Kevin Durant May Be Back on the Burner Grind

Kevin Durant’s burner social media accounts may have been the funniest story of 2017. Peak NBA pettiness. While Durant claims that is was just so he could freely communicate with with friends and family, he also used his fake accounts to defend himself to the most unimportant people on Twitter. After several fights with teenagers on social media, we all started to catch on.

Here’s how he got caught:

After the embarrassment of being so thin-skinned, you would think KD would stop these burner shenanigans. And it looked like he did, but apparently all it took was one joke about Lou Williams to set him off.

Warriorsfan353? Was Warriorsfan 1-352 taken? There cannot possibly be a more obvious name for a KD burner account. At least try to make it a little harder to figure out. Hard to believe that anyone other KD would go out of their way to defend KD in a picture of 3 other people in a joke about Lou Williams.