The Nets Now Have TWO Max Slots

In a shocking trade, the Brooklyn now have cleared enough cap space to have two max contract slots heading into this free agency. Receiving Taurean Prince and a 2021 2nd round pick from the Atlanta Hawks, the Nets have now successfully flipped Allen Crabbe.

Sure, it also cost them the 17th pick and their 2020 1st round pick, but this is monumental for them. Prince is a good, athletic, defensive forward. While his best position may be small ball power forward, his is a good small forward to have. To top it all off, the Nets are off of Allen Crabbe’s horrible contract, and they will not have the 17th pick’s contract on their books. Sure, they now only have one first round selection with the 27th pick, but that puts them in range of a host of suitable rotation pieces. The real brilliance of the move is that they were able to clear enough cap to have two max slots heading into free agency.

With D-Lo hitting restricted free agency, and with KD and Kyrie both interested in going to the team, the Nets may become the next best team in the league. Possessing a host of young players on small contracts, the Nets are fortunate that they not only have an All-Star, but they have one that actually wants to be on their team and is actively recruiting others to their cause. I’d personally not like to see Kyrie in a Nets uniform, but I am finding it intoxicating thinking about a Dinwiddie-Russell-Durant-Prince-Allen lineup with Lavert and Harris coming off the bench. I am sure they resign Dudley and will add more, seeing as Musa and my boy Kurucs are still a bit a ways away on the ol’ development scale. However, these slots are huge for a franchise that has spent most of the 2000s mired in mediocrity. The Nets went from mortgaging their future for aging stars, to nearly upsetting an underdog title contender. Sure, the process almost took 20 years, but they are beginning to swing back around.

Feb 16, 2019; Charlotte, NC, USA; Team Lebron guard Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics (11) handles the ball against Team Lebron forward Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warrior (35) during NBA All-Star Game practice at the Bojangles Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I’d like to close this piece by stating two things. First, them landing KD and keeping D-Lo is the best possible thing that could happen to this franchise, since I would hate to see Kyrie mess this up. They should really focus on keeping D-Lo as the face of the franchise, seeing as him and Jared Dudley are now the players Nets’ fans flock to. Secondly, f*** the Knicks.

The Knicks Are Favorites to Land KD and 16-1 to Win the 2020 NBA Title

The end of this NBA season will bring and end to the contracts of both Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant and likely the demise of the Warriors’ dynasty. According to the Superbook at Westgate Las Vegas, the New York Knicks are the favorite to land KD next season. Because of this and ONLY because of this, the Knicks are the seventh favorite team to win the 2020 NBA Title.

So why would Kevin Durant give up seemingly guaranteed championships every year? Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report says it is because KD doesn’t feel at home and is under appreciated. Ya think? He is the second best player in the world and the fans could not care less if he was on the team or not. No matter how many NBA Finals MVP’s he gets, the Golden State Warriors will always be Steph Curry’s team.

Not sure why the Knicks are KD’s first choice. Very few solid reasons have been given as to why the Knicks are the favorite to land him. The most concrete reason is that he wants to prove that he can win a championship by himself as the face of a franchise. A team where he doesn’t play second fiddle to anyone else. He’s been called names like “snake” and “ring chaser” and “Kevin”. But now he just wants a fanbase to call him “their guy”. It’s about legacy now. If he goes to another team and wins another championship, but this time, without the help of 3 other top 20 players, he will begin to be included in the top 5 all time debates.

I can see why the Knicks would be an attractive spot. He gets to play at the basketball Mecca, Madison Square Garden 40 times a year. They will most likely get Zion Williamson number one overall in the draft. And, they may even get Kyrie Irving in free agency. He will have all the pieces he needs there. Oh, and he will get PAID. Paid as much as he would ever want by that god forsaken franchise.

Here is what the starting lineup would look like if everything falls into place:

PG- Kyrie Irving
SG- Kevin Knox
SF- Zion Williamson
PF- Kevin Durant
C- DeAndre Jordan

Check out the full list of 2020 title odds below: (From

Golden State Warriors: 7/4
Milwaukee Bucks:  9/2
Boston Celtics: 7/1
Philadelphia 76ers: +1000
Houston Rockets: +1000
Los Angeles Clippers: +1600
New York Knicks: +1600
Los Angeles Lakers: +2000
Toronto Raptors: +2000
Denver Nuggets: +2500
Oklahoma City Thunder: +2500
Brooklyn Nets: +3000
Utah Jazz: +4000
Portland Trail Blazers: +4000
Dallas Mavericks: +5000
San Antonio Spurs: +6000
Indiana Pacers: +8000
Orlando Magic: +10000
Atlanta Hawks: +10000
Chicago Bulls: +10000
Sacramento Kings: +10000 
Detroit Pistons: +30000 
Charlotte Hornets: +30000 
Miami Heat: +30000 
Washington Wizards: +30000 
Cleveland Cavaliers: +30000 
Minnesota Timberwolves: +30000
Memphis Grizzlies: +30000
New Orleans Pelicans: +30000 
Phoenix Suns: +30000

Big time “cover their ass” move by Vegas to go ahead and put the Knicks at 16-1. If KD was not in contention to land there, they would be at +30000 with the Suns.

