EJ Montgomery Enters NBA Draft

Kentucky Freshman EJ Montgomery has announced that he will test the waters of the NBA Draft. Taking advantage of the pre-draft evaluation process, Montgomery hopes to rise through the ranks to secure a first round pick. If that were to happen, EJ would forgo his Sophomore year to stay in the draft.

In an emotional Instagram post, EJ wrote:

Coach John Calipari raves about the Freshman, saying that he improved tremendously throughout the season. He has also said that he will support whatever decision he makes.

Coach Cal is known for getting his players in the NBA. Whether based on stardom like Anthony Davis or John Wall, or shear potential alone like Skal Labissiere and Daniel Orton. EJ would definitely be more on the potential side, but returning for his Sophomore season is definitely an option. Staying for a second year has proven beneficial for Kentucky bigs like Terrence Jones and PJ Washington.

Montgomery has until May 29 to decide whether or not he will remain in the NBA Draft.

Kentucky Offers “No Hot Seat Ever” Contract to John Calipari

Death. Taxes. John Calipari on the hot seat. Year in and year out, Kentucky and Calipari has one of the best recruiting classes. And every year that Coach Cal doesn’t take that team to the championship, we get the same boring take: is John Calipari on the hot seat?

Absolutely not. But, hey. Gotta fill air time with no Zion or LeBron until next October.

from Heavy.com

With how bad of a coach the media makes Calipari out to be, it’s strange that there are respected programs that want him to be their head coach. According to Seth Davis of the Athletic, UCLA has offered Coach Cal a 6-year, $48million contract.

In response to UCLA’s interest, it has been reported by Bleacher Report and the Athletic that Kentucky has offered John Calipari a lifetime contract. Cal already makes $9.2million a year and that is only going to go up with tenure. The offer also reportedly has a clause that will allow him to stay with the team after he retires as a paid ambassador.

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So, what does this mean? To me, it says Kentucky will get a top 5 recruiting class until God says so. I assume most of the “paid ambassador” work will be recruiting. Next, it takes John Calipari off the hot seat for good. Not that he ever was, Kentucky would never fire him (case and point), but the media loves to say that. This offer will surely get them to stop saying that right?

No. They’ll say it again in June when Kentucky doesn’t have a lottery pick.

Best Elite 8 Game Ever

In honor of the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament and one the best weeks of sports all year, I wanted to look back and remember the best Elite 8 game and possibly one of the craziest NCAA Tournament games of all time.

This game was so emotional for me, not only as a Kentucky fan, but also as a young sports fan. It was one of the very rare games that you knew was a timeless classic while it was still happening. The game I am speaking of is the March 27, 2005, matchup of Kentucky and Michigan State.

The setting: Austin, Texas. The stakes: a trip to the Final Four. The beer: I wouldn’t know; I was 9. I sat in my neighbor’s living room in my #10 Keith Bogans jersey that I converted into an Lukasz Obrzut kit since Bogans went pro. Surprisingly, I actually worried about what was going to happen in the game instead of worrying what a redshirt junior was going to wear.

This was Tubby Smith’s best team he had had since he won the title in 1998. Rajon Rondo, Kelenna Azubuike, Patrick Sparks, Chuck Hayes and Randolph Morris made up the starting line up. Probably the most impressive team Kentucky would have until John Calipari arrived. On the other side was Tom Izzo’s Michigan State squad. Consisting of future NBA players like Shannon Brown, Maurice Ager and other names you haven’t heard in years, it easy to tell this was going to come down to the wire.

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And that it did. It was back and forth all game. No team pulling too far ahead before the other came storming back. It was going to come down to one team making an unbelievable shot at the buzzer. And Kentucky did just that.

Not only did the shot feel like it took a couple years for it to finally fall, but the replay review afterwards took an eternity. I have cheered louder very few times in my life then when they finally made the right call and sent the game to overtime.

It took two OT periods to decide a winner. Michigan State ended up the winner, 94-88. This was the first heartbreak I experienced as a Kentucky fan and it was certainly not the last.

Of course, Michigan State did not go on to win the NCAA Championship, because they were and still are coached by Tom Izzo. Titles just aren’t his thing.

Tyler Herro Doesn’t Care about Your $110K Sports Bets

The most heavily bet matchup on the first Saturday of the NCAA Tournament ended in heartbreak for one very unlucky fan.

As Kentucky closed as a 5.5 point over Wofford just before tipoff, an overly confident bettor placed a $110,000 bet on Wofford to cover the spread. The final score was 62-56 Cats. Because of two late free throws, Wofford failed to cover and this angry sports bettor has only one person to blame.

Well, two. One is wrongly to a Kentucky player and the other is himself. I am all for the “go big or go home” mentality, but this may have been so big that he no longer has a home to go back to. Imagine explaining to your significant other that you lost $110k because you really thought the WOFFORD TERRIERS had it. Regardless, I am sure this person is deflecting all his blame to a specific Kentucky player.

That player is Tyler Herro. Add another to his long list of haters. As it turns out, Herro could not possibly care less about your sports bets. He played a near perfect game defensively and stepped up when Kentucky needed him to close out the game with free throws.

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From Tyler Herro’s Twitter @raf_tyler. Creds: Lexington Herald Leader

Herro held Wofford’s best shooter, Fletcher McGee, to 0/11 from 3-point range. He was in that dude’s shorts from the second he crossed half court to the time he shot an off-balance 30-footer. Then, to close the game out, Herro knocked down two free throws to make it a 6-point game. The guy with $110k on the line probably felt his heart sink when he saw the second best free throw shooter in the nation get fouled. He needed a miracle.

Moral of the story: don’t bet against my Cats.