Kerry Blackshear’s Landing Spot Is Anyone’s Guess

Few players have dominated recruiting headlines like Kerry Blackshear Jr. Every day there is a new update that only confuses us more than the last. As soon as we think he is about to make a decision, a new team forces their way into the forefront delaying the process yet again.

Since Blackshear has entered the transfer portal and taken his name out of the NBA Draft, he has been traveling the Southeast to try to find his new home. Florida emerged as an early contender and a visit to Arkansas made the decision even harder. Kentucky has been the top team throughout this entire process, but a visit to Tennessee nudged the Volunteers into the lead. The great recruiter in Penny Hardaway had to make a pitch and threw Memphis’ hat into the ring. And all this time there is still a possibility he follows his old coach, Buzz Williams, to Texas A&M or stays right where he is at Virginia Tech.

We have been covering the Kerry Blackshear Jr. recruiting saga for the last couple of weeks. And even after 15 days of reading news, analysis and personal statements, we know nothing more than the casual fan about what his future holds. Our guess is just as good as anyone else’s.

One part of me, the die-hard Kentucky fan, just wants him to commit already. This process has become exhausting and annoying. Some Kentucky fans don’t even care where he goes anymore. Then the other part of me, the sympathetic human side, gives him the benefit of the doubt since this has to be the scariest decision of his life. While Kentucky gives him the best opportunity to succeed and make the NBA, other schools offer him the playing time he may need to grow into an NBA talent.

The problem with trying to predict what a recruit will do is that sometimes the recruit has no idea what they want. And that is the case here. So, here is my best guess where Kerry Blackshear will end up based on all the reports that have been released:

Tier 1– Most likely

Tier 2– Possible

Tier 3– Dark horses
Texas A&M
Virginia Tech

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Anyone Else Getting Tired of the Kerry Blackshear Saga?

Ever since the deadline to commit to the NBA Draft came and went, there has been one name in every recruiting headline: the 6’10” Virginia Tech transfer Kerry Blackshear Jr.

For the last couple of weeks, Blackshear has been traveling around the Southeast visiting schools and hoping to find the right fit. All this time and it doesn’t look like he is any closer to making a decision.

Every day, there is a new “update” that gives us just as little information as the last. There is always a new school that pushes their way into the mix and becomes his new favorite. It seems to always be a two horse race between Kentucky and some other new school. Then, there is always Virginia Tech and Texas A&M lurking in the background as the dark horses.

Every analyst gives their opinion based on what their sources are telling them. They really don’t know any more information than we do, but it is their job to keep us informed. The problem with trying to keep the masses updated on a player is that sometimes the player doesn’t know either. They try to offer what information they can, but when there is really nothing important to reveal, the storyline can get boring, annoying and downright exhausting.

We, here at Soft 7 Sports, have been blogging the last couple days about where Blackshear could end up. We’ve definitely contributed to the beating of the dead horse, and we have heard the complaints. Of course, we want him to pick Kentucky and think it is the obvious choice. But we aren’t Kerry Blackshear. We truly have no idea what he wants to do. No matter how tired we are of the “recent news and developments”, we will never be as exhausted of this process more than the transfer himself.

Kerry Blackshear has to be scared right now. He has gone through the recruiting process before and played college basketball. All the work he has put in didn’t even get him an invite to the NBA Draft Combine. So, he has one more shot at playing the game he loves for the rest of his life in the NBA and there is a lot of pressure to get this college decision right.

Kentucky seems like the obvious choice, but he will have to fight for every minute of playing time he gets. It could end up worse for him than Virginia Tech. Tennessee and Florida offer their own benefits such as being the star player, but another season like last year will prove this upcoming season to be a year of wasted time.

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Kerry Blackshear Leaning Towards Tennessee

According to multiple sources according to Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio, Kerry Blackshear Jr. has a new favorite landing spot. Throughout the whole transfer process, Kentucky has been the one consistent school at the top of his list. Now, UK has been dethroned by the Tennessee Volunteers.

We should be made aware of his decision any day now, possibly tomorrow. But until then we remain in limbo.

We are all growing tired of the this entire situation, but no one is more tired than Blackshear. He wants this to be over just as much as we do, but he has to think about his future. Kentucky may look like the obvious choice from the outside looking in, but Kentucky isn’t for everyone. Tennessee may be exactly what he needs. He’d had unlimited playing time and no competition for his position.

Up until today, I thought Blackshear was coming to Kentucky and the visiting of other schools was just a formality. Now, I’m not so sure. This is all beginning to feel a little bit like the Jaden McDaniels recruitment. I hope I’m wrong about that. But Juice still remains confident in Kentucky. Claiming that Kentucky is the best team for him to further his skill and enhance his draft stock.

At the end of the day, this is Kerry Blackshear’s decision and no one else’s. We have to respect it. Under no circumstance do we need to go after a 22 year old on Twitter for choosing a college.

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