Kevin Durant May Be Back on the Burner Grind

Kevin Durant’s burner social media accounts may have been the funniest story of 2017. Peak NBA pettiness. While Durant claims that is was just so he could freely communicate with with friends and family, he also used his fake accounts to defend himself to the most unimportant people on Twitter. After several fights with teenagers on social media, we all started to catch on.

Here’s how he got caught:

After the embarrassment of being so thin-skinned, you would think KD would stop these burner shenanigans. And it looked like he did, but apparently all it took was one joke about Lou Williams to set him off.

Warriorsfan353? Was Warriorsfan 1-352 taken? There cannot possibly be a more obvious name for a KD burner account. At least try to make it a little harder to figure out. Hard to believe that anyone other KD would go out of their way to defend KD in a picture of 3 other people in a joke about Lou Williams.

Patrick Beverly Does a Perfect Troll Job of Kevin Durant… Gets Them Both Ejected

Patrick Beverly has been tasked with the incredibly difficult chore of having to guard Kevin Durant for the Clippers/Warriors series. Being almost a full nine inches shorter than the Warriors’ second best player, Beverly knows that he will be bested in any physical matchup. So, like every good defender, he knows that if he can’t win physically, he has to win mentally.

Beverly knows that the easily triggered Kevin Durant has plenty of real estate for sale in his head. As the game goes on, he makes bigger and bigger purchases. All the great players in the NBA flop. Some more than others, but they all do it. So, Bev went for the kill shot. The troll job that KD’s burner definitely would have responded to. An exact recreation of Durant’s exaggerations.

You may have been able to guess where the was going to end up. KD’s temper was boiling up and Beverly was obviously frustrated by having to guard Kevin Durant all game. It looks like the baited each other into a shoving match. Both having technical fouls from earlier in the game and being assessed a second meant a double ejection.

Can’t wait for the rest of the series.

Buck’s Wild Wednesday (11/28/18) – Let’s Predict Where the Ultimate Snake (aka – KD) Migrates This Offseason

So I have been working on this one ever since the first rumors broke out about KD being unhappy in good ol’ San Fran.  Of course, the argument between Dray and KD only helped fuel this article.  With all the reports since?  Well, let’s just say it all but solidified my opinion that he shall be leaving this offseason.

Multiple teams will have cap space, but that is not what KD wants.  KD wants a contender.  He wants to win a ring on his own AND be “the dude” on that team.  Tough bill to front, I know, but the surprising thing is…he can find those teams.  He will be the 2nd biggest (behind Anthony Davis, sorry Pels’ fans) to hit the free agency.  He took a paycut to chase rings, and he won’t do it again.  He wants the big paycheck that he passed on to betray Russ, and form the superteam that even the NBA Front Office despised being formed.

So, on that note, let see where his aspirations take him…

Washington Wizards
Odds – Soft 2

I have to put his hometown team down solely because of the fire sale incoming from their organization (expect a nice BWW next week breaking down my predictions on said trades).  The Wizards could quite easily eliminate $40-$55 mil off their books by dealing 2 players.  If they were able to pull off a full sale, they’d be ale to wipe about $75-$80 mil off their books.  That would leave enough (going off the smallest $40 mil estimate not including the waiving/declining of Dwight Howard’s option) to pursue KD and a nice roleplayer or two.  It is nice to know he could go back home to play in front of his hometown with a semi-decent team, but that isn’t what he wants.  He needs/wants a contender or a team a piece away from being a contender.  Pretty tough ask, and it is a bill that the Wizards cannot foot to say the least.  Best case scenario the Wiz are able to keep their best players on their roster right now and pick up KD.  Know what their starting lineup is sans bench? Satoransky, Beal, Oubre, KD, and Morris.  Not exactly a winning lineup, and that’s with them being able to move the other 6 players in the 10 man rotation they have now.

Brooklyn Nets
Odds – Hard 4, maybe even Soft 5

So the Nets are thankfully in the same city that KD said he wants to play in (FYI – KD about a month ago said he could see himself playing in New York because he loves the city).  Unfortunately, they are not the pinnacle of primetime basketball right now.  The Nets would definitely solve all of their problems at the 3 spot (and small ball 4) by signing him, but would KD want to be there?  The Nets have a ton of great young guards, and Jarrett Allen is going to be a good center in the league.

