begin to be included in the top 5 all time debates.

I can see why the Knicks would be an attractive spot. He gets to play at the basketball Mecca, Madison Square Garden 40 times a year. They will most likely get Zion Williamson number one overall in the draft. And, they may even get Kyrie Irving in free agency. He will have all the pieces he needs there. Oh, and he will get PAID. Paid as much as he would ever want by that god forsaken franchise.

Here is what the starting lineup would look like if everything falls into place:

PG- Kyrie Irving
SG- Kevin Knox
SF- Zion Williamson
PF- Kevin Durant
C- DeAndre Jordan

Check out the full list of 2020 title odds below: (From Si.com)

Golden State Warriors: 7/4
Milwaukee Bucks:  9/2
Boston Celtics: 7/1
Philadelphia 76ers: +1000
Houston Rockets: +1000
Los Angeles Clippers: +1600
New York Knicks: +1600
Los Angeles Lakers: +2000
Toronto Raptors: +2000
Denver Nuggets: +2500
Oklahoma City Thunder: +2500
Brooklyn Nets: +3000
Utah Jazz: +4000
Portland Trail Blazers: +4000
Dallas Mavericks: +5000
San Antonio Spurs: +6000
Indiana Pacers: +8000
Orlando Magic: +10000
Atlanta Hawks: +10000
Chicago Bulls: +10000
Sacramento Kings: +10000 
Detroit Pistons: +30000 
Charlotte Hornets: +30000 
Miami Heat: +30000 
Washington Wizards: +30000 
Cleveland Cavaliers: +30000 
Minnesota Timberwolves: +30000
Memphis Grizzlies: +30000
New Orleans Pelicans: +30000 
Phoenix Suns: +30000

Big time “cover their ass” move by Vegas to go ahead and put the Knicks at 16-1. If KD was not in contention to land there, they would be at +30000 with the Suns.

Derrick Rose Has the Realest Reaction to Finding Out He Got Traded to the Knicks

Derrick Rose. The pride and joy of Chicago basketball. After being born and raised in the Windy City, he returned from playing his college ball in Memphis to bring the Bulls back to the promised land.

Leading the Bulls back to being real contenders out of the East and even winning the MVP over LeBron James made DRose the most beloved Chicago player since Michael Jordan. Then, after countless injuries, it seemed like the Bulls organization had flipped on him and a trade seemed inevitable. A documentary by Stadium captured the very moment it happened. Watch:

Seeing a reaction that raw and emotional made my heart sink to my stomach. I felt like I had just gotten traded to the Knicks.

All they got out of it was Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant. Really rubbing salt in the wound there. The Bulls deserve everything that has happened to them since they traded away DRose. Can’t keep a coach, one .500 season and one playoff appearance where they got bounced first round.

Shouldn’t have done DRose like that.

Knicks Owner James Dolan Personally Kicks Fan out of MSG

Knicks owner, and super well liked guy, personally calls for fan to be kicked out of Madison Square. He has activated full dictator mode. Here is the video from TMZ posted on Yahoo Sports Twitter:

A fan who represents 100% of Knicks fans told James Dolan to sell the team. Probably the most popular opinion in New York right now. Within seconds, he calls for the fan to be removed from the stadium.

“Enjoy watching them on TV.” As if watching them in person was any better. Normally successful people are a lot better at taking criticism. Not the clown that is James Dolan. I don’t see how Knicks fans are still defending him. I guess their unwavering support will be justified next year when they get Kyrie, KD and Zion.