Anyone Else Getting Tired of the Kerry Blackshear Saga?

Ever since the deadline to commit to the NBA Draft came and went, there has been one name in every recruiting headline: the 6’10” Virginia Tech transfer Kerry Blackshear Jr.

For the last couple of weeks, Blackshear has been traveling around the Southeast visiting schools and hoping to find the right fit. All this time and it doesn’t look like he is any closer to making a decision.

Every day, there is a new “update” that gives us just as little information as the last. There is always a new school that pushes their way into the mix and becomes his new favorite. It seems to always be a two horse race between Kentucky and some other new school. Then, there is always Virginia Tech and Texas A&M lurking in the background as the dark horses.

Every analyst gives their opinion based on what their sources are telling them. They really don’t know any more information than we do, but it is their job to keep us informed. The problem with trying to keep the masses updated on a player is that sometimes the player doesn’t know either. They try to offer what information they can, but when there is really nothing important to reveal, the storyline can get boring, annoying and downright exhausting.

We, here at Soft 7 Sports, have been blogging the last couple days about where Blackshear could end up. We’ve definitely contributed to the beating of the dead horse, and we have heard the complaints. Of course, we want him to pick Kentucky and think it is the obvious choice. But we aren’t Kerry Blackshear. We truly have no idea what he wants to do. No matter how tired we are of the “recent news and developments”, we will never be as exhausted of this process more than the transfer himself.

Kerry Blackshear has to be scared right now. He has gone through the recruiting process before and played college basketball. All the work he has put in didn’t even get him an invite to the NBA Draft Combine. So, he has one more shot at playing the game he loves for the rest of his life in the NBA and there is a lot of pressure to get this college decision right.

Kentucky seems like the obvious choice, but he will have to fight for every minute of playing time he gets. It could end up worse for him than Virginia Tech. Tennessee and Florida offer their own benefits such as being the star player, but another season like last year will prove this upcoming season to be a year of wasted time.

We hope this process come to an end soon for all of our sake’s, but in the meantime, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all BBN news and opinions.

Kerry Blackshear Leaning Towards Tennessee

According to multiple sources according to Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio, Kerry Blackshear Jr. has a new favorite landing spot. Throughout the whole transfer process, Kentucky has been the one consistent school at the top of his list. Now, UK has been dethroned by the Tennessee Volunteers.

We should be made aware of his decision any day now, possibly tomorrow. But until then we remain in limbo.

We are all growing tired of the this entire situation, but no one is more tired than Blackshear. He wants this to be over just as much as we do, but he has to think about his future. Kentucky may look like the obvious choice from the outside looking in, but Kentucky isn’t for everyone. Tennessee may be exactly what he needs. He’d had unlimited playing time and no competition for his position.

Up until today, I thought Blackshear was coming to Kentucky and the visiting of other schools was just a formality. Now, I’m not so sure. This is all beginning to feel a little bit like the Jaden McDaniels recruitment. I hope I’m wrong about that. But Juice still remains confident in Kentucky. Claiming that Kentucky is the best team for him to further his skill and enhance his draft stock.

At the end of the day, this is Kerry Blackshear’s decision and no one else’s. We have to respect it. Under no circumstance do we need to go after a 22 year old on Twitter for choosing a college.

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Disappointing That the Celtics Did Not Draft a Kentucky Player

I typically don’t write opinion pieces since I know no one really cares about my opinion, but I feel like this one will resonate with a lot of Kentucky fans so I had to dip the pen. A lot of BBN are Boston Celtics fans for the same reasons that I am and I know they are feeling the same way.

I have been a Celtics fan since I was 6 years old. Since I knew what basketball was. Watching Kentucky and Tayshaun Prince play made me want to play for the Cats some day. Sadly, Calipari did not recruit out of my high school intramural league. They also made me want to keep watching these players after they left Kentucky. And the place to watch Kentucky players after graduation at that time was at the Boston Celtics. The BBNBA was a little scarce during my childhood in the late 90’s-early 2000’s.

Growing up in Louisville, I didn’t have an NBA team within 2 hours of me. If I was going to follow a team it was going to be because of my Kentucky fandom. At the time I got into basketball, Antoine Walker and Tony Delk were playing for the Celtics under former Kentucky coach Rick Pitino. How could I not root for them?

Some years later, Boston drafted Rajon Rondo and I knew this was going to be my team for life. The 2008 championship was the first time a sport made me cry tears of joy. After Rondo left, James Young and Tayshaun Prince joined the team briefly, but other than that, there has been nothing. Nothing permanent, or relevant to Kentucky. And I thought that was going to change for sure this year.

Anthony Davis has been the hottest name in the year’s offseason. When his list of potential landing spots came down to just the Celtics and Lakers, I had hope that he may end up in Beantown. Talks with the Lakers has fallen apart before; why couldn’t it happen again? Obviously, AD is now in LA ruining one of my many dreams.