…but they got nothing else besides that.  They have 4 good guards, a good center, and that’s it.  Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Demarre Carroll are serviceable, but not good.  Even then, I am considering my main man D-Lo (D’Angelo Russell) a good guard, even though Spencer Dinwiddie (the backup) is better.  Also, the Nets market is A LOT smaller than the Knicks market.  Even though the Nets will have more available money this offseason to pursue other rotation players, I don’t expect them to make too big of a splash.  Don’t expect it, but I still could see him going there over Washington.

Portland Trail Blazers
Odds – Hard 6

So the Trail Blazers, for the history of their organization, have struggled to try and pick up a 3rd All-Star.  As is the case with most small market teams, they can get two, but not over the hump and get three.  However, that may change this year.  The Trail Blazers could afford to sign KD, and they would be stacked if they did.  They are one of the best teams in the West right now, and have a top five guard duo in the league.  Their 3-5 is currently defensive/rebound focused, but their bench is strong.  Incredibly strong in fact.  So strong, that their hair would make Mitch jealous (shout-out Will Ferrell in “The Campaign”).

In all seriousness though, multiple things would have to happen.  In order for them to clear enough space to even get KD to listen to their low contract offer, they would have to trade 3-4 players AND not take on any additional salary.  This, coupled with the fact they would have to not draft anyone in this year’s class, would put them in a sticky situation to say the least.  I personally can’t think of many teams that want Evan Turner or Meyers Leonard.  But stay tuned, maybe they decide to make a splash this year and go to big-time contender status.

Phoenix Suns
Odds – Soft 7 in my heart, soft 2 in reality

So I decided to include Phoenix in this because of an interesting trend I have started to observe with the Denver Nuggets.  The Nuggets sold out defense for offense, and have been rewarded in kind by being the #1 offense in the NBA this year.  I’ll do a Nuggets article in the future (maybe even this week, stay tuned) on why this is the case, but look  at the Suns roster.  Despite having almost no point guards and horrible defensive bigs, they are winning games.  Why?  Well, shockingly it’s because of D Book running point (finally) and the rookie Mikal Bridges.  Kind of seems like another young UK guard and awesome 3 and D guard to me (a la the aforementioned Nuggets)

Now, the only reason I have included the Suns is solely for these two reasons:
1) They will have a crap-ton of money this FA, and can have even more if they trade players away.
2) Their star (Devin Booker) is a legit star.  He also said that he wants to make his own super team.
3) They are young, which means that they will only get better (hopefully)

Do I think the Suns will actually be smart this off season?  No.  Do I think they will have the same GM at that point?  No.  Do I think people even want to go there?  Who knows.  The Suns are a question mark to me with the only things I know for certain being threefold:
1) Their coach and D Book are awesome.
2) Their owner sucks.
3) They should have drafted Luka.

Let’s see what happens, but color me intrigued.

Dallas Mavericks
Odds – Soft 7 in actuality

So I actually really want this to happen.  Even though it means that I would have to forsake my love of the Mavs, they are poised to make a splash and compete sooner than people anticipated.  Luka, Kleber, and Smith are legit young stars.  Also, their bench is pretty good.  Let’s not forget that they could potentially have (if Harrison Barnes turns down his option) $40 mil heading into this off season.  More than enough to get their high draft pick AND secure a top tier free agent.  It doesn’t get KD out of the West, sure, but it’s a good place to win.  Big contract in a big market?  Everything is bigger in Texas, and what’s not to like about that?  I’m keeping this one short and sweet because, logically, it makes a lot of sense.  Too much sense to actually happen, but hey, who knows!  Weirder things have happened

New York Knicks
Odds – High enough that Wiz Khalifa would tap out of the rotation, let’s give it a hard 420

The Knicks might easily become the next super team of the NBA next season.  The 2019 free agent class will be one of the most talented ever in NBA history.  If the Knicks can shed one or two (best case three) more contracts, they could easily, and comfortably, sign three All-Stars with a rotation player or two.  That is bewildering to think about.  They could easily go from lottery to championship.  Why?  Well, lets dive in.

The Knicks have been the talk of the town for all hitting the market this year.  Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving, and KD have all talked about making the Big Apple their new home.  This isn’t including other big stars like Kemba Walker, Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, and DeMarcus Cousins.  Hell those are just the household names.  There will be about 100 players expected to sign new deals, and over 30 will be players that have made an All-NBA list in the last 4 years.


I’ve heard talk that a Kemba, Thompson, KD, Knox, and Prozing-God could be in the mix as a starting lineup next year for this team, and even if one of the three doesn’t sign, that lineup is still ridiculous.  Hell, you could put Delante West out there with two of those four All-Stars and you could make the conference finals.

While I don’t believe the Knicks will be a big player to sign three All-Stars this free agency, I do believe they will be able to snag two.  One of which should be KD.  If they don’t get KD, then they well and truly fumbled the bag.