Boston has another chance in this year’s draft and was ready to take Tyler Herro at 14. But the Heat swooped in and crushed my dreams again. Later on, the Celtics had another opportunity to possibly get Keldon Johnson, but decided to take the older, unathletic, undersized, no potential having Grant Williams instead. Sure, the Celtics may not need another small forward, but it would have been better than drafting a guy for the G-League. Yes. I am still mad about it.

Look, I know the Celtics don’t owe me anything and they probably didn’t even realize that they have a following in Kentucky. But it is the reason I am a fan and I am allowed to feel however I want as a free American. That being said, I still have hope and a lot of it for this upcoming season. After losing Al Horford and Aaron Baynes, Boston needs someone who can play the 5 spot desperately. Luckily, Julius Randle and Demarcus Cousins are both free agents who can do just that. I want the Celtics I know and love back. I want the Boston Celtics to return to glory as the kings of professional basketball with the help of Kentucky greats.

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John Calipari Extends His Streak of Lottery Picks

Kentucky is getting exactly what they are paying for from John Calipari. Coach Cal had made it very clear that getting his players to the NBA is his top priority. And he is delivering. Every year he has been at Kentucky, he has had a player selected in the Lottery of the NBA Draft.

So far, Coach Cal has had three players drafted #1 overall and now a total of 21 players taken in the lottery, 29 in the first round and 38 overall. He has had more players taken in the top 14 than some conferences in the same amount of time. And it all started in 2010…

Image result for john wall demarcus cousins draft day

2010– John Wall (1st), Demarcus Cousins (4th), Patrick Patterson (14th)

2011– Enes Kanter (3rd), Brandon Knight (8th)

2012– Anthony Davis (1st), Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (2nd)

2013– Nerlens Noel (6th)

2014– Julius Randle (7th)

2015– Karl-Anthony Towns Jr. (1st), Willie Cauley-Stein (6th), Trey Lyles (12th), Devin Booker (13th)

2016– Jamal Murray (7th)

2017– De’Aaron Fox (5th), Malik Monk (11th), Bam Adebayo (14th)

2018– Kevin Knox (9th), Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (11th)

2019– PJ Washington (12th), Tyler Herro (13th)

And the haters say he doesn’t know how to develop talent. Don’t worry, they’ll still say that he doesn’t know how to coach by not getting anyone selected in the top 10. Just moving the goal post.

PJ Washington coming back for another season and improving his draft stock had to hit the Anti-Cal crowd pretty hard.

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Swaggy Cal Ends Blackshear Pitch the Only Way He Knows How

The Kerry Blackshear Jr. recruiting saga of college basketball recruiting is finally coming to an end. Having just finished his visit in Lexington with Coach John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats, Blackshear is faced with a choice. Does he play at a school where he could be the best player, but get little national recognition? Or, does he go with the coach that has a proven track record of letting his players realize their dream of playing in the NBA?

Calipari hopefully put that question to rest when he ended his recruiting pitch to Blackshear the only way he knew how. By hopping on a private jet en route to Brooklyn and the 2019 NBA Draft. Swaggy Cal is at it again. This is such a baller move to show to a recruit. I really hope he ended it by saying, “…And that’s why you should come to Kentucky. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have three guys about to get drafted and my jet is waiting.”

Hopefully, Blackshear makes his decision soon. To be completely honest, we all are getting a little warn out by the constant media attention and nothing really happening. I know Blackshear is too. For the latest updates, follow us on Twitter @soft7sports and on Facebook.

Remember When Perry Stevenson Blocked a Free Throw?

There are some sports plays that make fans scratch their head in disbelief, and there are some that make us bury our faces in our palms. This became the norm during the tenure of Billy Gillispie at Kentucky. Probably the most confusing play he ever orchestrated was in the SEC Tournament. Down by 1 with 1.2 seconds left in overtime, Georgia went to the free throw line for 2 shots. After making the first one, Kentucky was faced with a decision. If Georgia misses, then UK will most likely not be able to get a shot off, but if they can find a way to ensure that the basket is made, then there may be a possibility of extending the game to a second overtime. So, here is was Billy G drew up.

Now, here’s a nerd attempting to explain Billy Gillespie’s mind.

Billy Clyde may have actually raised Kentucky’s chances of winning by a percent or two. Maybe he wasn’t such a bad coach after al– I’m kidding; he was a disaster.

Remember When Jamal Murray Dunked on the Entire State of South Carolina

Words can’t describe how much I miss some of the one-and-done’s from Kentucky. One that I miss in particular is the best shooter in the SEC himself, Jamal Murray.

Jamal Murray is my favorite player from the Calipari era, so I felt it was only right to begin our “remember when” series with a highlight that is near and dear to my heart. The dunk that shook an entire state to its core. Good morning from Jamal Murray dunking on the entire State of South Carolina.

Stop! They’re already dead. Absolutely savage move from Murray to try to further embarrass a team he was beating by 30+. Probably the killer instinct he should have used to close out a series against the Spurs and Pop.